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Republican members in the House of Representatives moved on Thursday to block President Joe Biden’s plan to pay out $450,000 each to illegal migrants separated by the Trump administration.

As Fox News reports:

EXCLUSIVERepublicans in the House on Thursday will introduce a bill to block a reported plan by the Biden administration to pay millions of dollars to illegal immigrants separated under the Trump administration – as President Biden has sought to dismiss the reports.

Rep. Tom McClintock, the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship, will introduce the Illegal Immigration Payoff Prohibition Act, which amends 18 USC 2414 – which gives the attorney general the authority to enter settlement agreements.

The bill would block the attorney general from making any settlement payments to illegal immigrants that directly arise from their violation of immigration laws, including laws that criminalize illegal border crossings and that make a migrant inadmissible for attempting to enter a country illegally at a port of entry.

The bill is co-sponsored by House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan and 135 other members, and it represents a coordinated effort by House Republicans to block a reported plan by the Biden administration to pay $450,000 per migrant who was separated under the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy.

It is estimated that the payouts could amount to 1 billion dollars overall in compensation if the Biden administration’s plan is carried out.


    1. They have no legal right and they should be indicted for invading our country. Biden starts ding this. They should all be sent to where that name from. They are not citizens and have NO RIGHTS.

    2. There is a frightening method to their madness: with our hard-earned tax money they would bribe hundreds if not thousands of illegal immigrants to become lifelong Democrats to be implanted in every state of the Union. “America Last” is the plan.

    1. EXACTLY, Americans forced a jab, but not illegal immigrants, there’s proof again. Heck everything he does is against the American people.

  1. Biden has lost his mind if he thinks that it is appropriate to compensate people for breaking our laws, OR if he thinks that the Americcan people will stand by and let that happen.

  2. The mere thought to compensate illegals, who are basically criminals, is a criminal act against all Americans and should be addressed in that manner.

    1. it would be nice if they could get him on the acella Train so he could get out faster ( over a hundred mph ) Or even the harris train

  3. Does sleepy Joe Biden have the Testicular Fortitude to really mean “it’s not going to happen,” as to the socialist Democrat’s compensating illegal aliens??

    Joe will be given an ice cream cone by his handlers and forget the whole thing!

  4. This needed to be done–get a bill to block this idiotic idea to pay illegals–biden wanted their vote–Period–forever and ever.

  5. China Joe Taliban Biden’s ‘America last and specifically US citizens last’ policies embraced by the anti-American DNC.

  6. Leave it to Biden and his Communist gang of corrupt politicians to do everything they can contrive not only to stick a knife in the back of the American taxpayer, but to keep twisting it at every opportunity. Biden IS everything that is bad for all that is good about this wonderful country. It is not only time for him and his supporters to go, but for the decent, God-fearing, freedom-loving, tax paying citizens of this country to clean house of all the rats and vermin this administration has turned loose on the people of this country. Never forget those young men and women who fought as well as those who died to protect the freedoms this sorry excuse for a president is trying to eliminate for power. Everything he and his henchmen are trying to do is dangerous to our freedoms and our lives. It’s time for all freedom-loving Americans to fight and take back our country for the sake of our children.

    1. Give them ALL of hunters paintings,…. and give them hunter as well,…. maybe you could fill in the gaps with joe and the Ho’

  7. and Biden had no knowledge of this scheme, his people are running the government like wild leftists with no accountability when it all goes wrong for them, that’s why we should be fearful about what is going on in this country.

  8. There are millions of American citizens living in the streets that could use that money. There are a lot of American families struggling right now. What’s wrong with Brandon? Let’s go Brandon. Why aren’t you helping americans?

  9. This has done everything from making the Democrat party at large appear to have not one single collective functioning brain cell among them but, for us to once again ask the question…….who is the “real” functioning decision making President of the USA? It does not appear to be Joe Biden and to add insult to injury Biden denies this but the ACLU says it is true and that Biden may not have been informed/briefed on the situation! This is not a vast right wing GOP conspiracy and there is no way to blame it on Republicans!!!
    If the Republican legislature is squashed and the Democrats really go on and do it I wonder how many million votes this one single thing will cost the Dems!

  10. This is just another way for the democrats to destroy America.
    Democrats are doing all they can to destroy America as a nation. Biden is becoming a dictator.

  11. How about enforcing the criminal codes for those who aid and abett crimes? The Democrats are aiding and abetting the invasion of our country by illegal aliens so prosecute them NOW!

  12. this is outrageous and a slap to every American citizen, not to mention the LEGAL ALIENS who waited for years to become citizens…NO F’ING WAY SHOULD THEY BE REWARDED!!!

  13. Absolutely this 450k has got to be illegal that’s more money than the average American makes in their life times stop this

  14. So, where is that money coming from? A slush fund for old Joe? Not in a budget that is certain. I hate government spending and as a retired CPA, that is saying a lot. Time to end this slush fund out of thin air! Vote dimwit nitwits and rinos out of office at the city, county, state and federal levels. And then encourage downsizing and closing as many federal bureaus as possible. Right now congress is trying to open a bunch more. End this fiasco of financial mismanagement. Vote em out and kick the illegals out of this country. Come here legally or do not come at all!!!!

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