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The Milwaukee County district attorney who released Waukesha mass murderer Darrell Brooks is a strong believer in the ruthless use of police power to lock people up.

But only if they’re Republican. 

John Chisolm may be a new name to most Americans after he freed Brooks on just $1000 bail aftr his arrest for attempting to murder a woman with his car, which he then used to kill at least six more people.

But he’s been known in Wisconsin for years as the unhinged liberal activist who praises the work of George Soros and spent millions on a witchhunt against Republican governor Scott Walker, until the state Supreme Court shut it down for being baseless and partisan.

“Milwaukee’s District Attorney John Chisholm, one of a number of DAs around the country whose campaigns Mr. Soros has helped bankroll, has worked for the last 15 years to change the city’s approach to incarceration,” The Washington Times Kelly Sadler writes. 

“In 2018, he tweeted how Milwaukee was making a commitment not to keep individuals held on cash bail in jail. When the pandemic hit, Milwaukee’s “woke” Community Justice Council recommended criminals needed to be let out of jail immediately. The city obliged, reducing its jail population by about 40%.”

“Mr. Chisholm has also used his Twitter feed to cheer-on other Soros-endorsed district attorneys around the country, including San Francisco’s Chesa Boudin,” Sadler adds.

But when it comes to conservatives, Chisolm believe in ruthlessly using police power to suppress political opponents, including the use of paramilitary raids.

George Will, writing in 2014, called it “the nastiest political tactic of the year.

Will writes, in part:

The early-morning paramilitary-style raids on citizens’ homes were conducted by law enforcement officers, sometimes wearing bulletproof vests and lugging battering rams, pounding on doors and issuing threats. Spouses were separated as the police seized computers, including those of children still in pajamas. Clothes drawers, including the children’s, were ransacked, cellphones were confiscated and the citizens were told that it would be a crime to tell anyone of the raids.

Some raids were precursors of, others were parts of, the nastiest episode of this unlovely political season, an episode that has occurred in an unlikely place. This attempted criminalization of politics to silence people occupying just one portion of the political spectrum has happened in Wisconsin, which often has conducted robust political arguments with Midwestern civility…

…(Wisconsin) has been embarrassed by Milwaukee County’s Democratic district attorney, John Chisholm. He has used Wisconsin’s uniquely odious “John Doe” process to launch sweeping and virtually unsupervised investigations while imposing gag orders to prevent investigated people from defending themselves or rebutting politically motivated leaks.

According to several published reports, Chisholm told subordinates that his wife, a teachers union shop steward at her school, is anguished by her detestation of Walker’s restrictions on government employee unions, so Chisholm considers it his duty to help defeat Walker….

…On Oct. 14, much too late in the campaign season to rescue the political-participation rights of conservative groups, a federal judge affirmed what Chisholm surely has known all along: Since a U.S. Supreme Court ruling 38 years ago, the only coordination that is forbidden is between candidates and independent groups that go beyond issue advocacy to “express advocacy” — explicitly advocating the election or defeat of a particular candidate.

But Chisholm’s aim — to have a chilling effect on conservative speech — has been achieved by bombarding Walker supporters with raids and subpoenas…

Like their Soviet brothers, liberals like Chisholm love the police and prisons, but believe they should only be used to silence political opponents.

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Michael Brigham has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His areas of expertise include foreign affairs, government, and politics, but regardless of the subject matter, he has a nose and an insatiable appetite for news. In his free time, he enjoys reading nonfiction, watching a mix of comedies and true crime documentaries, and spending time away from the swamp hiking in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


        1. They are synonymous in their evil, repressiveness. Nazi in English translates to Nationalist SOCIALISTS Party. The USSR Translates to Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic, AS we note the same common denominator=Socialism. And they are all designed to enslave and repress and destroy God and individualism or freedom or liberty.

        2. Remember, the Nazi of WWII Germany were the National Socialist Party (fascist socialist)

      1. The fascists and communists share much in common. Fascism is where the state forces private companies to carry out the state’s agenda. Under socialism, the state owns major parts of the economy, such as the power, healthcare, and transportation industries, Under communism, the states owns all property.

        Liberalism leads to fascism and finally communism. It’s goal is the control of all people as commodities or units of production.

        1. Correct. There is little difference between Fascists and Communists. The distinction has been hidden by decades of MSM disinformation.

