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Popular CNBC anchor Jim Cramer shocked many observers after he announced that he believed that the US government has a ‘right’ to ‘force’ its citizens to ‘obey.’

As The Daily Wire reports:

CNBC anchor Jim Cramer was slammed for arguing that the government “has a right to force you to obey.”

The remarks from Cramer — who has worked as an anchor with the financial news outlet for the past two decades — follow his previous arguments in favor of harsh COVID-19 mitigation policies.

Conservatives and libertarians immediately refuted Cramer’s argument.

“I missed the ‘right to force you to obey’ in the Constitution but go off,” replied columnist Karol Markowicz.

Cramer went on to shoot back at some of his critics, claiming that, in another era, they would have been ‘pro-polio’:


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  1. Somehow, Jim, you never got the memo, the Government is funded by the People you are wishing the “OBEY” Command upon! What’s next the “Heil” Command?

  2. West youre just anither idiot that says I am right and follow me. I bet if your idiot people jumped off a cliff you’d be right up front. Oh and please do and let me know whn you will do it so I can have a comfy chair, drink, and popcorn and watch the show. Not only do you show how stupid you are with your knowledge of the consitution but you haven’t a clue about drugs/yes that includes vaccines you moron and their approval process. You are just another really stupid asshole with a platform and other really stupid people follow you. I would try to explain things to you but I would have to put them in comic book form and even then your to stupid to figure it all out. what a moron, but hey you are a great example of how not to be

  3. I used to have great respect for this man’s analytical capability. However, I cannot trust someone who promotes a vaccine that is significantly more harmful to human life than the virus itself.

  4. Mr. Creamer has an interesting take on governmental authority and its optimal symbiosis with those whom it governs. I am curious if he submitted to Trump, as he expects us to do to Biden, though.

  5. I don’t recall news that God had resigned and Cramer was appointed to take his place. Cramer, just a small hint about the way your “Nazi style comment” was received by citizens in America—–Cramer, STUFF IT!

  6. I think MR Cramer needs a 2 year vacation in venezuela to see what it’s like to live under a communist country that runs your life for you.

  7. This blowhard should leave America, and anyone else who agrees with him, your Marxist crap will never survive without a civil war.

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