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The Biden administration is now attacking a new Texas bill that would ban male to female transgender students from competing in girls sports.

As The Daily Wire reports:

The White House denounced legislation in Texas on Tuesday that would ban biological boys from playing on girls’ sports teams, signaling that the Biden administration may take steps to combat the bill if signed into law.

“This hateful bill in Texas is just the latest example of Republican state lawmakers using legislation to target transgender kids — whom the president believes are some of the bravest Americans — in order to score political points,” White House spokesman Ike Hajinazarian told The Dallas Morning News. “These anti-transgender bills are nothing more than bullying disguised as legislation and undermine our nation’s core values.”

Matt Hill, senior associate communications director for the White House, signaled that the Biden administration may take action against the Texas legislation, which is poised to be signed by Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX). “Our message to young transgender people in Texas and across the country: these hateful bills are bullying disguised as legislation, and @POTUS and our Administration will always keep fighting for the full equality LGBTQ+ folks deserve,” Hill said.

The Texas legislature passed the bill last week. If signed into law, it would mandate that students compete on teams corresponding to their biological gender, effectively blocking transgender students from competing on teams they “identify” with. The legislation’s proponents say that it is a necessary action needed to protect female sports and competitors from biological males.

One of the authors of the bill, state Rep. Valoree Swanson (R-TX), gave as justification for the ban the fact that biological males simply have higher testosterone than biological females along with many other physiological advantages.


  1. Common sense is breaking out all over. I think a person can dress, talk and act anyway they want, but science says there are but 2 genders.

    1. Common sense my ass!! Science say’s so, because it is so!! I don’t care if you did have a sex change operation… the male body is still stronger then the female body, which gives you an advantage over them!! Form a transgender sports club, but transgender males do not belong on a female team!!!

      1. Transgenders do not accept the reality of their mental illness. Unfortunately, the freak psychologists encourage them to believe in unreality.

    2. F*** dementia Joe, he is so sick he probably doesn’t know the difference between females and males. Maybe dementia Joe and his wife will get the virus as they both deserve to get sick.

  2. Where there is underage hair to sniff, Joe Biden will be there! And Joe doesn’t care what gender they are, just as long as they are children and he can bury his nose in there!

        1. That’s right. Pres. Trump isn’t the C-I-C anymore. Thus it’s not on him that this administration is taking illogical and unconstitutional stances.

          1. Trump did not have enough support to stay in the White House. His supporters refused to hang Mike Pence and Stop the Steal.

          2. We are currently stopping the steal in Arizona with numerous other criminal election states to come.

          3. I guess the Democrats were more successful in getting votes from dead people and for duplicating ballots. If you really believe that the Idiot Joe Biden is, really won that election. You are a moron and shouldn’t be allowed to vote anyway. As “Popular” as Obama was, do you really believe that Biden “won” more States, counties and numbers of voters than Obama? Get over it. Demoncrats are more dangerous to this nation than any external entity we face. They live amongst us and openly seek to destroy this nation. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

          4. There is more proof of voter fraud everyday. Of course liberal zombies like you ignore facts.

      1. Your husband and his boyfriends take care of your stink star just like globalists and their puppet demonrats and media order you to . . . . .

        1. No powerful men should not grab women by their sex hole lips.
          You are off your sarcasm meds.
          Your cult leader says disgusting things about woman, with the sin of pride.

      2. Hess that’s a Nazi name isn’t it. Biden is a pervert and always has been. The senile old sicko can’t even find the door to the Outhouse.

    1. Democrats HATE God! Absolutely HATE Him!
      They Truly ARE disciples of EVIL. Satan RULES their lives. EVERY Stance they take, EVERY Decision they make, is PURE Anti-God EVIL.


        1. god is as real as libby snow flake sheep “imagining” they are unicorns and god is as real as libby snow flake sheep “imagining” they are 1,000 different genders .

        2. How do YOU know God isn’t real? No talking points no reverse questions. You think everything that exists just happened? It all had to come from somewhere. Some entity had to create it. Nothing just happens. If you took a Rolex Watch completely apart and put all the parts in a sealed case and shook it or even left it alone for 100 billions years, you could not open it and have a complete assembled watch with the correct time, yet you expect us to believe that mankind, every animal, creature, every atom of every living and non-living thing all just “happened”?

      1. And god continues to bless his globalists and their demonrats and rinos and fbi CRIMINAL organisation and media and libby snow flake sheep AND altar boy raping demonrat priests .

    2. The scientific fact is that medical science can make a person any sex they want.
      My maiden aunt and confirmed bachelor uncle live together, dress alike, both have chin whiskers, what sex are they?