          1. Don’t call it “disinformation” or “MISINFORMATION” call them “LIES” because THAT’S what the ARE.

        2. It gets too far into the weeds to argue that two totalitarian systems have any particular fundamental differences. Who cares whether a government actually owns the means of production, or it simply controls that means as if it owns it? Either people are free to live as they wish, receive the rewards of their labors, and express their point of view, or they are not. To distinguish fascism from communism, or even to state that they have “much in common”, I would point out with due respect, is only to buffer the fact that these systems enslave, impoverish, marginalize, and execute people, and they are both the antithesis of freedom, well being, and general human happiness. Just regard them as the same, as coercive political systems that rule mercilessly and murderously over people, because there is no important difference between them. The smaller details of exactly how they accomplish their evil purposes, and just how much difference in methodology is needed before a different name needs to be used, amount to extremely little.

          1. socialism, communism, fascism, marxism, totalitarianism, progressivism democRATism plus other “ism’s” are BASICALLY the same. Not enough differences between them to really matter. They ALL want total control over ALL of U. S. A. (and the whole rest of the world)!

        3. That is absolutely correct. The vast majority do not know the actual definition of fascism. When protesters call Conservatives (particularly Republicans) fascists, they are announcing their ignorance to the entire world, at least to the educated segment of the population.

        1. He is not a real Jew. His mother converted to Christianity and told him to damage Jews as much as possible. He hates the Jews and does everything tod mestroy Israel

      1. alfie is the product of the poor public education system that focuses more on teaching Marxism, socialism, and CRT than on teaching the difference between communism and Catholicism. Commie’s don’t believe in religion, unless it’s climate change or COVID. Anything with God is out of the question for commies.

        1. Yes he is from Argentina and was a fanatic Communist. I think that the Vatican should throw him out and find a better man for the office.

          1. Doesn’t matter – many of the Catholic Church teachings are false, whether or not they are tainted with poor political views. And YES, I was a practicing Catholic for decades until God opened my eyes to truth vs false teachings.

    1. yes i often wonder what America did to this crumbs family , then i realized he is Hungarian so during ww2 his people were nazis so we probably wiped out a portion of his family with bombing so this is his revenge , only speculation of course but what else could it be?

    2. I would care less if I read in the paper George Soros or his corrupt politician friends were silenced permanently by a good heart attack or stroke, cancer, airplane/helicopter crash, or got run over by an illegal alien drunk driver.

      1. I guess no one has told either of them that money, power, or prestige do NOT impress the True and Living God whom they will both one day, stand before for judgement.

      1. What Democrats? That party was bad enough. Now it’s the GLOBAL SOCIALIST COMMUNISTS ELITIST Party.. They R the REAL insurrectionists looking 2 destroy

          1. steady Alfi catholics aren’t commies the pope may be socialist leaning because he came from that backround but rank and file catholics are NOT commies

          2. I don’t see any “hate”. I think most rational people think the Catholic Church has a lot to answer for. It’s essentially a cult/scam that preys on stupidity and ignorance and has done immense damage globally. From encouraging the overpopulation crisis to keeping people locked into medieval dogma that isn’t fit for a modern society, to the massive rampant pedophilia, and the unbridled exploitation of the poor.

            I would say for shame, but they will just say “That’s what confession is for. I give it to god.” Right? Another self-serving farce of a ritual to avoid having to accept accountability or responsibility. Just go to confession and all is well. Get a pedophile to absolve you and its all better.

            So yah, there’s a lot wrong with the entire thing.

          3. alfas libby snow flake parents stole all his money from the catholic church from the altar boy raping demonrat priests molesting him .

  1. my oh my this man is a realy achieved student o ugly beaten by the ugly stick over and over soros student of hitler. he learned his lessos well and he along with soros does not belong in this ountry if they hate our laws our republic and democracy our costitution get the h… out of this country maybe a ship at sea with never a port would be good for this mans demeanor and mind set. take old soros with you please. we dont need another hitler regime……..remember he did commit suicide……..should we hope……….i would not want to carry the outcome of the event of six lives gone in a snap. you have to be down right nuts you idiot. PERIOD==

  2. And what is going to change? Do members of Congress not know this on both sides of the isles? I do know that alot of people do not understand the contempt and vitreal that the silent majority have for this. It will be a real eye opener. No threats as those posed by BLM and ANTIFA and the lieing Mockingbird Media just a reconning once this reaches a point that the very sheeple who can’t think for themselves wake up.


