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New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio is now reportedly the target of new allegations which allege that he misused hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax payer dollars for corrupt purposes.

As Fox News reports:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio misused police resources on his security detail, a new report released Thursday by the city’s Department of Investigation (DOI) says, to assist in his adult daughter’s move out of Brooklyn, as well as to transport campaign staff during his presidential bid.

The DOI found that the Democratic mayor misused police resources by directing members of his Executive Protection Unit (EPU) to help move his daughter, Chiara de Blasio, out of her apartment in Brooklyn in 2018. NYPD personnel helped carry furniture and an NYPD sprinter van carried her belonging to Gracie Mansion, which is the official residence of the mayor of New York City located in Manhattan.

DOI also determined that the City of New York expended $319,794 for the members of Mayor de Blasio’s security detail to travel during his presidential campaign trips. The mayor has still not reimbursed the city for those funds either personally or through his campaign. The report also says that during these campaign trips, EPU members occasionally transported de Blasio’s campaign staffers with the mayor.

Both reflect a use of NYPD resources for political purposes, according to the DOI.

The mayor’s office attempted to dispute the report by claiming that a ‘very real threat assessment’ justified the expenses.


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  2. The worse mayor in NYC history and loved by stupid New Yorkers. Good at painting streets, funding his wife’s programs and using his coffers for personal reasons. What an idol.

    1. and he wants to be the Govenenor of NY…his wife would have to then have a staff of hundreds of people.

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  5. Why even report it. Nothing will happen. An investigation on tax payers money will miraculously find no wrong doing and this all will be another shit burger.

  6. Billy and his wife have been corrupt since he was elected. Once again new York voters have been dumped by crooks.

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  7. Deblasio Needs to be removed from office in New York City they should Impeach him and get a new Mayor

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  9. poor baby a real threat. was that in his imiganation or maybe he sent the threats to himself, or most probably he is corrupt asshole… or all or any combination of the above…
    My question ois when will the people, you know, the citizens make these courts hold thes corrupt official accountable…

  10. After the Russian revolution the communist elites moved into the royal palaces. Communism has two classes the ruling bureaucracy and the slaves. Previously wealthy people tend to end up with important positions within the new bureaucracy.

  11. No sense in reporting on this, because as we have seen time and time again, there will be no charges, or arrests . The Deep State has Carte Blanche to do as they like . Conservatives couldn’t even fart without a special investigation team on them. Until the left is held accountable, it will be business as usual for them.

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