      1. I think Probably that EVERY member of Your family is some kind of a cross species “thing” involving a deformed mutant human being, a a large eel and a rat.

      2. And here I thought progressives were saying it was conservatives who don’t believe in science. Please name just one case in the world at any time in history where doctors have changed the complete DNA profile of a person’s sex.

        1. What is the DNA of a hermaphrodite?
          We can change the color of our
          Must we be held hostage eyes and hair.
          The size of our breasts and butts.
          Up and down.
          Why not our sex?
          What is the harm?
          Must we be held prisoner by our DNA?
          A truly free people are free to express the the sexuality they feel.
          Be they pee out a subtle hole or peepee.

      1. Nature created two sexes to pick from.
        Take your pick or go for a blend.
        A BBC and and large pendulous breasts.
        Please shave your pits, no one wants to see those.

  3. Biden is a Rapist and a Racist coward who a pervert child molester that needs to be removed from office and harris as well For Treason and Sedition against the American People and the Constitution.

    1. Who did Biden rape?
      What child did Biden molest?
      Who has the power to remove Biden and Harris?
      Can Trump still do that the Commander and Chief, of Trump Inc.

      1. Biden sexually molested and digitally penetrated Tara Reade, a staffer when he was a senator. Many have found her believable. Google it.

          1. As believable as globalist puppet ford and as believable as globalist puppet hog and as believable as globalist puppet thornbug and all globalists other puppets .

      2. Your altar boy raping demonrat priest raped you and your libby snow flake parents spent all your money from the catholic church .

      3. Why, Traitor Joe raped YOU!, Stink Star!
        You took turns raping each other, don’t ya’ remember?! SURE ya’ do! You ENJOYED it!


        1. Everyone’s sense of God is different too.
          That is why there are so many different brands of religion
          There are Quaker’s who think about God.
          And the Bible thumping holy rollers who speak in tongues.

        2. I don’t need no God Dam Supreme Court to tell me what the God Damn Constitution means.
          I can read God Damnit.

      1. Your mommy will need to drive you to the barry soetoro ebook library so that the constitution ebook can read to you .

    2. libby snow flake sheep sacrifice their daughters to globalist puppet chester biden and libby snow flake sheep sacrifice their sons to altar boy raping demonrat priests . . . . .

  4. Hes such a creepy weirdo. The more I see of him the more creeped out I become. So his resistance to supporting and protecting women’s sports doesn’t surprise me. His misogyny and racism bleeds through no matter how much he tries to hide it.

    1. It is TRULY Time for Nasty, Crooked TRAITOR Joe to pass from this World and get on with his appointed sentence in Hell.

      1. Trump is the only man powerful enough to take out Joe.
        Trump is going to order General Milley to court marshall Biden and then nuke Chiner.

  5. Does the depravity of this administration and the democrats go any lower? I’m sure they will show us soon enough.

    1. If it CAN, it WILL.
      And YES, it IS going to get even Worse.

      NICE JOB, America! Throw God under the bus s’more and see just how much more Sickness and Depravity will be unleashed on us.

      1. I hope it gets much much worse.
        So bad that the Trumpets sweep the House and Senate in 2022 and 2024.
        That we become a truly modern and efficient one party state.
        Like Russia and China.
        Strong nations are led by strong men.
        Men who take total control.

        1. Keep on eating your globalist pills roberta and maybe one day something will sprout and you can stop to “imagine” albert .

  6. Very rarely is someone born with both genders and that is the only person that would qualify as Trans-gender and they have enough medical problems to deal with. I agree with Texas, people are either male or female and should compete on the team of the sex they were born with. Sex is defined biological not just because we don’t like the one we were born with.

    1. Individuals that identify themselves as transgenders or homosexuals have mental issues and they expect the rest of society to treat them as mentally normal and accommodate their lifestyle as being just a variation of the heterosexual lifestyle. If two individuals of the same gender were supposed to be together then biologically they would be able to reproduce. The same argument holds for transgenders. The media makes it seem like the population of homosexual and transgender individuals is quite large when it is not; perhaps 1-3% of society.

    2. Trans is not about being born with both genders.
      It is about transitioning from one gender to another.
      Or even transitioning from one gender to none (pansexual?).
      Modern medicine makes these transitions realitivly cheap, easy and safe.
      LBTG+ is not going back in the closet.
      Get use to it or go Russia.
      They are your sort Conservative.

      1. You libby snow flake sheep that “imagine” you are lgbt are only .000000000001 of the world population and only globalists and their demonrats and rinos and media and libby snow flake sheep acknowledge you .

