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Andrew Cuomo, the former Governor of New York who was forced to resign in disgrace after a massive sexual harassment scandal, has reportedly now been officially charged with touching a former aide.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Ousted New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been charged with forcible touching, two months after being pushed out of office by New York AG Attorney General Letitia James, the woman now campaigning for his job.

The charges were filed on Thursday in Albany City Court, before sheriffs had received the permission of the victim – Brittany Commisso – to do so.

Commisso claimed Cuomo groped her breast in the office of the Executive Mansion in Albany in 2012. He has always denied it.

The announcement of the charge was chaotic on Thursday but Lucien Chalfen, a spokesman for the court system, confirmed it to The Washington Post.

If convicted of the charges it is possible Cuomo may face up to one year in jail.



      1. yes and that should be life behind bars with not a chance of parole. he is a p o s and a stain on NewYork

  1. How does this get proven in court either way after 9 years? He says he didn’t do it, she says he did and the judge flips a coin???

  2. Nothing Cuomo did would even be close to overt touching or unwanted sexual advances in todays “woke” world. .. The TURD Letitia has it out for him and will try anything to mess him up. I whole heartedly agree with many here he MURDERED many elderly and should be accountable, but this is just a witch hunt and it’s from 2012 9 YEARS ago.. Get over it..

    1. No kidding. Cuomo’s a pompous, arrogant, brazenly horny son of a b tch, NO DOUBT, but I’ll just BET this splittail that WANTS his job is EVERY BIT THE PIG THAT HE IS!!! I’d almost GUARANTEE!

    1. No, it ain’t Sex, Drugs ‘n Rock & Roll ! THAT’S what Matters and Turns PIGS On!
      The killing of the aged? NO BIG DEAL!

  3. How about Joe Biden being charged. The only reason this woman charged Cuomo is because she wants to be governor. She sucks at her job. She goes after President Trump because the democrats told her to. If New Yorkers voted this plantation slave in the democrat’s party New York will be more racist than ever.. She hates all white people.. Good luck New York ! You keep voting back in aoc and Chuck Schumer who have done nothing but destroy jobs and your state.

  4. globalists will make sure that their globalist puppet cuomo is heard by a demonrat CRIMINAL judge or a jury of his libby snow flake chester biden peers .

  5. They protect their own and Governor Cuomo will never see the inside of a jail cell!!!! Welcome to their “two tiered American Justice and law and order, where he stays free and the rest of us get our assses thrown in jail!!! There is no American Justice and law and order in America today, period!!!!!

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