By Anthony Crider - March and Peaceful Protest in Elon (2020 Oct), CC BY 2.0,

A leader for Black Lives Matter in New York City is now directly threatening the city with ‘riots’ and ‘bloodshed’ if the newly elected mayor decided to bring back special crime fighting units.

As Fox 5 New York reports:

A Black Lives Matter leader is vowing there will be “riots” and “bloodshed” if Mayor-elect Eric Adams reinstates the NYPD‘s controversial anti-crime unit.

Hawk Newsome,  the co-founder of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, made the threats following a heated meeting with Adams at Brooklyn borough hall.

“There’s no way we’re going to let some Gestapos come in here and harm our people,” said Newsome after the meeting. “We pray for peace, but Black opportunities prepare for the worst.”

On the campaign trail, the former NYPD captain promised to bring back the anti-crime unit. The task force was disbanded at the height of the Black Lives Matter protests last year.
The radical group’s popularity has plummeted since the height of it’s popularity in the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.


  1. If you’re not a criminal you should have nothing to fear from an anti-crime task force, period! So, what does this say about the mentality of BLM leaders (and followers who mostly just love to burn, loot, and destroy other people’s property).

    1. The BLM bowel movement has diminished, and has been exposed, and no more celebs or virtual flag waving white idiots will give them money any more for their thug lazy leaders to spend the money on their own selfish wants… So it’s time for the do nothing leaders of the Burn Loot Murder crowd to actually get JOBS.. Bring your best menacing do nothing blacks to the riots and let them wait out there penalties in jail. I only hope the CITIZENS of NY come out by the hundreds and help the police shut this garbage down! Time to take back our cities and call a thug a thug, no free passes because of their color!! As they love to quote MLK when it only helps them, let us judge them by the content of their character, and in this case, THEIR ACTIONS!!! LOCKEM UP!

      1. I doubt MLK would have approved the way these thugs burned ,looted ,and murdered others , for equal justice . MLK is probably rolling in his grave . These clowns who did what they did don’t deserve a damn thing . Act like someone with common sense which none probably have a inkling of . Get a damn job and be somebody .

          1. Demo and CATHOLIC are the same. NO Catholic is an American. they may be citizens, never Americans. The Vatican is a Nation, with its own flag, ‘head’ and ‘constitution’. These are all at opposition to being an AMERICAN. F J Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, Murkowski, Christie, Deblastio, Cuomo are all examples of the thousand years of 100% FAILURE the CATHOLIC bring to wherever they are. Vote accordingly.

        1. NYC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Richmond, New Orleans, Chapel Hill and Durham, Lakeland, and hundreds more cities are nothing but unsafe history destroying jungles, run by the jungle. And the jungle doesn’t care about crime, survival of the fittest.

      2. Agree 100 percent. I liked what law enforcement did in the 1960’s and it needs to happen again now, the hell with the liberal courts. When mobs were in the street, law enforcement watched, but when rocks were thrown, storefronts smashed, etc., law enforcement, police dogs, etc. herded all of the troublemakers on to prison buses for their free ride to jail. This cleared the streets and minimized damage. And judges back then would give those troublemakers 30 days in jail (to cool their jets) and a fine for disturbing the peace, unlawful assembly, etc. The judges didn’t care about prison conditions either.

    2. People say this aboiut the FBI too but there is nothing futher from the truth. Now do these police target blacks? I think not but the FBI, a totally usless bunc of cowards, shuld not be targeting parents either. Just sayin

      1. Corrupt FBI…Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, CATHOLIC tra1tor retired, Replaced by Bowdich.
        Comey, CATHOLIC tra1tor in FBI, Strzok, CATHOLIC tra1tor in FBI.
        Robert Mueller, CATHOLIC tra1tor in FBI. A lacrosse teammate and classmate at St. Paul’s School was future Massachusetts Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry.[13], CATHOLIC traitor.
        [David] Bowdich, CATHOLIC tra1tor also has ties to Mueller. He was picked by Mueller in 2011 to handle the transition to a new FBI director after Mueller’s 10-year term expired. But that role become irrelevant after Mueller, [Christopher] Wray August 2017, was confirmed as FBI Director,, [Christopher] Wray began his legal career as a clerk for Judge J. Michael Luttig [CATHOLIC traitor] of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. 
        Ex-FBI agent John Guandolo. Guandolo [CATHOLIC traitor] resigned from his position with the Bureau in December 2008 after he was caught engaging in a sexual relationship with a key confidential source in the midst of a corruption investigation of a Louisiana politician. 
        There is not one AMERICAN on the SCOTUS. Almost all are CATHOLIC traitors. The rot is within. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for a traitor.