  7. Why is it they aren’t arguing for trans males’ right to compete against biological males? Oh that’s right. There are none because they know they can’t compete in male sports because biological males have such a physical advantage over them.

    1. The place kicker on our high school football team is a Transman.
      6′ 2″ 215 pounds.
      Rough the kicker at your peril.
      It is a real butch dyke.
      It also plays on the girls soccer team, the boys team are losers.

      1. globalists and their demonrats hire libby snow flake male sheep to attempt to play on the boys teams, that is why they are losers. The best part of the olympics was the libby snow flake males that got beat by the real females, ha ha ha ha ha .

    2. Why is there any sexual discrimination sports?.
      Participation in sport should be based on your abilities not on your reproductive organ arrangements.
      I am looking forward to co-ed wrestling.
      The bull dykes will be interesting.
      Should they be forced to shave their pits?
      Upper thighs?

  8. Doesn’t this “Pin-Head” have something better to do? Allow girls to be girls and boys to be boys and STOP SMELLING OTHER PEOPLE’S HAIR, JOE! You’re Weird!!!

    1. No, he’s SICK…. as is Most of our nation.
      Sure is ENJOYABLE having all of this Perversion and Evil in our lives now. Let’s keep throwing God out of Life and see if He really means it.

      1. You imagine that most of our nation are globalists and globalists puppets; demonrats and rinos and media and fbi CRIMINAL organisation and libby snow flake sheep .

    2. As weird as his libby snow flake sheep that “imagine” they are unicorns and “imagine” they are 1,000 different genders .

  9. Biden’s position is all about the leftist Democrats’ deviant coalition, that includes all the self-styled “victim” groups that are the basis of the party. Biden doesn’t hate women; Democrats just don’t give them the support that they claim to give them, when frequently in conflict with the leftist agenda and their power lust.

  10. I don’t feel it’s that Biden hates females but hates the state of Texas! Numerous Biden policies directly harm the state and pretty much every common sense law that dares tread on progressive beliefs is taken to court. The only thing that comatose Joe is accomplishing is herding more people into the secessionist camp.

    Long live the Republic of Texas!

    1. He hates any red states that’s were he ships all the alien’s to in the middle of the night he is breaking the law he should be arrested.

      1. On MANY counts. The man is ONE EVIL-FILLED, SICK human being.
        Satan is IN CHARGE OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. Just the Way it IS with Life.
        We ALL Answer to, and are led by, SOMETHING.
        The Democrats choose to be led by Satan.

        1. god continues to bless his globalists and their puppets; demonrats and rinos and media and fbi CRIMINAL organisation and libby snow flake sheep AND altar boy raping demonrat priests .

      2. Does Trump love Blue states.
        Does he love my Blue states Republican Govonor.
        The one who refused to vote for Trump in 2020.
        Or 2016.
        We have lots of Indendpents.

  11. What happened to common sense? Testosterone in biological males does not go away for transgender males just because a male identifies as female. It is completely unfair, therefore, for biological girls who have trained hard to have to compete against the naturally stronger and faster males in girls’ sports.

      This SHIT is All SO Wrong!
      The Devil has a Stranglehold on This World. DOUBT IT?
      LOOK about you!

      1. God Damnit to Hell.
        Why won’t He put an end to all this sex sillyness.

        In the end is God just another weak puke like Trump?

    2. Males and females produce testosterone.
      Transwomen supress their testosterone levels.
      As do some straight women to reduce facial hair.
      Think the bull dyke look.

  12. This president has got to be a pedophile has any one checked his private e-mail he may have child porn on them scum of the earth people should be real proud electing him!

    1. He’s WHAT ya’ get WHEN YOU ABANDON GOD, Plain and Simple.
      EVIL now Reigns HERE.
      Hold on to yer’ fanny, it gets WORSE

      1. he’s what you get when god blesses his globalists and demonrats and rinos and media and libby snow flake sheep and altar boy raping demonrat priests .

    2. That would be Liberals and Democrats. They are SO fukking STUPID and Mentally and Morally SICK that they Hate God and GOODNESS and Love Satan and BAD/EVIL. The Majority of THIS country chooses to Ignore and Disregard God’s principles and Commandments, so GUESS WHAT HAPPENS! We are Seeing and Experiencing it!

      1. Have you been fukking your daughter in the stink star again?
        Do you fukk God?
        In the mouth?
        Fukk and God are a fun combination.

  13. Biological males should not compete against females. If you were born with a penis you are not and never will be female. Transgenders should compete against other transgenders. Transgenders should not be allowed to use the same locker rooms and bathrooms of their perceived gender; i.e. biologically born males using female facilities and vise versa.

