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A Colorado conservative activist had her front door smashed in and her children roughed up by federal agents conducting a surprise paramilitary raid after she criticized liberal policies in local schools and claimed election irregularities.

Despite bashing in her door, handcuffing her and her husband and pointing loaded weapons at her kids, Sherronna Bishop of Grand Junction, Colorado is not currently charged with of any crime.

Bishop was home with her husband and three kids, ages 8, 10 and 18, on the morning on Nov. 16 when she heard her front door being smashed apart by a battering ram.

An army of federal agents rushed in, pointing weapons at the children.  Her oldest daughter was dragged across the floor as she was handcuffed.

Agents then ransacked Bishop’s home – even though she was never accused of any crime and has no charges filed against her.

The paramilitary raid appears to be linked to an order by Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland for federal agents to focus resources on stifling criticism of radical leftist policies in local schools – even though the National Association of School Boards, which originally made the request, has since renounced it.

“Besides being a frequent attendee at her local school board meetings, Bishop has also been active in the voter integrity movement in her state and locality,” WorldNetDaily reports. “She runs the website, and on that site she features an article and video under the title We the Parents: How Did We Get Here?”

Nowhere on Bishop’s website does she endorse or call for violence or any illegal activity.  

Bishop helped review election results in Mesa County, Colorado, where the election administrator is accused of illegally sharing information.  A search warrant left behind by agents claims Bishop is suspected of “intentional damage to a protected computer, wire fraud and conspiracy to cause damage to a protected computer.”  Bishop does not appear to be involved in any illegal activity and a low-level non-violence offense does not warrant a surprise paramilitary raid.

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    1. yes they are but the fbi has a history of upholding the agenda of whom ever is in office oir now who has the money. They are a buncch of worthless cowards along with the whole group of alphbet soup govt agencies. What happened to accountability? We, the people have let it go to shit. Can we get it back from the pit of indoctrination, media lies (note: no fake news it is just lies plain and simple and I wish everyone would say what it is), of letting the super rich diivide us because they are the architects of what we see today, again allowed by us.

    2. Ana, the gestapo, although ruthless, was efficient in its operation. The FBI isn’t. I lost faith in them when they screwed up 9/11.

    1. Really think so….the obama rot has turned into biden gangrene and as far as ‘firings’/’arrests’ are concerned you’re literally “whistling Dixie”…

    2. Any officer that took place should also be arrested and jailed at a minimum. I was a cop and if my cheif or whom ever told me to do that I would have laughed in their face and told them when there is a lawsuit against you i’d be testifying for the person you are doing this competely illegal activity to. I wouldd also think about arresting this oerson fbecause I have sworn to upholdd the consitution of the US and this is against that.

    3. Yes…but who’s going to do that? This is scarey stuff….how does one combat this…this is not suppose to happen in America….

  1. For ole garland to get everyone that disagrees
    with school boards policies
    It’s going to take him exactly 42 years.
    that’s how many people that he is up against.
    Just like when obama wanted a mass gun confiscation in the United States.
    That would take 30 years just to get some people to comply, and you have to consider the other 30 million or so that would reject such a stupid thing.


  2. The agents conducting the raid should be ashamed of themselves for obeying a tyrannical government order! They have violated their oaths!

    1. “Ashamed”…They know not the meaning of said word…these are the ‘ground troops’…brainwashed, brain dead indoctrinated into a state of ‘Zombiism’…

  3. The FBI needs to be disbanded. They’ve become nothing more than the militant arm of the Democrat Party.

    1. Not only the Demoncrats…there IS a veritable surplus of RINOS too…the ‘rot’ runs deep and has become gangrenous…

  4. Joe Biden is doing exactly what his predecessor Obama wanted to do—-turn America into a Communist paradise for the likes of them. The FBI has become a part of their police state much as the waffenSS was for Hitler. It seems that ordinary Americans trying to raise and protect our children are now enemies of the state; the state being this Communist White House.l

  5. “Big Brother” Biden* is alive, but not well, as he is a demented despot who is now going after parents. He has his Goebbels (the Attorney General Merrick) send the Gestapo (the FBI) to hound, harass and handcuff those who refuse to march in goosestep with the Socialist party line–all without charging them with a crime. Is this the United States of America or is this the Orwellian world of “1984”? I hope Mrs. Bishop and her family find a good law firm and sue the bastards into oblivion.

