Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota via Wikimedia Commons

Five police officers were wounded during a shootout during a barricaded suspect in Phoenix Arizona on Friday.

As The Hill reports:

Five officers were wounded in Phoenix, Ariz., on Friday as police responded to reports of gunshots fired inside a barricaded home, with four officers being shot while attempting to carry a baby to safety.

A woman was also reported to be critically injured, Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams told reporters, according to The Associated Press. Williams said all five officers were recovering, though one was “seriously hurt.” He said a suspect shot one of the officers, the first to arrive on the scene, “multiple times.”

“This is just one more example of the dangers that officers face every day keeping us and our community safe,” Williams said, according to the wire service. “If I seem upset, I am. This is senseless. It does not need to happen and it continues to happen over and over again.”

The baby has reportedly been recovered and is unharmed. The Phoenix police department has so far not released any further details.


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  2. I have seen so much increased morbidity in crime, all across our once great country. East/ West, North & South. All demographics were involved, except the crimes against innocent children and babies were so barbaric it left me shocked and unable to react. Our police forces, as this story shows, risk their lives trying to help stop this degrading behavior. They deserve better than the scoldings from our DC lawmakers, re defunding police. I pray the baby in this incident, will not be orphaned.

  3. It has long been the case for law enforcement’s encounters into domestic disputes are dangerous, sometimes both will actually attack the officers.

  4. America, which used to be a nation of law and order, is becoming a nation of chaos and dis-order. How can any rational person want to defund the police?

  5. Those who shoot police and other first responders on the job should get an automatic non Plea bargain sentence of DEATH.

  6. My hopes for a quick and healthy recovery to all of the officers and their family’s! Since his picture is not plastered everywhere, he’s not white, not an NRA member or a legal gun owner. My bet is he is black or hispanic, probably an illegal alien. The media and politicians are trying to get people riled up over guns for more anti-gun legislation! Did he buy the guns under the table or with his new Driver’s license or ID one of the liberal states or our Feds are issuing?!?!?

  7. This is a rough situation. Police must be mindful of the innocents, that would be in harm’s way, if they started shooting into the building. There is a clear need for armored vehicles, and body armor for police, during this type of siege. If the perp is alone, us a rocket to get him out. If other are burning down the town, give them a dose of air power like they used in the middle east. We owe nothing to rioters, especially if the are killing citizens of the US. Lawbreakers are trying to change out type of government, and the democrats are all for that, but they should be lumped into the same boat ar rioters. Take them all out, God will sort it out.

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