    1. NO SHIT! ALL of this needs NO Explanation to ANYONE Sane. NONE WHATSOEVER.

      Reeeeeal FUN having Satan in control of most of Mankind, isn’t it? Really a JOY!

      “Get your House in order”, people.

    2. Should trans women hafta to use the boys room?
      I don’t want my son showering with someone who has breasts.
      It could turn him gay.

    3. High schools should have separate teams for boys, girls, and trans?
      Sperate teams for transboys and transgirls?
      What about pansexuals?
      What about ending sexual discrimination in sports?
      Your place on a team is dependent on your ability, not the original configuration of your front crotch, or the size of your breasts?


    1. Lol. TRAITOR Joe couldn’t be THAT articulate….. he’d just mumble and screw it All up. I CAN just picture and hear OScuma delivering That, though.
      The OScuma that the one magazine put him on the cover, as the Devil.

    2. Trump is a German (Drumph).
      From the land Hitler.
      His granddad was a an economic refugee.
      Just like all those filthy Mexicans.

      The Democrat Party and Liberals threw God OUT.
      MOST of Mankind is a FOOL that FAILS THE TEST. Real Simple stuff. WAKE UP or Perish, people.

      1. god continues to bless his globalists and all their puppets; demonrats and rinos and fbi CRIMINAL organisation and media and libby snow flake sheep and altar boy raping demonrat priests .

  15. Gender dysphoria has been reported across many countries and cultures, and incongruences between sex and gender have existed in human society for thousands of years. According to the DSM-5, among individuals who are assigned male at birth, approximately 0.005 percent to 0.014 percent are later diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Among individuals who are assigned female at birth, approximately 0.002 percent to 0.003 percent are later diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Those are the facts you can easily check. Those tiny fractions of a percent in no way justify the thousands of cross-dressing homosexuals today attempting to get in on the scam for whatever reason. The “Harry Potter wave your magic wand and your sex is changed is scientifically and medically impossible. The simple test is to check their DNA so why isn’t it routinely done or is the money too good?

    1. Satan RULES their lives. It’s THE CHOICE THEY’VE MADE by their conduct. They are just plain EVIL people so Naturally they do EVIL things.

  16. The rumor seems to be true. In 2017 Joe Biden converted to Islam. 8 years of Shiite Obama and Shiite Muslim Valerie Jarret finally won Joe Biden over. Known alcoholic Biden ostensible gave up drinking over his sons death. But more so signaled embracing anti-alcohol Islam as proof of conversion. Biden’s clear advancement of anything supportive of Islamic hegemony anywhere in the world suggest he is all in as a Muslim convert not yet out of the closet.
    Muslim Valerie Jarrett is Biden-s closest adviser in the White house.
    The Abrahamic accords for peace in the Middle east are being shut down.
    80 Billion in high tech arms to the Taliban onto Iran for free… but Taiwan has to pay 1.97 billion to defend themselves from Iran’s allie – China?
    Look at Biden’s decisions that benefit Islam – every one of them in some way benefits Islam.

    1. globalist puppet chester biden is just another globalist puppet like globalist puppets; bush and cliton and lil bush and barry soetoro .

  17. No matter what you think you are, only male and female genders they can’t be changed by mutilated bodies. Boys playing like girls are destroying girls sports. The dems are out of their minds starting with pedophile joe.

    1. We are dealing with VERY SICK PEOPLE, Greta. DERANGED. There is NO Arguing with them, they are Blinded and Deafened by EVIL. There is NO Winning them over or Changing them. They are SOLD OUT to Satan.
      We MUST have Enough of our population REJECT their Evil and vote these wicked people OUT OF OFFICES. If we Don’t, then we will Show that the majority is as Sick as THEY are and we will continue our downward spiral into RUIN.

    1. globalist puppet, chester biden is as much a pedophile as globalist puppet, altar boy raping demonrat priests .

  18. It is time to put an end to sex discrimination in sports.
    We did it in the military why not sports?
    Why do high schools have two different teams in the same sport.
    In some small schools there are girls who can wrestle better than boys in the same weight class but can’t fight because there is no girl’s team.
    Get segregation out of sports.
    Let the best athletes play.
    Stop the front crotch inspections.
    Stop the arousals.

    1. The best part of the olympics was when the libby snow flake male sheep got beat by the female gender, ha ha ha ha ha . Are they still alive or did they commit suicide, my fingers are crossed . . . . .

    1. globalists and their puppets; demonrats and rinos and media and dope francis will punish their libby snow flake male sheep for thinking about girls .

  19. Why isn’t this local issue.
    Why can’t we leave these decisions to local School Committees?
    They know what the parents and kids want.
    Small government is local government.
    This is none of the state’s business.

