United States Navy via Wikimedia Commons

The US Navy has now reportedly decided to being discharging any sailor who refuses to get vaccinated for Covid-19.

As USNI News reports:

All active-duty Navy personnel must be vaccinated by Nov. 28 or face separation, according to a Navy administrative message released Wednesday.

Any active-duty Navy service members who do not get fully vaccinated or do not have an approved or pending exemption will be processed for an honorable separation without involuntary separation, according to NAVADMIN 225/21, released by Vice Chief of Naval Operations Adm. William Lescher and Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. John Nowell.

Service members in the Ready Reserve Navy will need to be fully vaccinated by Dec. 28.

In order to meet the deadline, active duty members must receive their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, if receiving the two-shot Pfizer or Moderna version, by Nov. 14, according to a Thursday Navy news release. A person is not fully vaccinated until 14 days after receiving the second shot.

Having had Covid-19 in the past or having previously tested positive for the virus will reportedly not exempt sailors from the vaccine requirement.


      1. Military Intelligence is the absence thereof. Military intelligence is to intelligence as military music is to music.

          1. Actually, there is, there are still a few good guys. In 47 years as an Intelligence officer I’ve made a few friends. Yes most are woke so it is an oxymoron in their cases. If you follow Gen. Flynn, you’ll see the difference.

        1. It’s actually “Let’s Go, Brandon!” NASCAR’s Brandon Brown won a race and was being interviewed by an NBC sportscaster. The crowd was yelling “F*** Y** Biden in the background of the interview. But, the NBC announcer, in an attempt to cover up for the crowd’s chant, says to Brandon Brown…..” Listen to that crowd chanting Let’s Go, Brandon!”
          So, Let’s Go, Brandon has become the NEW way of saying F*** You, Biden! And no doubt, Let’s Go, Brandon has come to a ballcap, T-Shirt, or bumper sticker near you as I type this response. 😀

          1. Thank you for the explanation because i too was wondering what Let’s go Brandon meant. Let’s go Brandon!

        2. the same thing it meant when the media didn’t manipulate late it, from F**K joe BidenSki sorriest cock-sucker to Ever be Nominated

        3. once when a lady reporter was doing an interview with the winner of a NASCAR Race, the crowd behind them was chanting F%%K Biden, and the F word was bleeped out so the reporter said it must be the crowd saying to the winner “Go Brandon”, but everyone knows better, and now it has gone viral and everyone says Go Brandon, just because Joe Biden is doing such a good job as president!

        4. If you watched the News Clip of the NASCAR Race with the Driver Named Brandon Brown , You can her the crowd Chanting F***J** B****. she mistakenly or perhaps on purpose stated that the crowd was Chanting “Lets go Brandon.” LOL!!! Reporter’s a TWIT! The Video report is on Tube and or Just Google it.

      2. Then they can join the already active Afghan vets and not only send Biden a letter saying what they will not accept, but be physically on the line. The vets already brought over 300+ back from Afghanistan.

          1. Bunch of idiots! What about standing up against or pushing back from senseless idiotic dementia Joe? Never have I ever heard of such a senseless Administration all the way around! Just as he had no plans for leaving Afghanistan the way he did, now he has no plans for zero military! Stupid is as stupid does!

            Maybe it’s not stupidity, maybe it is all the globalist plan to leave us defenseless. ☹️😢

          2. If you think that pullout from Afghanistan was’nt planned exactly the way it happened..better open your eyes. That pullout went exactly as planned. The Chinese have the dirt on Biden and his sons…they own Biden. Biden has the military do something the military has never done …EVER..they pullout in the middle of the night betraying their helpers,leaving civilians behind, and billions of high tech weaponry . That weaponry will now go to China and possibly Iran. China will also now move into Bagram Airbase compliments of the Biden Administration…when you have enemies who steal the WH and traitors in the military like Gen Milley…what do you expect. Biden is setting us up for a great humiliating fall to the Chinese. Just wait until they invade and take Taiwan who makes about 90% of the chips needed for cell phones and other high tech gear that we rely on.

