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New York City’s crime surge is reportedly causing executives at ‘Bank of America’ to advise their employees to ‘dress down’ when commuting to and from work in order to avoid becoming a victim.

The Details:

According to The New York Post, executives have told their employees that wearing anything that appears to be expensive or with a ‘Bank of America’ logo on it could actually make them a target for the city’s criminal element.

According to sources that spoke to the Post, Midtown Manhattan has become increasingly dangerous, especially after hours and during the evening commute.

The city has witnessed a 15 percent increase in felony assaults in the last 28 days alone.

Why it Matters: New York is attempting to recover after pandemic lockdowns and fears of infection drove many of the city’s workers to either flee the city for more comfortable suburban locales or begin working remotely. With crime now becoming just as much of a threat in the eyes of many as covid-19, the attempt to coax New Yorkers back to their downtown offices becomes that much harder.


A 30-year-old graduate student at Columbia university was stabbed to death near Morningside park on Thursday in an apparently random attack.

The Alleged attacker, 25-year-old Vincent Pinkney, was a known gang member with 16 prior arrests on his record.


  1. And the alienation and breakdown of American society continues exactly as planned by the Democrats. When will people of this once great republic have enough and take action against their oppressors?

    1. Yes, by the Democrats, AND Satan. Of course, the Democrats are busily employed fulfilling his evil plan for humanity.

  2. Now is the time for anyone aspires to be a criminal to follow their dream because we have both federal and state governments that will do everything in their power to get you off so that you can do it all again.. LA just freed a gang of robbers the day after they were put in jail because LA’s DA believes that people who perform the most heinous crimes deserve a second chance. Amazing ! I suspect that this DA was raised on some sort of mind-altering drug.

  3. I was disappointed, I had hoped you were going to say they asked their employees to get a handgun permit and pack concealed, like our pastor did at church.

    1. They are in the democrat party and this administration is helping thousands more cross our open southern border.

  4. 16 prior arrests, what about convictions?
    In Florida a 14 year old boy was randomly murdered by a scumbag with a long criminal record and the one who drove through the parade in Wisconsin also has a long rap sheet.

    What ever became of the three strikes your out laws?

    1. 3 strikes my butt!! Many of these criminals started breaking laws as teenagers. Our system should have caned them (whack em across the buttocks with a piece of bamboo) like they do in Singapore. After that, give them 5 years of hard labor. I can assure you, they’d think twice about coming back. WE ARE TOO LENIENT ON FELONS IN AMERICA!!

      Get caught with illegal drugs in Singapore and it’s the death penalty. Wanna guess how many people are dealing illegal drugs in Singapore? NONE – they know better!

  5. Here in Texas we carry You can no longer depend on law enforcement it has come to kill or be killed Don’t hesitate

  6. NY City is in a hole the the Mayor has dug himself into. Lets defund the Police , lets let criminals out of jail early, Lets ease up drug laws , Let the Gangs and drug lords do what they want. Then you have the Democrats who want to make guns laws that take away honest peoples right to have a gun to protect their Family, Do you think that gangs or drug pushers care about gun laws.

  7. Here’s a better idea, BofA: how about you NYC voters pull your heads outta your butts and elegy people who will actually do something about crime?

  8. Hopefully the scotus will rule for freedom and defense in their upcoming 2nd amendment ruling and strike down the communist gun laws in New York

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