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The famous ice-cream titan ‘Ben and Jerry’  has now lashed out at what it alleges is racism in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Critics ripped the brand online for weighing in on the trial and spreading a repeatedly debunked narrative, that Rittenhouse carried his rifle across state lines, in the process…

Rittenhouse is currently facing six charges, five felonies and one misdemeanor, for killing two men and wounding a third during violent riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year. While he lives in Antioch, Illinois, Rittenhouse has testified, and officials have stated, that the teen had kept his rifle stored in Wisconsin and had never brought it home to Antioch.

The narrative pushed by Ben & Jerry’s has been debunked at least since October of last year when the state’s attorney office for Lake County, Illinois, released a statement stating that investigators cleared Rittenhouse of the allegation.

“An extensive investigation was conducted by the Antioch Police Department regarding the gun used in a shooting in Kenosha on Aug. 28. The Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office has reviewed that investigation to determine if any crimes were committed in Lake County, Illinois,” the office said in a press release. “To that end, the investigation revealed the gun used in the Kenosha shooting was purchased, stored and used in Wisconsin. Additionally, there is no evidence the gun was ever physically possessed by Kyle Rittenhouse in Illinois.”

A verdict in the Rittenhouse case is expected soon, as closing arguments begin to wrap up in the next few days


    1. Why doesn’t Ben & Jerry turn all their profits over to BLM and put their money where their mouth is. THEY are the racists. I’ll never buy their product again…ever!!!!!

    1. More from the land of Bernie Sanders. This is all about dividing the country so that nobody is paying attention while they implement full socialism.

  1. what do people like these ben n jerry spokesmen even make such stupid comments.
    Kyle shot 3 white dudes that tried to assault, possibly kill him. Classic case of self defense, had nothing to do with race. Give it up and stop trying to make everything about race. Race had NOTHING to do with this! Let it go, America is tired of listening to this over-played record!!!!

    1. No they know the truth ..they just don’t care about the truth ..make them paupers don’t buy their shitty overpriced products

  2. Ben and Jerry first make the worst ice cream ever. I love cream and have never liked anything hose drugiie hippies made. Maybe thatnis why. A druggie will get the munchies and eat anything in sight, jhence that shit they call ice cream. Now the druggies are casting doubt on the legal system and they use the only reponse they can – racist. That is because these idiots can’t think of anything else because that is the go to argument. If you told one of these idiots the sky is blue and white and they look up and said it was green and black and you showed them colors of blue and white, you know to help these dumb asses out, they would call you racist because that is the only reply they know. If I ever met these idiots i would have so much fun showing what idiots they are. They really wish they were back in the hippie days and never grew out of them. If they weren’t so disgusting I would feel sorry for them

  3. Tsk tsk…B&J should have kept their mouth’s shut and sold over priced ice cream. How to kill your own business, by Ben&Jerry.

  4. I don’t eat your expensive ice cream and have no intention of ever eating that crap . Just because you make ice cream doesn’t make you smarter then the jury who heard the evidence and found him not guilty.

  5. The woke left has thrown that term around so often that it no longer has a real meaning. Ben and Jerry? They’re not racist, they’re queer.

  6. I will not buy their product. I can go to a local store and buy one of many brands of ice cream and it suits my taste. Ben and Jerry is nothing special.
    As business owners they should keep their opinions about matters they don’t know about to themselves. Maybe if they were in front of a jury they might have a different viewpoint.
    They are idiots.

  7. I’m another who has not purchased B&J for years.
    I love Ice cream, and will oft times choose a higher priced or even the cheapest as apposed to B&J.
    Barry Age 76.
    Vietnam 3x (Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club)

  8. I think Ben and Jerry are racist. The cost of their product certainly limits it to a privileged socioeconomic class.

  9. the stupid idiot leftist morons have nothing else so that’s why they keep playing the race card. it keeps the idiot moronic followers rialed up

  10. Ben and Jerry Gay producers of overpriced racist ice cream, at least that is their deliberate intention. Lots of Luck dummies.

  11. Hard to support a boycott since I have never bought any of their ice cream and never will. There are plenty of nut cases that will though, and they don’t participate in boycotts against their favorite commie-pinko ice cream…

  12. LISTEN UP….GOD is on the Side of KYLE RITTENHOUSE. I STAND By GOD. GOD Says…..ANYONE Who CANNOT Turn the Other CHEEK Must DEFEND Theirself. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  13. Do they not understand that the 3 men were white and they were trying to kill Rittenhouse. There was a trial and evidence so take your crap and let it melt Twit and Jerk ice cream.

  14. If you are BLACK and not a LEFT, you are racist. If you are WHITE and not a left, you are racist. If a WHITE POLICE shoots a BLACK, OH BOY, it’s time for LOOTING. IF a WHITE POLICE shoots a WHITE man, It’s time for STEALING. If a White Boy who is about to be killed by two other WHITE boys, He is Racist. How can we get out of this RACIST business, everyone has to be BLACK and LEFT, if you are not LEFT, you are nobody. Even the left WHITE is BLACK, now what do we do. Everyone cannot be BLACK and everyone cannot be LEFT, so what do we do? I wonder how those WHITE MEN who are married to BLACK WOMEN feels, or how those WHITE WOMEN who are married to a BLACK MEN feels? Would someone let me know the ANSWER, PLEASE? Now, is BEN & JERRY belong to Nancy Pelosi? Or is she part OWNER of BEN & JERRY? I wouldn’t be surprise.

  15. Thanx Ben and Jerry. You’ve now enlarged the boycott of your ice cream. Keep it up. You will soon be out of business. When will you realize that people with no brains should not comment on serious matters?

  16. Ben and Jerry’s has been a racist outfit for many years now, if not since their founding. Only someone who is pathologically unable to see past the color of one’s skin, one who sees the world entirely in terms of race, one who believes race related motivations underlie all behavior ( ie, the very definition of a racist) could possibly see the Rittenhouse incident as having any relation to race. If a Black teenager did what Rittenhouse did, ie, if he came to town to clean up, then stayed to protect property, help the injured, and then shot 3 people who attacked him in self-defense, he’d have never even been charged or tried. If I were a racist, I’d say the primary reason Rittenhouse was falsely charged and tried, was because he was White.

  17. OK ice cream that’s way overpriced. I don’t have to boycott it. I haven’t bought any for over 10 years. This is probably a play to get more customers from the sheep on the left since they but what they’re told to instead of making informed decisions.

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