          3. RETAIN POWER?? THERE Making the US WEAKER! Setting us up for an assault. This is a power ploy so CCP in China can maneuver in the China SEA with out US Naval Presence Taiwan is Doomed and So are we! Yep the Beast has arrived and were allowing it to happen!

        1. Hi Dan. I agrees 100%. I also gave you a thumbs up. It’s about turning citizens (worldwide) into Yes people, Whatever you say people. Trust the gubment. They know and we don’t. They only have a better interests at heart. NOT. NOT. NOT.

          1. Remember the frightening comment by Ronald Reagan: “ I’m from the government and I’m here to help”.

        2. I think wen we were not looking the idiots in charge converted to Islam and it’s all about Islam now
          Absolutley every decision Biden and or Military are making – deliberate benefits Islam.

        1. Biden has no right to mandate this. What is he hoping for that we have no military left? The man is a total ass. There is no mandate to get the Flu shot. People die from the flu each year. It is a choice if you want to get the flu shot.

          1. I think it’s the Socialism agenda to the NWO! Notice how he left Afghanistan, now it’s under the Taliban control. The Taliban joined forces with China.
            China will receive all our technology secrets from the Taliban from all the military equipment Biden left behind. ☹️🤬
            Biden is pleading with the oil producing countries for gasoline and oil. This leaves the US dependent on the other countries much needed oil.

          2. You are right…that Afghanistan pullout was planned …China owns the Biden family…the military has never pulled out of a country leaving behind billions in weapons and civilians. Now those weapons will fall into the hands of either China and Iran. China will also move into Bagram airbase. With traitors at the helm of our military like General Milley, our military has been compromised. Biden has put us back at the mercy of other nations for fuel as well..hence the rise of gas prices. Under Trump we were using our own gas and oil…we were not dependent on Saudi Arabia and Russia. Start praying for our nation that God helps us get out of this mess and brings about the downfall of these evil traitors to our nation.

          3. Everything being put upon us is illegal and unConstitutional…they have no right to force medical issues upon anyone…thats called freedom of choice…ironic how the real issue of my body my choice is. The courts are all corrupt…allowing this..we the people must stand up and resist…even if it means sacrifice and losing jobs..we need to shut this nation down.

        2. And ? I was a volunteer ! got sprayed with that stinking nasty yellow rain Too ! They did nothing to help, denied everything, and then claimed that my high levels of Dioxin were from farming, even though I didn’t start until after the cancer…. you cannot do much else while puking every fifteen minutes from Chemo

    1. all this does is weaken the military of America. joes plan to give us to china or even russia is right on schedule. i say joe. he isn’t smart enough to do this

      1. I say Joe is not the one making the decisions, someone behind the screen is the real Wizard of this dramatic film! Only the Shadow and the DNC know who is really running the Liberal Progressive socialist democrat communists!

        1. I agree, my guess is that it’s Obama. He already stated in an interview that he would like to have his 3rd term with a puppet if that was the only way. No lie, look it up.

    2. RIGHT IN KEEPING with MOST of our Decisions and things we are Doing NOW.
      The deterioration and decay of the morally bankrupt America marches on. The Democrats and Liberals have Won the idiot masses over with their Sick, EVIL Shit. … meaning we ALL Lose…. BIG TIME.
      We WILL be victims of subjugation Very soon.

      1. Well said, sir! Wish it wasn’t true. Sad to see the destruction of our country at warp speed. Even sadder to realize our grandchildren and great grandchildren will never know freedom.

      2. Not in my lifetime buddy. If it happens there will be some of them who won’t see their “New World Order” go into effect, if you know what I mean.

    3. As a former member of the USN i can tell you that from the moment you sign into boot camp you no longer have control of your being…you now belong to the US government including being clothed fed paid by and yes medically taken care of. Innoculations included!!

    4. Most of them will not live long enough to regret it. I would imagine that it would not take but eight minutes or so for the nukes to hit the major cities along our coastlines which was fired from a China sub out maybe ten miles or so…

  1. This decision is madness. The mRNA jab is not a “vaccine” in the longstanding well known sense of the word. It is an experimental material whose medium and long term effects are unknown and may be lethal, judged by the numbers who have already died unexpectedly, following its use. Time needs to be allowed for a proper and complete evaluation of its benefits and effects.
    To do otherwise implies that the motive for undue and unprecedented haste in promoting the mandatory inoculation program has nothing to do with the future health of intended recipients.