    1. They better do it soon!!! The actions of the ‘Supreme” judiciary in November 2020 does not bode well for independent ‘justice’ in the near future…

  6. Until Biden was put in office, I had never thought this country would come to this, but here we are. We are in the midst of dire straits.

  7. Common thread “narrative”…

    …reviewing Computer logs of the 2020 election is CONSIDERED a crime…remember, they claimed they needed to remove the machines evaluated in Arizona

  8. In communist East Germany they were called the Swazi and were the lapdog pit bulls of the Soviets. The FBI is the American arm of China Joe’s CCP masters.

  9. were the asshole’s wearing jack boots too.I never thought this would happen in america,,but the fbi has become the second coming of the gestapo

    1. Never!!! The average German, Russian, Chinese, Cambodian, Ugandan possibly thought the same…Adolf, Josef, Mao, Pol and Idi could NOT do what they did without WILLING ‘resources’…

  10. I can just see Billy Gates and his left hand buddy Soro’s having a drink somewhere together and having a good laugh about this tragedy

  11. I cannot believe this happens in America. She should lawyer up and sue the local, stare and federal government. The power is with the people, not the government.

    1. You obviously have not noticed the ‘shift’ to the left…the ‘blue’ states are in ‘top gear’ already…

  12. Sounds like commissar cho bai din ‘s cheese has slid off his cracker and now he has gone full fascist, Ummmm, no charges, no warrant? and the only Excuse was slamming the communists ? If that is the case they do not have enough agents, for the rest of us.

  13. Hitlers Brown shirts have arrived! Unbelievable that they could find police officers to carry it out ! But Hitler did ! Sounds like she has a great lawsuit! Its like China or Russia to me ! Probably coming for me next for commenting !

    1. The ‘Brown Shirts’ have been on the scene for quite a while…antifa…and the Red Guards too…BLM(BurnLootMurder) and have both been given BLANKET amnesty by their Commander in Chief…

  14. The raiders need to be investigated. Did they pay for repairs? Did they have a warrant? Do they think that their above the law? Just wondering!

  15. When Tyranny becomes the rule of law then rebellion becomes duty…Thomas Jefferson…Biden is not president, he is nothing more then a RAPISTS…He gave the eulogy for robert byrd…KKK MASTER HIMSELF.

  16. WHY NOT YOUR VIEWS??? Are you afraid to call this what it is? You know this is not right and right out of the playbook of Mein Kampf!!!

  17. Hey FBI, you’re now the new KGB. You’re everything that’s now wrong with America. God will protect His own. You have Him to answer to on Judgement Day, and it will come someday for everyone regardless of status. May God arise and let His enemies be scattered.


  19. To me this is evidence of the democrat party and Biden’s intent to create a tyranny so no one will oppose them or their actions.

  20. The FBI was started by Nazi Germany under Bush Senior who was not Bush but Pestch. After teh War thee Nazis got fake passports and came to America to start the 4th Reich. CIA as well . I suggest getting hold of these communist’s, removed all their weapons, and lock them up.

  21. It’s not just the federal government. I have been treated the same way by lying, local cops and crooked “judges.” The police are judge, jury, and executioner, and the courts back them up. We have forced Christ and His Truth out of our society, what did you think the result would be?

  22. what a bunch of dopes we have in our justice department. Thank goodness Garland was not promoted to Supreme Court Justice.

  23. Well, this disproves the common belief that Biden has done nothing. He has taken away free speech and replaced the Republic with a dictatorship. Welcome to the 4th Reich.

  24. If this report is true then the FBI is guilty of domestic terrorism. Are legitimate journalists following up?

  25. Garland is getting retaliation for not getting a seat on the Supreme Court and all those who live, vote and hold to conservative values I guess, that and he has been unleashed by ‘creepy Joe’ to let anyone holding to conservative values know their time is limited it seems.

  26. Too many times to mention, I hear of injustices against our rights. Cries of discontent from regular ,law-abiding US citizens. What can we do? There is only one answer but who will be our leader?


  28. No warrant, no charges? In this case, I’d say these Stazi representatives would have deserved any and all levels of proper citizen rejection of their illegal behavior.

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