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The House of Representatives has now passed a voting rights package, a move that has long been sought after by the Democrats, setting up a showdown in the Senate.

As The Hill reports:

The House passed voting rights legislation on Thursday in a way that is intended to set up a battle in the Senate over that issue as well as the filibuster.

The measure passed in a 220-203 party-line vote.

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) has vowed to put the measure to a vote in the coming days before the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday in a bid to highlight state laws approved by GOP-dominated state governments that Democrats say will make it more difficult for their supporters — including minority voters — to vote.

The manner in which the legislation was approved allows Schumer to bring it straight to the floor. But Democrats would need 60 votes — including 10 GOP votes — to get it to President Biden‘s desk given the filibuster.

Senator Krysten Sinema has since come out and officially declared that she will not be supporting the Democrats’ attempt to junk the filibuster.


  1. none are surprised that this bill passed the demo-compromised, demo-leftist, demo-obstructed, communist supported, voting bill, now let us block this bill supported by the lowliest of filth, the democratic pahhty, worst of the worst since Karl marx, lowest of the low since mao tse dung, most prolific murderer since Marx, and dung combined, only surpassed by Cho bai din and nasty pee-loser.

    1. Love your way with words’! You hit the nail right on the head! They’re doing all this cuz they’re sore loser’s who’ve got no platform’s to stand on & can only win by cheating. By changing standing Vote Law’s it will open the door’s to legally do so. What if the tables were turned & we the ‘Deplorable Party’ tried same?…imagine that!

  2. That just shows how crooked the demons Democrats are and we are the ones who will have to pay for it. It is just like January 6th the Democrats were behind it and the people know it

  3. Why is Nancy Pelosi still in the role of Speaker when she created the Jan 6, 2021 riot by defying President Trump request for 10,000 Nation GuRd to protect the House of Congress.She should be in prison and those people illegally imprisoned violating there right to a public and speedy trial should be released and the corrupt committee disbanded immediately.

  4. Now it order to keep this stupid, and unneeded, democrat proposal from becoming law, those couple of Democrat Senators will need to hang tough and do what’s best for the whole country, not just a small group of people that would benefit, and ensure their democrat votes.

  5. The Democrat forever voting package is pure control freak feces. No one is fooled by the claim of voter suppression – this bill is pro fraud at its worst.

  6. Did Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney vote for this bill? If not, why not? After all they want to save the democracy right? Oh, maybe voting against this bill is saving democracy.

  7. Democrats know they can’t count on the American people. That’s why they object to voters’ ID and has the audacity to call for lax rules to cheat. The whole sordid attempt is to make it possible for non-citizens to vote.

  8. What the ruling hyena in this clan wants her zombies will do. They also have the support of the other hyena that cackles a lot.

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