  4. So, this is News ?! His hand & Money had been in the mix for years. Nobody is going to do anything, so, Not News !!
    He just keeps popping in &Out of Whitehouse !!! Paying the RIOTERS, Radical lefts, His groupies ….Antifa…

  5. George Soros should have been offed a long time ago, he is the worst human slime around and its only because they have no idea what this piece of garbage is doing to this country that the pitchforks aren’t already being brandished! When will this guy be removed from society?

  6. LISTEN UP….GOD is Going to TAKE DOWN the EVIL DOERS. GOD Always WINS. HE has the LAST WORD. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  7. Why are the citizens of Wisconsin allowing this lawless DA to continue to impose unsafe Public Policy on it’s Citizens? Wake up folks and get rid of this Marxist commie thug.

  8. We are being attacked by ruthless communist political officials that pervert our laws and abuse their powers. They furthermore use their ” military powers” in the form of antifa and blm as they use them to attack citizens, burn, loot, riot, and kill as our domestic police forces are ordered to stand by silently. We sent millions of troops into a foreign country and lost 60 thousand Americans trying to stop the same thing a few decades ago. Why don’t we just label them ” domestic V.C. ” and apply the same tactics on them.

  9. Soros has bought at least a half dozen DAs across the country in an effort to undermine the law. He, through one or more of his front groups, sponsors the BLM and Antifa and has paid agitators to create the violence we have witnessed in many cities!!

  10. Interesting piece, but you need a new editor. Not catching errors in the main body of an article is bad enough. Having “murder” instead of “murderer” in the headline is remiss.

  11. vote the mutt out of office I mean 15 years ?Come on people of wisconsin ,don’t you recognize tyrany when it bites you?

  12. It is only a matter of time until all these thugs will be cut off by God and replaced with more righteous leaders. How soon? Only God knows but have read it in the Scriptures often this has and will happen again. Usually it is when it is impossible to those of us who are waiting but surely in His time it will be amazing.

    1. I totally agree God is in control but, we must do our part . We must stand together black , white , Asian, latino, native American, male female , to stop pushing crt ,woke garbage, homosexuality, transgender ,socialism, Marxis communism, in our schools, universities, military, government, corporations

  13. George Soros Is an EVIL POS. He should stick his head in the toilet and someone should flush. They should find an excuse to throw him out of our Country!

  14. Most of what Soros does is illegal or should be. We need to find an organization with the temerity to take him out. He above all has completely destroyed the oath he took to become a citizen. He needs to be sent back to Hungary.

  15. It’s time for conservatives to be more like Governors DeSantis and Abbott and start fighting back against these leftist criminals.

  16. It’s happening, it’s really slow, but AMERICANS are seeing the CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE CAUSED BY DICTATOR bi den!!!
    He, along with soros need third eyes!!!
    There’s always going to be racism, but it continues to lessen, I can say there’s a lot less white racist then people think, and as far as white supremacists, sorry to disappoint, but their numbers are really low!!! Instead of allowing DICTATOR bi den to spin the BS that’s coming between whites and non whites, lets try talking without the REGIME looking over our shoulder!!!

  17. Are we suppose to be shocked? We know there is a two tier justice system, we know the most evilest law enforcement agency in America is the department of injustices for the advancement of Global communism. The agency was loaded with carefully selected leftest by globalist comrade Obama. Look was Hillary Clinton inducted for pay to play, or her uranium one deal, was Comey or McCade indicted for joining Brennan and clapper in the failed Obama planned coup on Trump. Everyday, the democrats plan our republic’s total destruction on purpose, without fear of a scared, enslaved people. Our government executive branch is pure evil committing endless acts of treason by nullification of federal laws. As we watch powerlessly, the murder of our people ( 100,000 annually), done by on purpose negligence daily with democrats open borders aiding their invited millions of undocumented. Many aliens smuggled in deadly laced drugs. We are powerless, as we listen to the crazy lunatic Mayorkas, say illegals are treated unjustly, as Biden and he indirectly help kill thousands of our own people with open their borders. Honestly, this sneaky little man wants open borders, and worries about mistreatment of illegals while indirectly on purpose negligence causes death to our people. As long as the democrats can over run us with illegals, they do not care how many of our loved ones they kill by their open borders policy. They want absolute total power in the long run with economically dependent voters at our expense as their silenced slaves..

  18. Maybe WI voters will wake up to Chisholm’s gestapo tactics, now that he has the blood of 6 parade participants on his hands.

