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Despite assurances by the media a poll showing Democrats trailing in the generic national vote for 2022 congressional races was just “an outlier,” more polls keep coming in showing Americans revolting against a failed liberal agenda.

Emerson College set off shockwaves earlier this month when a poll released Nov. 3 showed Democrats trailing Republicans by a stunning seven points in nationwide preference for U.S. House races.

The poll was dismissed as an “outlier” by many in the media, and regarded as a statistical anomaly – but later that night Democrats were sent to a stunning defeat in the Virginia governor’s race and nearly lost a governor’s race in New Jersey they were expected to win by double digits.

Additional polls have since come in, and Republicans either lead or are tied in eight of the last 13 “generic ballot” tests, data compiled by Real Clear Politics finds.

In all, Republicans currently lead by an average of 4.2 percent – enough to potentially create a GOP landslide in 2022 and hand them control of Congress.

The culprit is overall dissatisfaction with the economy and President Joe Biden’s job performance.

“The sagging popularity of President Joe Biden has political consequences, as more than half of voters say they would vote against Biden-endorsed candidates in their state,” Rasmussen Reports finds, with their Nov. 13 generic ballot test showing Republicans up 13 percent.

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  1. Don’t kid yourself.

    Until/unless the Republicans can figure out how the democrat cheat machine fills and finds all those late mail-in ballots AND GETS THEM COUNTED as legitimate, there will be no R take over of the House/Senate.
    I say END ALL mail in balloting. Most European countries that have tried it stopped after it was becoming clear that cheating was going on.

    1. I’ve been saying this for yrs. People can’t be so stupid to vote in demonazirats that keep increasing taxes, giving illegal immigrants free everything that the U.S. citizens are not even allowed to get, and enacting “laws” that no one wants. The demonazirats have had, in my opinion their fraudulent/illegal/criminal cheating mechanism in place for 30+yrs.(especially n Kalifornistan, New Yorkistan, Minneaposomalia, Illinoisistan, Oregoneistan, and Washistongistan.

    2. Absolutely right, William. Until we find a way to outlaw all the boxes of “suddenly found” ballots, the democrabs will win every election. They are committed to win no matter what they have to do.

  2. If 2022 is not a complete WIPEOUT of the Democrat scum, the country is getting closer to the ledge from which it will not ever recover. It may already be too late, with probably 30 million illegals here now popping out kids like crazy (all on the taxpayer dime of course).

  3. Still got to watch out for the cheating again you see what we got because of the cheating if the real president was in office all this shit wouldn’t he happing DOYOUMISSHIMNOW?

    1. Yes, and I fear it could become an irreversible 3rd world communist s***hole before 2022 arrives, at the rate we are currently devolving. A pox upon all those who voted in Barry and his ‘radical transformation.’

  4. The democrats are dispirit to keep their hold on power. There should be no mail in ballots,
    but as I write this I’m sure they will find 6 ways from Sunday to somehow shake down the system. Republicans, not RINOS need many poll watchers on voting day.

  5. I’m not yet frightened by the results which the author had published. Although the result in New Jersey had been stunning, the outcome in Virginia had been less so.

    Outlier or otherwise, a 7% gap in a poll of the parties featuring no named candidates doesn’t scare me eleven months prior to the election especially since the author had neglected to have mentioned that the 4.2 % gap could have easily fallen within the margin of error.

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