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Youtube has now reportedly decided to permanently ban conservative radio host and Fox News personality Dan Bongino from its platform.

As The Hill reports:

YouTube on Wednesday permanently banned conservative commentator Dan Bongino from the platform, saying he attempted to evade a previous suspension.

The Fox host uploaded a video to his main channel while his secondary channel, which primarily hosted short clips from his digital radio show, was actively suspended for violating YouTube’s COVID-19 misinformation policy.

“When a channel receives a strike, it is against our Terms of Service to post content or use another channel to circumvent the suspension,” a YouTube spokesperson told The Hill.

Both of Bongino’s channels have been removed and he will not be able to create a new one in the future, the platform said.

Bongino had already previously vowed to leave the platform over what he claimed was anti-conservative bias on the part of Youtube.


  1. We must shutdown YouTube by any means necessary. Their employees should be tracked down and forced to eat human feces.

    1. Three weeks from now you will wish you had started today. Simply give it a shot on the accompanying site.

      GOOD LUCK… 𝐆𝐨𝐨𝐠𝐥𝐞𝐩𝐚𝐲𝐬𝟎𝟏.𝐓𝐤

  2. Just confirms that YouTube is IdiotTube. We need to start our own similar type of communication. I really cannot wait until the Republicans control all including the POTUS. Then the fire and brimstone will rain down on all who have offended our country and its people!!

    1. China, Russia, and possibly North Korea is about to rain down on the United States, there is not going to be a build back better with Pres. Trump in the Oval Office (Oh, how I wish it would happen), we are in the final generation after the re-gathering of the nation of Israel.
      The U.S., the worldly protector of Israel must be destroyed for the NWO agenda to be embraced with the one world government, and the one world religion… They will quickly sign the Seven Year Peace Treaty; although, this will be a false peace at best, and in seven short years the armies of the world will surround Israel’s army on the Plains of Megiddo for the Battle of Armageddon.
      God will save those that belong to Him, but He will not save the United States. The U.S. will reap the death and destruction she has sown so freely throughout all the Earth for the last one hundred years or more.

      1. So True–If Afghanistan is an example of the COWARDICE at the top echelons of the USA. Biden took charge of that fiasco and exerted his powers over the evacuation. Biden was just anxious to get Afghanistan into the hands of the Chinese who share a common Western border. Biden did not take the advice of his Generals. He could not as most likely there was an agreement made through Hunter as to who got the spoils of Afghanistan which is loaded with huge amounts of Resources including Lithium for Chinese E.Vs.

    2. I got kicked off fb for 3 days cuz I made a comment to a guy that was being beat up by a deer, I told him to punch him. Isn’t that what they say to do to these kinds of animals and even a shark, punch them and it usually shocks them and they leave. Usually. Wow! Kicked off just for saying punch him. I can’t believe this shit. I can’t wait for Trumps media so I can leave fb.

  3. When someone dares to post truth , and there is no way to refute that truth , the way of the leftists is simply to bann it . That way , the truth rarely gets out .

  4. Ban Biden the idiot not Bongino who makes sense. He is the one you are afraid of . Not the fool who is suppose to be be the demented president. Let’s Go Brandon

  5. Everybody is stupid except joe biden, and of course the smartest man he ever met, was hunter biden, the corrupt fantasies of joe biden’s world of criminallly insane bull shit. The biden crime family should be forced to return all the money they have accepted from Russia and China. Pay to play is a crime against the the United States when they broke the oath trust of his sworn office.

  6. You Tube could be so good. They should ban all political, supposed medical, anything related to teaching in school (if the post involves major controversy), hell just keep it light. But not You tube.. they are ok with anything that supports a progressive/liberal thinking even when this “thinking” is wrong. You tube is not about right or wrong, not since they became big money. They want to control and if they can’t control well then you are gone.
    You tube is worthless because they don’t care who they play, they don’t care about right or wrong, as I stated earlier, they want a bunch of mindless followers, they don’t like anyone that has “critical Thinking skills” as these people scare the shit out of them. Now this is just not you tube but facebook, twitter, hell any big tech usless company. Just give these progressives followers a nap pod and all is good, give these progressive followers a trophy for being there, give theese progerssives followers free lunch and these progressives followers give big tech anything because these progressive followers don’t have a clue about what they are giving up. After all these progressive followers have never had to fight for any of it, they have never lived through any true problems that they have had to be an actually participant. They have nothing for reference just alot, and I mean alot of paid off corrupt, well not so fast liars telling these followers what to believe and that is what followers do is follow.

  7. Aren’t they violating Bongino’s first amendment? What is it U-Tube does not want the citizens to see. It is bad enough the way the Biden Mafia violates the Sovreignty of the USA with his open borders and his secretive flights into states with no warnings in the middle of the night and the wee hours of the morning without notifying any one of his ILLEGAL ALIEN DUMPING.

  8. Bongino must be on the right track! As a conservative, he makes good points that win the day. Since leftist “Youtube” refuses to allow legitimate debate, its only recourse is to stifle free speech. Youtube is reacting the way you’d expect a sore loser to react! Nobody’s fooled!

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