  19. Commies aint’ bulletproof and anyone ordering others to violate the civil rights of citizens as described in this article can be lined up and shot. 18 USC 242. Let’s Make it happen. Lets execute a few of these fascist scum and I assure the rest will immediately fall into line – because it ain’t worth dying over.

  20. After having betrayed so many nations, and having been responsible for so many deaths, how is this creature still breathing?

  21. Chisholm is one of over a half dozen DAs that George ‘the felon and former Nazi collaborator’ Soros has sponsored, paid for, because they are libtards. Soros is an anti-America, anti-law and order scum that should be eliminated from our country along with all of his vile, subversive organizations such as the Open Society Foundation and Media Matters!!

  22. when you have unlimited amounts of money you can buy the most expensive politicians and have them perform for you.Democrat politicians have no shame

  23. Fascist-influenced and Soviet Hungarians know an awful lot about the old KGB. It is indeed monstrous that some Hungarians still living might aspire to emulate them, much worse that one of these Hungarians rejected God’s ancestral Covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

  24. The US government should consider Soros as an enemy of the State and start severely punishing ANYONE or GROUP (foreign or domestic) that deals with him or his resources. He is engaged in the interference of the Nation and its governance and should be treated as an Adolph HItler type person and go after him big time. I think the Nation has enough resources and ties with most all Nations to inspire, challenge, or cause them problems if they continue to coopedrate with him in any way. I don’t think either China or Russia trusts him enough to take a hit for him .. and I bet no Nation would trust him. He id , IMO, a modern day Hitler with a God-self-appraisal and thus will eventually get shown by someone or some group that his is just a rich criminally insane (pardon my accuracy)arshole!

  25. So ANOTHER DEMOCRAP VIOLATES THE LAW………… and whats gonna happen. Nothing. Because the people who live in that miserable state are too chicken-hearted to hold him and his cronies accountable. Move along, nothing to see here. Sad and disgusting to see such a spineless bunch of sheep letting themselves being run over like bugs in the road.

  26. IMO, the CIA should have been tracking Soros and his shenanigans for many years back. I’m not sure of his country of citizenship, but the US should go after him for his meddling in US Affairs not strictly related to his business with the USA and/or its allies (China, for one). Humanity would be best served if he were not interacting with it in any way or form.

  27. As I recall, this sleazy creep pumped the fact that Scott Walker did not earn a college diploma to make him seem unqualified. At the time, I considered the fact that the vast majority of corrupt political bosses did earn college diplomas. I wondered about the value of my own undergraduate and graduate degrees. My conclusion was such credentials are highly overrated and often unused. I kept my opinion of Walker as one of the best governors in the U.S.

  28. Hang this POS !!!! America needs to hang these kinds of people and show it to everyone on National television. There’s no justice anymore here is the US when it comes to traitors of the Constitution. Hang em High for all to see. Kill communism now before its to late.

  29. It sounds like the people of Milwaukee’s District Attorney John Chisholm need to march to his office, physically remove him from his office, and perp march him to the priosn where Brooks, the parade killer is being kept. Since Chisholm thinks this guy is so harmless, he can spend the next 20 years in prison with him as an accomplice to the parade deaths.

  30. I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that Mr. Chisholm (or Soros or any Soros-backed political candidate) had a good heart attack or stroke, cancer, plane crash, or got run over by a drunk/drugged illegal alien driver.

  31. killed all those grown older adults ,and a 8 yr old little boy just starting his life snuff out ,by a Soros piece of garbage .

  32. When the idiots of the world are allowed to vote this is the crap you will see from them constantly. If people don’t start using the heads when they vote this country is DOOMED!

  33. soros student of hitler so ugly you can barely look at him….has done so much harm putting him on a boat in the ocean without a port would be a way to get rid of him and his evil ways but we should make the men who make deicsion of freedom resulting in murders should be accountable for thei decision put them in jail that is the way to deal with these idiots of communisum. these people want the drama and outcomes that are seen. lets deal with them the way they deal with their positions. jail time for them. also monetary payments to the injured would help

  34. If we continue to allow Soros and his ilk to influence our elections, we don’t stand a chance. And when the USA goes down, it will not be long after, the whole world. Very sad to watch, all the the good that has come about in my 80 years, and see all go down the drain…Edd

  35. These officials who free criminals who end up murdering or injuring people while out on bond should be liable for the crimes of the people they release.

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