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A top engineer for the US Navy and his wife were arrested over the weekend and accused of attempting to sell sensitive US secrets to a party they believed to agents of a foreign power.

Jonathan and Diana Toebbe were arrested on charges of violating the Atomic Energy Act.

For over a year Jonathan and Diana were actively engaged in espionage with a party they believed to be a powerful US adversary but which in reality was actually the FBI. During this time the duo exchanged highly classified information regarding the propulsion systems of US nuclear powered submarines in exchange for significant sums of money, including one case in which they were paid 100,000 by the FBI as part of the investigation.

As The Hill notes:

In June 2021, the FBI paid Jonathan Toebbe $10,000 as a sign of good faith. Then, about a week after sending payment, the agency began conducting dead drop operations in Jefferson County, W.Va. A dead drop is a form of exchange commonly used in espionage to drop off information in a hidden spot where a party can receive the information without being seen by the public or police.

During these operations, Jonathan Toebbe was physically seen at the agreed-upon location and was identified as a government employee. Diana Toebbe was observed to be nearby, assisting him with the dead drop operation.

Following this operation, in which the FBI received an SD card from Jonathan Toebbe, another $20,000 was paid to the Navy employee.

In August, Jonathan Toebbe conducted another dead drop operation in which he hid an SD card in a gum wrapper. After he was paid an additional $70,000, Toebbe sent the FBI a decryption key for the SD card. All the information that Toebbe handed over was found to be officially restricted.

The couple was finally arrested during a second ‘dead drop’ operation (a term used to describe a situation where spies exchange information at low profile, out of the way locations) in West Virginia.

Perhaps most shocking of all, it appears that the couples’ politics, which Diana reportedly broadcast all over social media, where extremely liberal:

Fox News examined what appears to be Diana Toebbe’s Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram page, and found repeated posts supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, including a profile picture reading, “Black Lives Matter,” and a post last year celebrating the social media protest against racism called “#blackouttuesday.”

A Twitter account appearing to also belong to Diana Toebbe shows her following various “resistance” accounts in protest of Trump, including the “Rogue NASA” account described as “the unofficial ‘Resistance’ team of NASA” on its description.

Both of the Toebbe’s are also reportedly registered Democrats.


  1. When – NOT IF – when they are tried, found guilt, given the death penalty, I want the Federal Government to contact me and I will throw the switch – – – FOR FREE. Sure hope they don’t get Epsteined. We wouldn’t want them to say Biden, Dems, Hillary put them up to it.

      1. However, if they were supporters they would be locked solitary for a year ortwo until their trial. When found guilty they would be taken out to the mid-Atlantic for a swimming lesson.

  2. If they support domestic terrorists like BLM, throw the book at them. I WOULD double-check anything that the corrupt FBI did, though!

  3. The people that were given information, about the atomic bomb, faced the firing squad. Maybe that should be looked at. Treason should come with hard punishment.

    1. HIGH TREASON such as This appears, IF proven, DEMANDS Execution. NO Liberal bullshit leniency, NO woke horseshit….. DEATH.
      SOME things in Life. ARE Zero Tolerance, Plain and Simple.

  4. One must pay the price for betrayal. I could give the FBI about 200 or so more names that qualify as traitors and wouldn’t cost a cent

  5. These American traitor’s, who are registered Democrats, and Biden supporters, stealing and selling secret information to who they thought were foreign operatives, but undercover FBI, should be convicted of treason against America. These scumbag liberal people, are supporters of domestic terrorists BLM should be hung!

  6. It’s long been known that  Liberal Democrats are TRAITORS plain and simple, they are the enemies of America… so Democrats’ Bully blacks and Latinos into Submission’ NO ME, I am a DEMOCRAT LATINO

    1. PLZ explain what is “LIBERAL” about SOCOMS. I have seen nothing neither LIBERAL or PROGRESSIVE about murdering/lying/thieving/totalitarian thugs. Dump the “LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE tittles. As long as U give them these nice sounding names the uninformed masses will follow them. CALL THEM OUT 4 THE WARPED BRAINED ZOMBIES THAT

      1. THAT is YOUR Repeated hang up!
        If you Understood what a LIBERAL is, the word does NOT have a Good connotation. LIBERAL means NOT FOLLOWING RULES, ANYTHING GOES, LENIENCY, THROWING ACCEPTED PRINCIPLES AND BELIEFS BY THE WAYSIDE. And ALL of These bring on the Breakdown and FAILURE of a system, so it is NOT a Good thing.
        Progressive is somewhat “misleading”, I’ll give you that, but THAT too, has come to be known that it is NOT as it sounds, PROGRESS, but “moving, progressing” in DIFFERENT directions from the Accepted modes of operation. Because a thing is PROGRESSIVE does NOT mean that it is progressing in a GOOD way, as in a PROGRESSIVE CANCER! It’s Progressing, Actively Growing, Spreading.

  7. Well, one can only hope they get to “meet” the criminals who ascribe to BLM when they are in prison, though it will be way, way too late.

    1. And PROBABLY GET ELECTED by this DUMBSHIT population we now have! What the heck is ONE MORE EVIL SLIMEBALL AMERICAN?!

  8. I am so disappointed with the decisions that I’ve seen made by prosecutors at all levels of government (federal, state, & local) that I would not be surprised to see these two out on bail & eventually found not guilty if actually brought to trial.

      There are NO Rules. ANYTHING Goes. Just DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.
      And then wonder WHY your system FAILS and INPLODES.

  9. Sadly this is the state of the democrat party…cheat lie and steal even at the expense of your own childrens lives. These people are not rehabilitative which means they should get the death penalty. Neither once has any remorse I’m sure and neither one gave a damn about their own families. Thry were as are all liberals self serving. I hope they get the death penalty.

    1. NOT spies, James, TRAITORS! The LOWEST VERMIN on Earth committing TREASON that may very well cause us Destruction and/or Death!

  10. This is the Democrat way, no loyalty to America and yet this country supported both of them, I want to see thire faces so I can show everyone what a liberal radical treasonous criminal looks like.

  11. So there going after the little guys. Glad they got them but isn’t this just a smoke screen to make us think they are on the job when they let Biden, Oboma, there generals, Pilosi…. get away with treason. Turning their backs to the corruption is just as much treason as the ones they arrested. In fact, arresting people without due process, is treason.

    1. Excellent point!
      “Oh, yeah, we’re doing our job chasing criminals and bringing them to justice.”

      Yeeeeeeah, Riiiiiiight.

  12. Treason is treason in any language. They did it and they were caught. The Rosenbergs both got the chair. The punishment has been set. What more is there to say, except that Biden gave our enemy billions in secret American arms to use against us. Why isn’t he being tried for the same crime???

    1. BECAUSE WE ARE NOW ONE SICK COUNTRY, plain and simple. What we have become is Unbelievable and beyond APPALLING.

      Thank You Democrats and Liberals and Other immoral pieces of shit.

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