    3. We do need the 1960’s approach, “shoot to kill” resurrected. Liberal Dems like special rules for special people.
      Full circle since the 1960’s civil rights protests. Civil rights legislation and thereafter made villans out of white men. That’s still the same, but were back for more because it seems there never is enough preferential treatment in a liberals mind. So lets take down the country. With a delusional whack sellout in charge it is entirely possible. Is there enough time to correct things?

  2. Now WHY would anyone threaten riots if an ANTI-CRIME task force was reinstated, unless they PLANNED on committing crimes?

    1. I kinda agree with this as I think good old Hawk has his place in all of this crime and doesn’t want to give it up. I think an investigation should be initiated and look at Hawk and see if he is a criminla if he is then arrst him amd all involved in criminla activity. If not then he can protest anything he wants but… now this is a big but…. he has already broken the law by making threats about perpetrating violence on a city, hence people.

      1. shoot him first and investigate later, in fact if the trash shows up in the streets and begins to riot – shoot them all just as they begin. Real Americans need protection from negro and honky morons from the burn loot & murder gang banger aholes .. oh and those snot nosed punks in antifa as well ..

  3. So, we are being ruled by BLM now. We are a country of law and order. If you don’t like that relocate to another country of your choice. Everyone wants a get out of jail free card. Don’t break the law and you have nothing to worry about. Raise your children to respect law and order and value human life.

    1. His Fraudulency doesn’t believe in law and order can we relocate his dementia ridden arse to another country?

    2. If White supremacist’s are our biggest problem “according to ALL OF THE MEDIA” what do we call this?? A open and DIRECT threat to create chaos if they don’t get their way, sounds a bit more like a terrorist group demands!

      1. The only way to get rid of these “brown shirts” (old German thugs of Hitler) is to vote them out. The Catholics are the “brown shirts” and mean to destroy the USA. A third of congress and senate are VATICAN oppressors dogma victims And all they can do is mouth the VATICAN oppressors desire to destroy the USA just like they have destroyed every nation they kiss. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for a traitor, and the borders will never be sealed from the ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS.

  4. They missing the point steal here die here rioting here going to jail here. DIDN’T BELIEVE A DEMOCRAT CALLING THER BLUFF INSTEAD OF TAKING THE COWARDS WAY OUT AND BENDING TO THESES THUGS WHO SHOULD BE BEHIND BARS ANYWAY. Time to unhand-cuff the police and fight firer with firer this BLM MOVEMENT IS NOTHING MORE THAN RACIST INTIMIDATION and EVERY-TIME you give-in to this crazy criminals your going to more problems Just take a good look at bumbling Joe Biden and his band of incompetents

  5. Time to take off the gloves when dealing with mob rule. BLM feel invincible because those in power let them destroy cities without fear. Basically BLM threatened not only police dept. But every law abiding citizen. Show them who is in charge and knock their asses out if they riot.

  6. Isn’t inciting a riot a crime in and of itself? Time for the new mayor to deal with Hawk Newsome and the BLM.

  7. Terrorists: Someone who threatens violence or harm for a political purpose.
    Does this definition fit?? If so why is he not in jail for “terroristic threat”??

  8. Well in my opinion BLM should be classified as a TERRORIST organization and ENEMY of STATE and be treated as such. Any BLM member arrested should be sent to GITMO pending a MILITARY TRIBUNAL.!

  9. Eric Adams will kowtow to BLM and other Marxists and Communist thugs. After all he is a New York City Democrat! He owes a lot of favors. New York City has screwed themselves once again!

