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According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, President Biden is continuing to push for various legislative bills even though have a low chance of passing because he believes his Democratic voters will punish him if he does not.

The Details: According to his advisors Biden sees not acting on progressive priorities, such as voting rights legislation, to be a bigger threat to his presidency as acting and failing.

In his speech on Tuesday in Georgia Biden argued passionately for a new bill expanding voting rights even as many observers claimed it had little chance of passing the House and the Senate and becoming law.

Biden has also no officially voiced his support for a sweeping rule change in the Senate which would repeal the longstanding filibuster rule, a move opposed by both Democrat Senators Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema. Key votes Biden will need to convince to change their minds if he ever hopes of having the rule successfully changed.


  1. The. Constitution sets the “election rules and responsibility” not congress. They can pass the voting rights act an it will fail at SCOTUS. The democommies know that but rely on the length of time to get to SCOTUS But one or two elections would have passed before rejected by SCOTUS. The damage to America will have been complete democommie take over. The Constitution be damned if not shredded by then.

    The Constitution provides an out for the democommies.
    The Constitutional Amendment process. Which would require 66% of the state’s ratification. Simple. The democommies rely on the ignorant American to shovel this sh!t up their azz.

  2. globalist puppet chester biden needs to continue to obey globalist orders just like he has the past 47 years .

    1. Stupid, ignorant and CATHOLIC. .. Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC “C” nation that is not corrupt? ….Have you ever heard of ANY successful CATHOLIC “C” nation? Have you heard of a CATHOLIC “C” nation that does not need to ‘export’ the illiterate ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC “C” INVADERS?……. There is not one successful CATHOLIC “C” nation on earth……….. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC “C” and the borders will never be secured. Vote accordingly.

        1. Some renegade priest must have s0d0mized him and that’s why his heart is full of hatred. His loony posts have besmirched this website and others for many months now. Get some THERAPY, Alfie!

  3. The REAL reason is that Joe Biden is not Joe Biden, who died before the inauguration. There have been actors, humanoids and clones playing Joe Biden. Biden isn’t and wasn’t President of the United States and is only president of Washington, DC which is a foreign land and not even a state. Biden has no jurisdiction in the United States or outside of it. None of his Executive Orders have been put into place. They are shelved. What you see of (him) signing an EO is fake making YOU think he is President. His entire administration including his wife, Dr. Birthing Person Biden is operating as president. That is treason! Don’t think for one minute, or second, that Donald Trump doesn’t know this. The Sh*t is going to hit the fan before you know it. Wait and see.

    1. That Is why they had a special stage outside the WH. He, the doppelganger” is not allowed in the WH due to secret service. They don’t guard phonies.

  4. LISTEN UP…..GOD is Going to KEEP ROAD BLOCKING PREZ BIDEN. WHO Can GO UP Against GOD and WIN?????? GOD is the RULER of MEN. HE has the LAST WORD. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄😇😇😇

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