    1. These idiots are so stupid my God wtf is going on I’m so tired of this covid bullshit the lies and all the bullshit they are feeding us this is happing by design all the bullshit that’s going on now you think covid was an accident think again it was by design on purpose

      1. “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”
        ― Theodore Dalrymple

    2. It’s a proven fact that the only thing the vaccine does is lesson your chances of going to the hospital. You can still catch it and spread it. Of all the people who caught the delta variant and of those who died 64% were vaccinated. This isn’t a vaccine, it’s a scam

    3. You are so right. This is the way china gets the US with no effort so we go to a one world gov. just like the C of FR and Tri-Lateral Commission want and will have in several years from now. I and many others will loose our retired pay as well but at least I got it for 44 years and I don’t have many years in my life left. Come Quickly Lord Jesus.

      1. Actually based upon what is happening in the New England area/States of the US the mRNA/Spike Protein injections are putting people in the hospital from some recent reports I have read.

  2. This is against the Nuremburg code(s). ALL these vaccines are still “Experimental, emergency use only”. The only FDA approved vaccine is made by BioNTech and is called Comirnaty AND it is Not available in the US. The FDA simply extend the emergency use authorization for Phizer, Moderna and J&J. Facts still matter!

    1. And they fabricated lies about the hydroclorquoine (misspelled) to get these injections allowed under Emergency Usage Authorization. There are 5 medications known to stop the virus.

  3. With China and Russia are on the move, Sniffy decides to DISCHARGE able bodied seamen with faith in God. Alpha AND Omega Trumps Delta every time. That makes as much sense as burning down the barn to get rid of rats.

  4. If you force someone to “take the jab” will employers including military sign a legal document that they will pay all medians punitive damages and full disability for those that have bad reactions. What if a soldier or sailor then developed heart issues or dies? Employers will be sued and neither government or private employers should be shielded from repercussions from demanding people take an experimental drug if they don’t want to. Fauci said 85% of country needs to be vaccinated to achieve herd ammunity and we have reached that so why the push? Something is rotten in Denmark!

    1. As long as the FDA keep the vaccines under an EUA (emergency use authorization) order Big Pharma by law is not liable for any damages to people who suffer disabilities or die from this toxic bio-weapon. If the FDA fully approved the vaccines then the Big Pharma companies become liable.
      I would think that individuals should be able to sue based on the fact that these pseudo vaccines are not fully FDA authorized and are listed as experimental and have not completed long term trials. These pseudo vaccines do not even come with ingredient inserts. If I purchase mustard at the grocery store it has the ingredients listed on the bottle by law. The American people are being lied to by our government, the media, and Big Pharma. RESIST!!!!

      1. Yup, I SMELL A RAT. And like the old joke, when Johnny was called on got word starting with the letter R, , he blurted out “Rat! GREAT BIG fukken Rat! One with a cock about a foot long!

  5. Rise up and resist. DO NOT TAKE THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL JAB. These vaccines are toxic bio-weapons that in the short term may produce severe side effects or death; and in the long term debilitating side effects for life. These are not true vaccines they are gene therapies that change an individual’s DNA & RNA. It has been discovered that they contain living parasites and also nanoparticles of graphic oxide that changes the electromagnetic field of a person’s nervous system. It is better to lose a job than come down with severe disabilities or even die from the vaccines.

  6. What do these idiots in charge think when there is no NAVY,MARINES, AIRFORCE,NURSES and Doctors. Smart thinking, this whole administration and kissaz corporations.
    Welcome to the new CHINESE PROVENCE of the Ununited States

  7. These Navy brass want to entrust this nation to the thoughtless, undiscerning seamen and women who are willing to die for an unproven vaccine ? Now the medical government powers have admitted the tests so far have been unable to distinguish C-19 from the common flu, but they have the vaccine( unavailable at this time )that will cure it ? Cure what – seasonal allergies ? Time to REALLY turn things around and put the kindergarteners in charge of the country, send the snowflakes back to the cribs , and round up all the elitist morons for diaper duty. Makes more sense than the current administration…

  8. But there’ll be plenty of people that didn’t really want to be in the military will be telling them they won’t be taking the job so they can get out early and not have to put up with bidens woke military.