  10. LISTEN UP…..BLM and ANTIFA along with the DEMOCRATS….the CHINESE GOVT….the TERRORISTS Can JUMP into a LAKE with CROCODILES. GOD is Going to TAKE YOU DOWN. ALL will SEE the POWER of GOD in ALL its GLORY. GOD is the RULER of MEN. HE has the LAST WORD. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  11. I’d go in and arrest all of them andd charge them with threating people. No ,mercy they fight you fight and see who comes out on top.I bet law and order will win. No here is the kicker… if blacks are target unfairly then that needs to stop but I don’t believe that is the case. I also investigate this Hawk Newsomw and if there are true illegal activities the prosecute. Not like the FBI investigating parents because they protest the teaching of CRT, Masking , forced vaccinations. These are not illegal activities but the Gestapo Police good old Hawk ios talking about. In fact this coward says noting of these violations.. I wonder why? 🙂

  12. If I lived there I would move out now.Let the illegal alian.s have that state.Put a fence around the whole state like the old move”ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK”

  13. I hope they do re-establish the unit. It was effective in reducing a lot of violent crime. If blood is spilled, let’s hope it’s BLM blood. It’s high time for them to learn a lesson.

  14. Round up all these thugs and do the right thing for humanity. P.S. Guess where all the BLM money ends up? With the Biden/Harris Administration a criminal enterprise

  15. I guess there will be a battle against BLM and common citizens in NY. Nation going to side with the citizens not the BLM

  16. I hope the gutters run red with blood, as long as the blood is from BLM terrorist. Don’t even let one of them survive.

  17. These, BLM, are just a bunch of half witted racist punks who want nothing more than a reason to burn and loot. Talk to the average black person on the street and they happily encourage more police protect especially from thugs like BLM.

  18. They should tell them bring it on! For arson and looting we will push for the maximum punishment and if bystanders are hurt, ect then attempted murder charges will be pressed.

  19. When people have had enough, they have had enough! Done with people like you and this joke of a terrorist group BLM! You want WAR? You got WAR. Time to dance, punks, time to dance.

  20. Let them go at it. PLEASE people who care about life get out of the way and let the boys go at it.. they will cull the herd.

  21. Absolutely, the injustice is amazing. We had a Bolshevik Coup by the Arrogant Deep State and they prove it EVERY TIME THEY HAD a BIG Party. Most of the time it is on your dime, or 100’s & Thousands of Taxpayer funds! They exempt themselves from insider trading. Arm the Taliban for Money, open the borders to aid in election fraud as they buy votes. Use the DOJ to attack parents that resist brainwashing & poisoning their children. If you think OUR USA Constitutional government has not been takeover by the CCP/DNC/RINO confederation you are an idiot!

  22. In the past the military has been used to control riots, along with the looting and arson. I remember if Vietnam protests became destructive the military was used. Also during the LA riots, the National Guard was called in to control one of the biggest riots in U.S. history. Rodney King was beaten too much but the military use was not characterized as the Gestapo. I got so sick of the current riots and the media lies I wanted the military to come into play and use force on the Marxist Anti-fa and the BLM dumb butts. Watching CNN to learn facts is like watching Green Acres to learn farming skills.

  23. these scum bag negro rioting punk azzed morons along with their stupid millennial honky wannabes need to be hosed the minute that they trash ANYTHING including the streets THAT WE HAVE PAID FOR. The riots last year ALL TOOK PLACE in democrat KKK run cesspools, like DC. We pay a huge price for police enforcement of our laws – it is obvious that many Americans are NOT GETTING their monies worth when it comes to city, state, and now federal government with this 48 year criminal ahole, joblo and that load of scum bags that he has put into positions of importance.. perverts made into Admirals is one of the latest unfunny jokes along with other perverts as Transportation Secretary that immediately went on maternity leave – what a load of ignorance – The world is laughing at the USA even as they are suffering under their own tyrannical rulers or incompetent hosers ..

  24. If there are any decent people left in NYC why they would not move to Florida ? Fantastic people there and the weather is great !

  25. Go for it-riot and burn NYC -I doubt if the country will care-it may perhaps even be a blessing if the city is torn down-no one really cares

  26. Very simple solution? Arrest this terrorist/insurgents? Why put the lives of others in danger for a rogue who is out of line? Remember when President Trump said anyone destroying Statues will face 20 years in jail? Same goes for inciting riots

  27. So basically, “if you don’t do what we want, we’ll burn your city down” Sounds like a terrorist organization to me.

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