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According to a new report by The Wall Street Journal, older alumni at many large universities are now beginning to push back against new, far-left speech codes by withholding much sought after donations.

The older alumni, especially ones that include politically moderate or conservative conservative men, have not only begun to withhold their funds but also have begun to found dissident political groups on campus, such as the ‘Cornell Free Speech Alliance.’

Why it Matters: Colleges and Universities have, in recent years, become a major flashpoint in the new culture war between woke left wing activists and conservatives and moderates who favor free speech on campus.

What People are Saying:

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    1. Defund, disenfranchise these radical miscreants of social woke teachers in these colleges. Time to bust up their party of destruction of a very expensive education. Companies are NOT hiring the dysfunctional students these colleges are pumping out. I knew they wouldn’t from the beginning of this woke trend. The only place for the little darlings is activist and employment with the woke bunch. And they are less than half the country, in fact, they are miniscule.

    1. Only a decade? I remember the liberal garbage being spewed by the Left back in the 60’s and early 70’s when I was in college. There is an old saying, “the more things change, the more things remain the same”. Another old saw applies, something these young fools will learn soon enough: “money talks and b.s. walks”. Good on the Alumni for giving them their first practical lesson in Economics.

  1. This has been an issue for decades. Nice to see some waking up to the truth..

    Why anyone would continue to give their money to ultra-rich colleges and universities is beyond me. Better to donate to worthy charities life Food For The Poor, HeartCry or Mercy Ships.

  2. I’d like to see the older alumni strip the charters of rebellious radical dem fraternities and maternities. Then make them pay for their own tuition, transportation, lodging and food!

    1. How about just learning that no one owes anyone a free ride! And was sororities what you meant to reference women’s clubs at colleges?

  3. i agree with J graham-that crap was started back in the sixties and has been going on since. but that is a good idea. hit the universities where it hurts most. their bottom line.

  4. Colleges are hiot beads for liberal shit. This should have happened ages ago. Those who are shouting down should be shown what it is to be silenced. Then maybe they would understand…

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