Jack Ruby Shooting Lee Harvey Oswald. Photo by By Robert H. Jackson Public Domain

Newly declassified records relating to the assassination of John F. Kennedy revealed that Lee Harvey Oswald met with the KGB two months before shooting the president in 1963. 

The National Archives and Records Administration released nearly 1,500 documents in compliance with President Joe Biden’s order to disclose long-restricted information related to Kennedy’s death by December 15.  

The files revealed that Oswald, a former U.S. Marine who was twice court martialed, met with a KGB agent at the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City exactly two months before murdering JFK. 

“According to an intercepted phone call in Mexico City, Lee Oswald was in the Soviet Embassy there on 23 September and spoke with Consul Valeriy Vladimirovich,” a memo from former acting CIA Chief Tennent Bagley read. 

Oswald defected to the Soviet Union in October 1959, after being honorably released from active duty into the reserves. He married and returned to the United States in June 1962, settling his family into Dallas. 

The memo included a transcript of a follow-up call Oswald made to the Soviet embassy in October.

“Oswald called the Soviet Embassy in 1 October, identifying himself by name and speaking broken Russian, stating the above and asking the guard who answered the phone whether there was ‘anything concerning the telegram to Washington,’” the document continued. 

“Hello, this [is] Lee Oswald speaking, I was at your place last Saturday and spoke to a consul, and they said that they’d send a telegram to Washington, so I wanted to find out if you anything new,” he said. “But I don’t remember the name of that consul.”

A KGB officer told him that “they haven’t received anything yet,” which had Oswald questioning if they had “done anything” yet. 

“Yes, they say that a request has been sent out, but nothing has been received yet,” the agent replied.  The CIA memo was dated on Nov. 23, 1963, the day after Oswald was charged with assassinating Kennedy. 

Oswald never stood trial, he was shot in the basement of the Dallas Police Department by nightclub owner Jack Ruby while he was being transferred to the city jail, as millions watched on live television.

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    1. Not only that, the industrial war machine had issues with JFK wanting to outlaw nuclear weapons worldwide. Johnson didn’t like that and Kennedy was ……removed

      1. And globalists didn’t like JFK mentioning secret societies and talke about dismantling the globalists federal reserve .

    2. If biden did release anything it is a lie… I agree with John above…my point is not only do I believe youre wrong about biden releasing anything but question you believing anything biden supposed released. all biden does is lie… and being corupt, a pedo, racist, general sexual assualt asshole, and of course a big liar all his life.

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  1. I’ve read that. Oswald was trying to get back to RUSSIA because he was afraid
    To stay in the US.

    1. I had read that at one time, Oswald was a radar operator that tracked the US U-2’s that were deployed from the USMC air station on Okinawa. He would have some valuable info to give Mother Russia if this is true.

  2. We knew full well that Oswald was a wacky left-winger. That said, the Russkies were horrified when he shot JFK, and undoubtedly sent Ruby (an obedient red who had been deactivated and stockpiled since the 1940s) to eliminate Oswald in order to erase the prospect of an Oswald trial, which would have been a public relations and propaganda disaster for the communists. Ruby was a daring hero — for the other side.

  3. 1500 documents related to the JFK’s assassination….I thought those documents were related to the press coverage and possible involvement of Cuba. Anyway The rifle that was used by Oswald isn’t actually the most accurate or reliable rifle, especially at that distance.
    When there’s evidence in relation to the 6.5 carcano rifle that was used I will listen.
    I’m not gullible enough to think this rifle is accurate enough at that distance.
    I owned a 6.5 carcano rifle that was in excellent shape, but it couldn’t hit a five gallon lid at a 100 yards.

  4. We’ve heard all this before and for those of us that were living through it at the time, it’s nothing new. They’ve been “holding” this news” for 58 years and now they’re going to try to distract us with b.s. ? Why was ANYTHING ” withheld” for any length of time, let alone 50 years ( the agreed time to release info, at that time…Just like the MLK data, they’re still holding back. Next will be Pfizer’s records sealed for 55 years like they asked for?).

  5. I think something ain’t right, here. I heard many years ago that when Oswald met his wife in Russia back in ’59 or ’60, she thought he was a native born Russian because his Russian was so good- speculation was that he had been through US military language school. This article claims he spoke in “broken Russian” to the Mexico embassy.

    Which is it? Of course this is from the CIA, so any malfeasance is possible.

  6. Stop the bull crap, if we imagine that lee harvey oswald actually is one of the shooters, and what about the other shooters . . . . .

  7. The Mafia did it. President Kennedy double cross the mob after they elected him President. He put his brother Bobby in charge of the Justice Department with the intentions of breaking up the mob! You can’t cross the mob, you will pay in the end!!!

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