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A father of four called into the White House’s live streamed NORAD Santa tracker event on Christmas Eve and said “Let’s go, Brandon,” to President Joe Biden, now he’s getting threatening calls and has been torched by the media. 

Former police officer Jared Schmeck, 35, thought the call he made to Biden and the First Lady would be automated, and had no idea the event was live, when he wished them a “wonderful Christmas” and added on the trending anti-Biden tagline as a “joke.”

A confused Biden parroted back, “Let’s Go Brandon, I agree,” while Jill Biden winced in response. Schmeck said he meant “no disrespect” to the President by the remark.

“At the end of the day, I have nothing against Mr. Biden, but I am frustrated because I think he can be doing a better job,” he said.

But the mainstream media said the NASCAR originated chant was a “right-wing slur” and a form of “insurrection” by Trump supporters, and tore into Schmeck for the comment.

“If you think it’s appropriate to tell someone — anyone, really — to go f*** themselves after they gave your kids the time of day on Christmas Eve, it says a lot more about your personal character than anything else,” CNN’s White House correspondent tweeted. “That is all.”

“Consider the mentality here of the father whose child is excited to talk about Santa Claus and then also gets to talk to the president and First Lady, but he waits out the end of the call to sneak in a cutesy way of flipping off the president on Christmas Eve,” fellow network reporter Edward Isaac-Dovere remarked.

It’s not just the libeal media, Schmeck was brutalized on social media and has been receiving threatening phone calls at home. 

“Now I am being attacked for utilizing my freedom of speech,” he said in an interview. “I understand there is a vulgar meaning to ‘Lets go Brandon,’ but I’m not that simple minded, no matter how I feel about him.” 

Schmeck added that described himself as a “free-thinking American who isn’t a “Trumper, and the “joke” was a result of his frustrations with Biden’s policies. 

“He seems likes he’s a cordial guy. There’s no animosity or anything like that,” he explained. “It was merely just an innocent jest to also express my God-given right to express my frustrations in a joking manner…I love him just like I love any other brother or sister.”

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  1. Once again the lap-dog media comes to the defense of a president not fit to hold office. Along with the fanatics that support this same incompetent, they send the message,”agree with us or die.” Not me.

    1. When they boil Kathy Griffin in oil for her ‘bleeding decapitated head’ stunt against Mr. Trump, I will take the leftist goons seriously. Like somebody said below, thy can sure dish it out yet they can’t take it.

  2. They were allowed to send President Trump same type of messages. But all of a sudden to biden is a form of insurrection. Their hypocrisy, lies, fake news, are out of control.

    1. So true! They are hypocrites for not chastising all who blatantly yelled “f**k Trump” and “joked” about cutting his head off or shooting him. The liberal media needs, somehow, to be humbled and put in their place.

  3. We don’t call them snowflakes for nothin’! I’m a little disappointed in Schmeck’s response, though. The O’Biden administration is ruining the country that he hoped his kids would grow up in. He ought to be furious about the destruction that O’Biden has already done to it.

      1. Guess they think we Patriots/ Trumpers are afraid of them. The next March on DC will be ARMED.
        We won last time with muskets! “Lets Roll”

  4. One Must Agree “Lets Go Brandon”, Obey the Laws, Stop the Tyranny, Take a dump on socialism, and stop the Frivolous spending spree

    1. You just mentioned all the things that CAT HOLIE iks love. Vote for ANY CAT HOLIE ik and you vote for a thousand years of 100% failure.

  5. The idiotic Left forgets that the Right has free speech rights also! When I hear pundits on MSNBC and CNN, I am totally appalled by what they say, but I still recognize their right to say it!!! Talk about the lack of respect which says more about them than Republicans, only makes them look very bad and is costing them viewers by the thousands.

  6. America’s media is the worst group of people in the country! Their only goal is to deny, deride, insult and put down anybody that doesn’t agree with everything that they say! I find it shocking and undeniably disheartening to read much of what they spout! It’s most unfortunate that they seem to be able to manage to be wherever the people are and they have no concern regarding the pain they leave their victims with! It would be a pleasure to replace them with someone who actually cares about the people that they come in touch with!

