New York City unceremoniously fired 1400 city workers on Friday for refusing to comply with city mandated vaccine mandates.

As The Hill reports:

More than 1,400 New York City workers were fired on Friday for not complying with a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

City officials said 1,430 city employees were terminated after they were on unpaid leave for months over their refusal to get the vaccine, WABC-New York reported.

The city agencies with the largest termination rates were the Education Department and Housing Authority. The Education Department had 914 employees fired and the Housing Authority had 101 workers terminated.

The city only had to fire two individuals who were hired after Aug. 2 and most workers kept their jobs and were vaccinated.

This is reportedly only the first round of firings, a total of approximately 3,000 workers were put on unpaid leave due to failure to comply with the mandates.


  1. If Americans were as bold as the Canadian truckers, we would see a major protest and massive outpouring of public sympathy for any crackdown on the protesters. Canadians are doing it in reaction to Trudeau’s unprecedented invocation of the 1988 Emergencies act:

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  3. Forced vaccination for an experimental vaccine that does NOT stop you from getting AND spreading Covid or from being hospitalized is an abuse of power.

  4. New York City is like living in Nazi Germany and the thing is, the people of that city voted these nut cases into office. If they don’t wake up and get rid of the Nazi’s, they will turn on the people who voted for them. Having the jab doesn’t make you any safer than without it, it just brings you one step closer to dying! There’s no telling what’s in that jab and if you’re willing to just do what they tell you, how can you stand when they tell you to get the Mark of the Beast?

  5. Kind of makes me wonder if this play wasn’t in the mix all along. Most major cities that are democrat run have insane budgets and have needed to do cutbacks and now they have provided themselves with a great excuse.

  6. The rest of the employees in New York could put a stop to this and get those fired back on the job. They could do it in just three days. Every employee could just go on strike. I guarantee you that if they did that, New York city would drop the jab requirement immediately.

  7. Good luck replacing those 900 from education. Teaching is an extremely difficult job, more than it ever was before. Our children’s educations are going downhill due to a lack of quality teachers remaining in the education field.

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