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Dozens of stores in San Francisco were left ransacked and emptied of goods after organized and violent mobs of hundreds of people looted them while police stood by helplessly.

As Fox News reports:

“At least two dozen businesses were impacted,” Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong told CBS SF. “Roving caravans of vehicles, targeting cannabis operations, retail shops, pharmacies, throughout the city of Oakland.”

The mobs of thieves hit a handful of pharmacies and marijuana dispensaries in Oakland, including the Wellspring pharmacy that released surveillance video of the scene to the media. Police added that the mobs in Oakland fired 175 shots during the incidents, forcing officers to pull back to safe locations, The Mercury News reported.

The area kicked off the weekend of crime with a swarm of people descending on a Louis Vuitton in San Francisco, clearing out the store of its high-end merchandise. That same night, “hundreds” of vehicles targeted marijuana dispensaries in Oakland, Armstrong told The Mercury News.
On Saturday, about 80 people wearing ski masks and armed with crowbars stormed a Nordstrom location in nearby Walnut Creek. They then rushed from the store to their vehicles with stolen merchandise. Three people have so far been arrested in connection to that incident.

Many experts pointed to California’s new lax laws, which have now lowered Shoplifting $950 or less from felonies to misdemeanors, as one of the main culprits for the new wave of chaos.


    1. They should have raided her house and gotten all her high-priced ice cream. And of course, the spoons necessary to eat it with. And some bowls so it would be easier to share.

  1. Shot on Sight. The answer to ending animalistic behavior like this.
    No loss to society as these people are worthless and should not be
    allowed to procreate and create offspring that will be taught to act
    the same way. Treat them like the animals they are and put them down.

    1. I just wrote the exact same thing, lol/ and I believe you articulated it a bit better than I..
      This is no black or white thing, but when the slaughter happens, if the major consensus shows to be black, then so be it!
      The new uprising has to be to “rid the cities of lawlessness”, and thug criminal behavior. Either shape up or GTFO!! ZERO TOLERATION!

  2. demoscum run areas of CA are now 3rd world he–holes, other democrat cities not far behind.
    Keep voting democrats into power and see what you will get.

  3. Called urban renewal-robbed all the high-end stores and let them just close town and you build projects and you have another Chicago

  4. I dont understand why those criminal MFERS aren’t shot on site. After that the crime rate will be lowest in history. Wiping them out would be great thing for country. Watch them steal stuff and see they are savages who would commit other crimes too.

    1. Because if one shoots a burglar, YOU are prosecuted for illegal use of a weapon, NOT the burglar for “burgling”. California prosecutes you for defending yourself. It’s worse than a “duty to retreat” state. Look up the laws of ownership and use of a weapon, in various states, and CA is the worst. Newsom (Pelosi’s nephew) is no better.

  5. Martial law shoot the SCUM on site. Save the courts and the rest of CA from the procreation of gutter spawn they continue to push out!

    1. Forget the Brandon thing, that doesnt bother Slo Joe or the Dems, they need to hear his name in there, go back to the thing that bothers them, F..k Joe Biden.

    1. I suspect that these are mostly felons (not necessarily of any specific race) who have been in and out of our lenient judicial system many times. Misdemeanors? That’s a cake walk for these hardened criminals, many of whom were given early release by Newsom using the China virus as an excuse. Fasten your seat belt folks. The ride is going to get even rougher.

  6. Left that pisshole 25 yrs ago it used to be a nice place to live and used to be a red state then but the ideology is way off the charts in other words CALIFORNA SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Californication deserves what it gets. They keep voting for communist district attorneys and their corrupt governor and piglosi and watters. Hollywood libs should pay for the damage they love leftist demorats.


  9. Predictable chaos. Lax laws. No penalties. 175 shots fired by perps. 0 by police. 3 arrests. I do not live there, but if I did I would be there with a gun and shooting any looter on sight. It would end in one day. Oh, but isn’t that the job of the police, or the militia or Pelosi or Biden or Kamala, does not one see the problem. Lock them up on federal charges. Take over the police and policing there.

    1. No,no,no! Remember Rittenhouse? If you were lucky, you would be arrested by the idle men in blue. More than likely, you would suffer at the hands of the radical, left’s, domestic terrorists.

  10. Welcome to the left’s transformation of America. You idiots who voted for it know who you are and now know what you represent!


  12. Shots (175 of them) were fired and the police puled back to a safe spot. Here is the problem, if someone shoots at mme I am shooting back and being a police officer you should have been training for these kinds of situations so why did you not shoot back. I have a problem with that. Those vans would have had so many holes in them that you could have easily found them and anyone whooting would have had some serious health issues… just sayin

    1. Most of the police who would have shot back have resigned or retired following the defunding movement in liberal cities. What you have left are civil servants feeding at the taxpayers feed trough and waiting for appointment to higher levels of incompetence by new world order politicians.

    1. Don’t hear them pushing back against all these loose cannons. Maybe they are finding good prices on expensive merchandise sold out of the back of cars and trucks. Dark alley, black Friday is coming up shortly.

  13. A bunch of candy -assed cops. Just what any city needs on their payrolls. Hear shots and retreat. This is what the corrupt dems have done for our country. But, it is also cowardly cops that don’t have the honor to stand up to these people or get out, rather than just taking the citys and the citizens money and doing absolutely nothing to protect them.

  14. Sounds like the communist left is getting what they asked for. The shame is that when evil people get what they want & their way, they don’t much care for it when they get what they asked for. No Police, No Godly Leadership, Rampant Corruption, Chaos & Crime at a level never seen before. Murder & Mayhem, Fires & Destruction, Stealing in Mob Fashion with no Protection. The sad part is that the Good People who are Christians and Didn’t vote for the ones who stole their way into their positions of Political & Public Authority are trapped there in the midst of this/such evil. I Pray this will be the wakeup call that is needed to get especially the Rhino’s to wake up. At least to the level of those hero’s such as Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, Tulsi Gabbard and many others who soundly put them & Mitch McConnel & Liz Cheney to Shame. It is time that we Stand Up for America & take it back from the Evil of those in the left who’s guilt is so profoundly obvious & evil. To Stop berating those of us and all who have seen the extent of the Fraudulent Voting that doesn’t seem to even matter to the ones at the top, that they simply write off as they put their heads ever deeper in the sand. God please forgive us for our Spiritual Blindness, Cowardice and unwillingness to force evil people to tow the line and demand the Truth instead of our slothfulness & lack of Moral & Ethical Backbone. Please expose “ALL” of the present & previous darkness & force so many of these evil ones to go directly to jail so that this evil will not soon be repeated nor accepted ever again. In Jesus name I Pray, Amen & Amen!

  15. This is what you get when you put criminals in your government. California is run by the communist and a very rich and powerful!

  16. All shop owners there should hire armed guards that will shoot to kill upon any mass break in anytime of day 24/7! Police can’t handle this and it’s only two steps away from the mobs massacring all clerks and owners to keep them from testifying. Signs should be posted outside warning all looters they will be dealt with with lethal force!

  17. biden and the rest of the dems are supporting lawlessness in America.Get rid of them, they are destroying the country

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