  7. After all the invective vitriol heaped on President Trump now the “left” just cannot handle
    any coming back their way. I say…GO BRANDON GO…..go somewhere as fast as you can…Just get OUT.

  8. That is sad that people are condemning this man for his remark. We have a lot of stupid people walking around in our country if they think Biden is good for the United States of America! He is brain dead, poops in his pants and doesn’t know what the devil is going on. This isn’t what America needs representing us!
    The Biden/Harris administration is a joke and America shouldn’t stand for it. President Trump won the election and it was stolen from 80 million American citizens. This administration doesn’t have a brain among them and are trying to bring communism into our country! You are bring led by a communist senile pedophile and a California whore that aren’t for the United States!

  9. Compared to the abuses that were hurled at President Trump during his entire four years in office, this circumstance is of absolutely no consequence, and it is far more deserved.

  10. Don’t cower to their bullying Mr. Schmeck…it’s what they do best. The best part was Biden’s response…one more piece of evidence as to how addled the man is….I thought it was perfect and should be shown far and wide…he comes off as this harmless old man…but don’t believe it for an instant…he is evil personified…and has been his whole political career.

  11. Well Mr. Schmeck…’**** or get off the pot’. You were a pretty cool guy that took the shot that was offered…now, you’re just a lightweight that can’t take the heat.

  12. Every last one of these people making threats should be thoroughly investigated and be made to answer for their crime, and yes, threatening someone or their family is a crime.

  13. I am reminded of a picture of two cats. The caption is “Learn to laugh at yourself. Everyone else is.” We need to relearn how to laugh at oneself.

  14. It’s not that liberals lose their minds , they haven’t got minds to begin with , but rather that 99 per cent of they are totally insane and maniacs who have absolutely no ability to think or reason . …. So sad , isn’t it ?

  15. I notice how two face the democrats are with the presidents. If the president is a republican and his name is Trump it is open season. Say and do or show whatever you want against degrade, disrespectful to president Trump and it is fair game. Say one word against president Biden and you are a domestic terrorist and should be put in jail.

  16. The people need to stand up and protect Schmeck from the petty punks called liberals. The media is the second most dangerous and destructive influence on America. When we get back to a media of non censorship and truth it will be better. F:J:B What lowlife!

  17. The Arizona Attorney General has now been sitting around doing nothing in particular for almost three months. That’s almost how long it’s been since the final results of the Maricopa County audit were publicly released. What’s with this AG? Did he go to the John Durham School of Speedy Investigations? Fortunately, Arizona state lawmakers are not sitting around and waiting. They’re holding a hearing on Monday regarding the “fishtail” in Pima County, where 40% of Republican mail-in ballots suddenly went to Joe Biden after THE BIG PAUSE on election night.I’ve linked to the full story above, but I’ll try to briefly summarize the “fishtail” scandal in Pima County, Arizona last year. Pima County is a blue county in Arizona. Crooked Hillary won Pima County by 13 points in 2016. There was no way Trump was going to win in Pima County, but if he lost by a narrower margin to Biden than he did to Crooked Hillary, Trump was a shoo-in to win the state of Arizona. And he was only trailing Biden by 8 points on election night. He had cut Crooked Hillary’s margin of victory in half against Biden. But, then THE BIG PAUSE happened. The five swing states that we’ve been talking about for the past year all stopped counting the votes at the exact same time on election night – as if it were coordinated or pre-planned. Trump was doing spectacular in Pima County, despite the fact that he was never going to win there. He doubled his support in that county, compared to 2016. But after the counting resumed… Trump started losing bigly in Pima County. 40% of Republican mail-in ballots were suddenly going to Joe Biden. That sounds totally normal, right? Joe Biden ended up winning Pima County by 19 points. Two precincts in Pima County had higher than 100% voter turnout, in excess of Joe Biden’s 10,000-vote margin of victory.That’s the “fishtail” scandal. The graph of the votes look like a fishtail right where THE BIG PAUSE happened and 40% of Republican mail-in ballots suddenly went to Biden. American Liberty Report

  18. I think it’s funny. Now the shoe is on the other foot meaning those same people complaining were so hypocritical of Trump and calling him names and a Dictator, are now so upset that Biden is being called Let’s Go Brandon. It would be even funnier if Biden wasn’t such a terrible President. Oh well, it is what it is sadly. I will still keep laughter since laughter is supposed to be good for the soul is it not?