  9. God Bless the Navy. This world is sick. It going down quickly. Biden is destroying America. My cousin served in the Navy in submarine as a commander. He was there over 40 years. Served admiirably. What a damn shame. God Bless America. And Biden is a damn rotten President

    1. No, THE WORST EVER.
      Stupid and Crooked and being an out ‘n out TRAITOR puts him in That position, with no one else really even in the running.
      The man is EVIL to the core.

    1. AND Corrupt. Dumb ya’ can’t help, but ya’ CHOOSE to be Corrupt. it’s just SUCH a Tragedy that though they’re Dumb AND Corrupt, this country KEEPS putting these Scumbag Democrats and Libs in office. When your Leaders are the dumbest people on the planet, your days are numbered. When you don’t even know or understand the most Basic principles of Life itself, you WILL be overtaken and be subservient to those that are Smarter than you.

  10. There goes some of your Petty Officers and recruiting efforts, you will be “under-manned” for any sea battles or skirmishes that may arise in the future, you will be stripping the fleet of highly trained and dedicated sailors, and besides it’s a violation of the 1st Amendment, even for military personnel!!!!!!

  11. I know from experience that a lot of sailors will gladly take them up on that I remember when I was in the army most guy’s couldn’t wait to get out and would hve jumped at a chance for early discharge

  12. That may have to be rethought if enough swabbies* refuse.

    Boy, you know I’m old when you hear that old term used.

  13. Any idea how many this might be and what we will do for national defense when this happens? Seems to me this is very short-sighted and our enemies will certainly take advantage of it. Watch out Taiwan and South Korea, Israel, Lebanon and many other countries.

  14. It seems to me that our enemies are watching this very closely . When Biden weakens us enough , they will attack us . Part of the democrats plan ? Crazy !

  15. What do they mean “vaccinated”, seems they have recently changed the definition of vaccine and vaccinated recently (as well as anti Vax). If you follow the new definition tell them you take vitamins C and D and Zinc and Quecetin, if you follow the old definition of vaccine then ask them to provide a “real” one.

  16. Well since Joe Xi-Den, O’bama b#++-beeatch, is the the commander-in-chief, & America is ‘retiring’ as a super-power…what’s seems to be the problem❓

  17. I joined the Army in 1962 and was not given a choice to which vaccines I would receive. I had numerous shots and if I refused I would have been thrown in the stockade and the given a dishonorable discharge. So quit the whining and help us all and get the shot. I am a Trump supporter.

  18. The military purges usually occur AFTER the coup or revolution, and usually to just the officers who are on the wrong side! I wonder if 50% of the enlisted were to say no and take a discharge, how would Joe handle that??????

  19. As a US Navy Veteran, do you people ever realize just how many shots/injections military folks receive just for joining and going through bootcamp let along if you have to serve overseas.
    So, it’s a a Covid shot, big deal. Basically stop disobeying a direct order. You belonged to Uncle Sam the moment you signed the papers. They are lucky to have an honorable discharge.

  20. So bring back the draft. I am a vet but sailors in particular have a gay reputation these days. Military today don’t wear the uniform proudly like in the past. Take the discharge!

  21. They are purging , so all thats left is those who will obey their disgusting agendas. They are purging all groups….police, nurses, doctors, you name it.

  22. Unbelievable! America is being thrown into dictatorship. President Trump would never had let this happen. We need Trump back, NOW!!

  23. The Navy is not only losing the sailours that they discharge, they will also lose the ones who are severely injured or killed by the vaccines. Who wins? The domestic and foreign enemies of the United States. They are the ones behind the whole international COVID scamdemic. The are not only the enemies of the United States, they hate humanity the world over. They are the fiends of Hell.

  24. GEE I thought the United States was a free country? Freedom of choice, religion, and the pursuit of happiness. It sounds to me like this is a dictatorship.

