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According to a new report, crime in New York City is continuing to surge more than a year after the George Floyd riots of 2020.

As Fox 5 reports:

The overall crime rate in New York City was up 11.2% in October compared to a year ago.

The number of robberies jumped 15.8% (1,450 v. 1,252) and felonious assaults increased by 13.8% (2,123 v. 1,865) year-over-year.

Grand Larceny and auto thefts were also up sharply in October compared to the same period last year.  Auto thefts are up almost 15% for the year versus 2020.

Gun arrests have jumped 13.9% this year compared to this point in 2020.  There were 382 gun arrests in the city in October.

The cities mayor elect, Eric Adams ran on a platform of restoring order to the city.


  1. We were in Manhattan 4 days end of April, 5 days end of May 2021.
    The graffiti, the garbage, the beggars, the number of absolute crazy ……., all from one group. On our last day there, Memorial Day, we came across a guy (totally crazy, 1st wite guy) that we crossed the street to avoid. I would have walked holding Charles Manson’s hand then dealing with this guy. De Blasio should be arrested and taken to court for the crimes he has committed against NY and its citizens.

  2. Here’s a thought – maybe the people should quit putting Democrats in charge!! From the Governor’s office to the NYC Mayor – QUIT VOTING DEMOCRAT!!!

    The last time NYC was moving in the right direction, Giulliani was running the show. With morons like DeBlasio, it will continue to get worse. I guess Dem voters have to have a loved one killed by Dem policies before they learn the truth.

  3. Attitudes are changing now…..Next year and in 2024 Conservative Teeth are going to be sunk into the Jugular of Liberalism and end its miserable existence.

  4. After Jan 2022 NYC communist Mayor Bill de Blowsio will be history! Wish the new NYC Mayor Eric Adams “good luck.”

  5. Put someone in charge of the city that is honestly serious about doing what is right for the Whole City, and doesn’t have a political Self-interest, and is not Racially biased who will back the Police Department, not cripple their efforts and actually see that the District attorneys do their job and Stop releasing Criminals into society to commit Crimes again and again with no consequences

  6. Remove de Blasio and the new “Governor ” who is no better than Cuomo. Let Conservatives who love the Lord and love Country and Citizens take the roles of Governor and Mayor

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