  20. There are only 2 Genders PERIOD. The Texas Law does not discriminate, but rather sets up basic rules for sports and that is you have a MENS TEAM and a WOMEN TEAM….The Team you play on is decided by your GENDER. If you are MALE, you play on the MENS TEAM. IF you are FEMALE, you play on the WOMENS TEAM…….If you are too stupid to understand this, you need mental help. Failure to follow this simple rule will lead to rapes in the locker rooms/showers as well as other problems that will happen when you try and change the basic rules of Society and what God created for Mankind.

  21. go to hell biden you piece of crap i hope you exspire soon and they bury your stench in a sewer pond somewhere to decay with the rest of the crap.

  22. Soon globalist puppet, chester biden will start molesting libby snow flake sons and imagine they are libby snow flake daughters .

  23. I’m sure if he had a girl playing sports he would be the first to agree with Texas. He’s just hoping for more votes.

  24. Commissar pervy joe just needs to leave the common sense to those who have it,….
    he can find all of the fruitcakes he wants right there in douchington depart of communism,….
    As for Texas ? we only have Two genders, the rest are called freaks of Democrat upbringing,….
    or Perverts as in the case of joe,….

  25. I know it’s not a popular stance to take, but, God created 2 genders. Our worldly distortions of everything normal will not change Fact. Pray that He will have mercy on us and stop the craziness.

    1. God created physical hermaphrodites.
      Fairly common in the animal world.
      God also created human mental hermaphrodites.
      They wear dresses and have/had a penis.
      And vice versa.
      They are all God’s children.
      God guides them.

  26. Schools just need to start banning all sports. No discrimination there to deal with. Let citys be responsible for their activities. Schools should focus on teaching PERIOD.

    1. All sports should be removed from schools?
      No gym classes?
      There is nothing to be taught about participation in sport?
      Citys (sic) are responsible for sports.
      Primarily by funding sports in schools.
      If sports are pulled out of the schools how will that change the Trans dynamic?

    2. Ken do you really want to see all sport removed from schools?
      Destroy the gyms, fields and locker rooms where kids check out each other’s junk?

    3. Remove all sport from universities too?
      Speaking of Trans, Ken, it sounds like you are having your period.

  27. Paraplegics are physically handicappeds along with the blind, deaf and dumb. Transgenders are mentally handicapped. They will not face reality. they are as crazy as anorexics that refuse to face reality. The physically handicapped accept reality and do not make up stupid names for people that are not physically handicapped. They are content to accept their reality and have sports competitions with other that are physically handicapped. The mentally sick transgenders will NOT accept reality and make up stupid names like transphobic for normal people who point out reality to them. These mentally sick transgenders need to accept reality and compete with each other.

  28. F.Biden needs to keep his hands off of gender problems . Does he like to fondle young boys as well as girls ?

  29. The Dallas Morning news is nothing more than toilet paper with ink on it’s a leftist butt rag ..anyone and anything about this WH ” administration ” is against America and moral values

    1. What is the circulation of the Dallas Morning News’ competion?
      Do they accurately reflect the position of the views of their readers.
      Dallas County voted 65% for Joe.
      61% for the Dem Senator.
      The Dems took 5 of the 6 house seats.
      Rairoad Commissioner.
      Supreme Court Justice, thrice.
      Three other judgeships.
      And many others to numerous to mention.
      DMN is the voice of we the people of Dallas.
      When are you moving to Red?

  30. I identify as a tall young man who is a fantastic basketball player. If the Los Angeles Lakers continue to assault and damage my self esteem by refusing to recognize my identity and hire me for their team, I plan to sue them–in California.

    1. The LA Lakers do not discriminate on basis of birth crotch configuration.
      They do discriminate on the basis of a player’s ability to put what is in their hand in the hole.
      The one with the hair net and no hair.

  31. Muslims do not allow any sexual perverts on their teams, or any girls.
    Make America Great Again Again.
    Go Muslim.

  32. Who plays on what team is not the states business, it is the school’s busisness.
    Stop the state control of our schools.

  33. Those “kids” are even less than animals. I must add even dogs know the difference and so do cats, rats and all other animals in the “wild” kingdom.

  34. No problem – the gals should quit their school athletics and get parents to hire coaches and start private teams. They get to perform, and I’m sure the college recruiters will be happy to scout those teams.
    Screw the schools that are attempting to upend scholarships for young ladies.
    And biden – a moron does what a moron does.
    Let the 2-3 boy girls compete against each other, maybe there is only 1 boy girl and he she will get lots of
    1st place finishes. Hopefully he won’t trip on his thing, if it’s still there.

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