  25. This is a violation of the Geneva Convention rules which state that no individual or agency can use coercive measures, such as loss of employment etc or force another individual to take an experimental drug. These fucking vaccines are not approved by the FDA and have at least 20 significant negative effects including creating blood clots and enlarging the heart, etc.
    Stop the BS!! Why aren’t these people or government agencies being charged with crimes against humanity by the International courts. This was why the Geneva Convention rules were instituted.. To ensure no one could force mandates like this on others. And Hello, the U.S. Was one of the major countries leading the charge to implement these laws after Hitler was defeated.
    Everyone forcing individuals to take this experimental jab,including idiot Biden should be indicted in international courts.

  26. Yeah, yeah. The USN is now the NRN (New Red Navy) and must clear up this issue so they can hurry off to the Straights of Formosa to insure the Chinese get across easily. Our own military has SOLD OUT to the enemy!

    IT IS ILLEGAL TO FORCE ANYONE TO PARTICIPATE IN MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS LIKE THE GERMAN NAZIS DID! But our own government is doing so! Tells you all you need to know about them now, doesn’t it!?

  27. Well done joe Biden! Disabling the military is essential to Chinese plan with help from blackmailed US President. Of course, he is guarantee full honors and history to show his rue political career. Fifty years by the time he is relieved by next victim of China’s queset for full communism that lives for its leaders longer than any other political system.

  28. Besides giving him a power rush, I suppose Joey has a vested interest in the companies making the so-called vaccines. I could be wrong, it might be Hunter. What an amazing American family they are!

  29. Refuse, and tell the Navy to go to hell!! This is a free country, supposedly. But I’m beginning to wonder!

  30. No one who kept up to date will take the mRNA/Spike Protein jab. They are not vaccines and the evidence shows they make it more likely to get infected by the virus. Notice how Sweden is no longer in the news? The super majority of deaths from the 1918 Flu Epidemic was from Bacterial Meningitis and an experimental vaccine from a research study I read a while back that used real historical information. Until we restore Constitutional rule no one is safe. This is about destroying the US and its ability to defend itself.

    Remember, under the US Constitution Mr Biden is not President and Mrs Harris is not Vice-President and this has nothing to do the vote fraud that occurred. Look at the requirements of Article 2 Section 1 Paragraph 5 and Amendment 12 of the US Constitution. Since we elect the President and Vice-President as a team both must be legitimate for the team to be selected and legitimate. Mrs Harris is not a natural born citizen of the US, i.e. born in the US of a US citizen mother and US citizen father. Nor was she alive when the US Constitution was adopted or US citizen when the US Constitution was adopted. In fact, based upon her birth conditions she is not even a US Citizen unless she was naturalized at some point. Her parents were here on student visas and Amendment 14 did not give her US citizenship. We are dealing with treason, sedition, and foreign nationals in position of power.

    1. All true and very to the point. But Obama was not eligible either thus Biden was never a legitimate VP either. But, WHO DID A SINGLE THING ABOUT EITHER OF THEM?

      The GOP? LOLOLOLOL. With “friends” like them we do not need any more enemies.

  31. Let’s see, China has just tested a hypersonic missile, capable of delivering a nuclear payload and our NATION’S Defense is to CUT, FIRE, DISCHARGE ALL personnel who refuse VACCINE, from a disease that 99% of people recover from! Yeah, get rid of those pesky anti-vaxxers! probably all Trump supporters anyway! Forget about the Chinese trying to attack Taiwan, and becoming much more hostile to USA and our allies! we’re at the brink of WAR, and IDOTS in “WOKE” Military think it’s ok to Downsize our Military, cause that’s exactly what will happen, and our enemies KNOW it.

  32. The dam DCAP (demoncrap/communistatheist party) is anti American and is on course to destroy America! may all the DCAP members take the “vaccine” shots and die in a pile!

  33. they will regret doing this, will lose many good men & women by doing this, taking away their Freedom of choice

  34. If you’ve had COVID there is no reason to get the shot because your anti-bodies are 27 times stronger than any vaccine but Biden doesn’t care. That being said when you raise your hand and take the oath as I found out you give up any right to say no

  35. I hope theres plenty of soldiers out there who will not cave in . Let those top brass who are showing that they are traitors like that pos Milley regret their spineless decision.

