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Three officials working on the Iran negotiation team have now reportedly resigned over President Biden’s soft stance toward the Iranian regime.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Three Biden administration negotiators working on trying to get Iran to enter a nuclear deal have left the team because they reportedly believed that Democrat President Joe Biden was being too soft on Iran.

“U.S. officials confirmed over the weekend that Richard Nephew, the deputy special envoy for Iran, has left the team. Mr. Nephew, an architect of previous economic sanctions on Iran, had advocated a tougher posture in the current negotiations, and he hasn’t attended the talks in Vienna since early December,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “Two other members of the team, which is led by State Department veteran Robert Malley, have stepped back from the talks, the people familiar said, because they also wanted a harder negotiating stance.”

The team has been divided over disagreements on how strictly existing sanctions should be enforced and at what point it should walk away from the table as some experts warn that Iran is trying to prolong talks while they continue to work on their nuclear program.

“The divisions come at a pivotal time, with U.S. and European officials warning that only a few weeks remain to rescue the 2015 deal before Iran acquires the know-how and capability to quickly produce enough nuclear fuel for a bomb,” the report added. “Under the agreement, the U.S. lifted most international sanctions on Tehran in exchange for strict but temporary limits on Iran’s nuclear work. The Trump administration exited the agreement, seeing it as insufficient to restrain Iran, and the Biden administration is trying to reverse course.”

The news comes as tensions continue to mount between Russia, Ukraine and the U.S., with many expecting a Russian attack on the smaller Eastern European nation within weeks.


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        1. I’m waiting for him to take Trump behind the schoolhouse. Trump would knock out any remaining brain matter in his senile head.

    2. biden nor anyone on his regimes negotiating team do not have the intelligence or experience to fight or negotiate a war plan or war. All they know is bribery and intimidation.

    3. biden is NOT in charge. You all need to realize this. Biden can’t wipe his own ass.
      The super rich are running the US at present. Soros and buddies are in charge and they use their money to take America down. This is obvious and has been for years. So please, stop thinking biden is running things. I am not saying biden is innocent. NO, NO, biden has always been a pedo, racist, and very corrupt politician. Big money has always kept him in power because big money can control his criminal ass. He deserves to be hung along with his whole family (ok maybe not all of his family but surely his direct family, hunter, his cheap wife.
      I am saying we need to focus on the “head of the snake” or heads. If we don’t cut those head(s) off we will continue to have these problems. But cutting the “head” off is not the only problem. We had better get our heads out of our asses and start to actually pay attention to these politicians and hold them accountable for their actions. If we don’t do that the “head of the snake” will grow back.

  1. The guy is not competent to be president and it is the Democrats responsible as they lied and covered up the corruption that put the dummy in office when everyone knew Trump won. Biden is ruining America

  2. NATIONAL SECURITY CRISIS? The biden supply chain. Trumps spent years to get our steel mills back open, return domestic production, biden is trying his best to kill that, just look at the recent order he gave his friends in China for drones? look at the the nuclear deal created with Australia,United Kingdom etc what happens when the supply chain indicates those orders of like high pressure plate hangers,forged steel,alloy. high pressure valves and fittings are not available? Steel mills shut down, must get all material from China? Tax the mills, back out of business, create more shortages, how long will those orders will be in place and those allies remain with us? Where is the department of defense on these matters? Whose back does joe biden have? Not France, Afghanistan, not ours, maybe China’s. did he not go on Tellevision and brag about how China steel ptoduction, can make more steel in one day then all our production in a year? Is he not trying to kill our domestic energy sources? more solar panels for China? Why is joe biden’s adjenda trying to kill America? Time to hold the Biden family responsible for war crimes against our Nation, Time to hold his radical cabinet members equally responsible for their crimes against the American people, Time for full accountability on acceptance of money from foreign sources, adversarial to our Governmental, it’s ideals. principals. Biden crime family has been allowed to continue for too long. Time has come to hold the Biden’s for criminal border acts against the American people. The Country can not continue on this path without the full input of Congress to hold the executive branch to the laws they created, that are in place to stop incompetent self elected dictatorships from taking our country. Overreaching criminal political obfuscation by a mindless leader. Impeachnent is not enough, Biden’s betrayal should be held on the world stage for his Crimes agaiinst America, against our allies, against our militiary, against Americans who were killed, against family corruption, against his personal attack on American values, against our Country, it’s more then just politics, he seens to have total hate, for our way of life. Once again, look at the money the Biden’s have received from China, Russia, those decisions he made to benefit China and Russia, which no American would choose, against our Country’s welfare and values.Without Biden’s being held accountable. their betrayals, we will never be able to move forward, in Biden’s mind if the Clinton’s got away with it so can he ten fold. Impeachment is not enough it should just be a start. Inflatrionary trends prices and shortages are out of control the only thing we are not short of is illegal aliens. WHY IS HE TRYING TO RAISE TAXES FOR PROGRAMS MOST AMERICANS DO NOT WANT?

  3. Follow the money, nearly all of these politicians have collected handsomely from the Russians and the Chinese. The exempt themselves from the inconvenient laws they pass for us to live under. They have created a two tier system of justice, where We the People are harassed by the IRS, FBI, etc. while are accountable to no one. Yeah, we can vote them out but for gerrymandering.

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  7. These people just don’t understand the business relationship between Jim/ Hunter and Joe and the Iranians, if they only knew they might go along with them. The Chinese have told Hunter that they don’t want Iran bothered and Hunter told Joe. Jim just deals with the money aspects but Joe just plays senile as he sells out the country to make more money for his family. Get with the program!

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