  19. The Democrats doesn’t allow Freedom of speech we have no rights just they do and we pay their salary isn’t that great for them to take our rights away

  20. The talking heads of the left needs to get over themselves. After 5 years of demonizing in vulgar terms the last President this seems hypocritical.

  21. LISTEN UP….ALOT of AMERICANS Feel the SAME WAY as the LETS GO BRANDON Caller. HE has the RIGHT to FREEDOM of SPEECH just like the LEFTIES. IF PREZ BIDEN was DOING such a GREAT JOB….AMERICA would be UNITED. The PAST YR Speaks for itself in BIDEN Accomplishments. IS This the BEST HE Could DO????? From SamuraiQueen. 😆😆😆

  22. After all the garbage both the Media and the Democrats dumped on Trump, it takes huge balls for them to complain because someone said Lets Go Brandon to someone so brainless that he agreed with them.

  23. If it had been Trump and Melania he would have already had a guest appearance on CNN. Notice how they don’t mention how Biden agreed. That would have been their focus if it had been 45

  24. Why apologize? You exposed once again, what an idiot this joke of a president is! He is an empty suit, that can barely read what they put in front of him!

  25. So why was the clip not posted here? It was pretty funny. Again, just shows how disconnected Biden is from EVERYTHING!

  26. When the Great Patriot Reset happens, the media has no idea they are in the crosshairs of the first battalions. In this case you do kill the messengers.

  27. Really he is getting threats by people for what showing that the man has no ideal what is going on snd his wife is just as clueless as him lets go Brandon if the news reporter wasn’t afraid to Confront what they were really saying there would have been nothing ever made up for Brandon but once again they need to protect the man that is destroying our country

  28. This is what slow Joe and laughing hyena Harris is doing for our country: absolutely nothing good except trying to make us all like China, Russia and North Korea.

  29. almost all the ‘news’ now is nothing but CAT hole ikk propaganda. F J Bidet is CAT hole ikk….Have you ever heard of a successful CATHOLIC “C” nation?
    Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC “C” nation that was not corrupt?
    Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC “C” nation that had an infrastructure?
    Colorado is a CATHOLIC “C” controlled state. So is FL CA NM AZ IL OR ND NY!
    The CATHOLIC have run the USA for 75 years. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC
    C and you vote for a traitor and destruction of the USA…

  30. Too bad the media didn’t come to Trump’s defense when Rashid said basically the same thing after he was elected…..Griffin got a pass for what she did with a bloody head of Barron’s dad that he saw on t.v….etc.
    Biden didn’t appear to be insulted about the caller. He parroted and then asked, “Hey, are you from Oregon?” C”mon Man! As far as Jill, she’s a major player is allowing Joe to be in the position he is in. It’s hard to defend her when she doesn’t seem to be bothered by him being a laughing stock, embarrassment to America.

  31. This should prove to America that 0’Byden has no idea what’s going on in our country. His handlers have not even told him how the People are slamming him all over. You can tell by his response and continuing smile while Dr.Jill winces at the remark. It’s time for Joe to Go.

  32. Biden isn’t actually a cordial guy. He’s proven himself to be a nasty person on numerous occasions. If there wasn’t a Secret Sevice Detail, armed with guns, Biden wouldn’t have the balls to threaten American citizens. He’s basically a coward.

  33. Double standard-Griffin and DeNiro that never missed an opportunity to make the same statement about Trump. (We are currently being governed by our inferiors.)

  34. Where was the condemnation from the media and death threats for Kathy Griffin for pretending to cut off Trump’s head, or Madonna for wanting to blow up the Trump Whitehouse and many more rude and crude remarks by lefty whackos. Puleeze!!!!! What’s really pathetic is that Bimbo Biden still hasn’t been told what it means! Lol!!!!

  35. The propaganda media are like delicate flowers when it comes to Biden but were mad dog hellions with Trump. Such hypocrites!

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