  36. Exactly what China was hoping for when they started this. When our armed forces are depleted from the stupidity of discharging the unvaccinated, they’ll first take Taiwan and then head this way. Then it’ll be up to the unvaccinated civilians to defend what’s left of our once great nation. God bless the USA!

  37. One of the main things the “swamp” has to do is emasculate our ability to defend the country and forcing separation for not taking the “jab” is paramount in the communist takeover. This accomplishes two things, number one, free thinking decision makers will be removed from our armed forces and number two, the remaining force will be weakened by the injection of this poison, if not killed by it. Look for blood clots, vision problems, headaches, heart attacks, strokes, respiratory problems…all can be put down on the death certificate as something else…it’s the great imitator. In other words “The Fleet” will have been destroyed without a shot fired. FOOLS!

  38. One of the primary roles of POTUS is to “protect” our country, this will only weaken it. As with most of Biden’s policies, they are shortsighted, not well thought out, and potentially dangerous for the country.

  39. This Is What The Democrats Want The USA To Bring Down The USA Military for Terrorist To Take Over The USA . Biden should Be In Jail With Obama And Harris And Pelosi … The USA Is Not The USA OF AMERICA Any More ….

  40. They have ZERO idea what the experimental vaccines do to an immune system that successfully beat the virus unassisted. There is no FDA approved vaccine available in the US. For those who do not understand this – follow along. The FDA approved “Comirnaty” a vaccine made by BioNTech. Comirnaty is not available in the US.
    All the FDA did was extend the “experimental, emergency use only” authorizations for Phizer, Moderna and J&J. Sneaky? Yes. Disingenuous? Definitely.

  41. What a travesty. Young Americans who volunteered to serve the nation and refuse to be injected with some type of poison. The election of 2022 cannot come soon enough. This is a re-run of Moe, Adolf, Stalin, and all other killers of humanity.

  42. I want to see this lawsuit to stop the mandatory shots with an EXPERIMENTAL vaccine. The Military is constantly used by the government as guinea pigs for every new experiment. It is never enough for them to volunteer to die for their country IN COMBAT, but for some of these politicians this is not enough. We will never know how many Service Members have been seriously injured of killed in these experiments. When the Atomic Bomb was tested at Bikini Atol, the Navy had the harbor full of fully manned ships, just to see if the sailors could survive! Now they want these Service Members these vaccinations with the foreign substances in them.
    People are dying from these shots! what will happen to people down the road, after these “vaccines”have had a chance to settle in? How many people will be rendered Sterile? Try to remember that one of the big promoters of this vaccine is a rabid eugenicist, Bill Gates! Oh, I know that some will say I’m a crazy alarmist, but I have done my research and I don’t care whayt others think. I served my country and took most of their shots, and so far I am still “alive”, but why did I have to get the Anthrax shots?

  43. Great way for the Countries Traitors to get rid of “The Best and The Brightest” and weaken the Military. The residual Woke scum “Yes Men” to mindlessly carry out their “Communist” Agenda. We will do well to welcome them into a Patriotic Militia.

  44. So China unleashes a bioweapon on America, and then their agents in the US unleashes highly questionable “vaccines” on America, and then China’s bought-and-paid-for agents in the US create unconstitutional mandates on our citizens and military….. all at a time when China is desperate to take over Taiwan and render the US irrelevant. Hmmmm… what could possibly go wrong?

  45. More than 100 Marines kicked out of the service for refusing Covid vaccine

    The news comes the same day the Army announced that it has relieved six leaders — including two commanding officers — over the issue, and that almost 4,000 active-duty soldiers have refused the vaccine.

    The two Army officers, both of whom commanded active-duty battalions, join Navy Cmdr. Lucian Kins, the executive officer of the destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill, who was relieved this month, as the highest-ranking officers to be punished for defying the order.

    The Army would not identify the two officers.

    U.S. Marines service members stand at attention. | Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images
    Updated: 12/16/2021 12:59 PM EST

    The Marine Corps has booted 103 of its members for refusing the Covid vaccine, the service announced on Thursday, even as all the military branches report that a vast majority of troops have gotten the shots.




  47. Taylor Swift album party becomes superspreader event after nearly 100 test positive for Covid


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