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One of Chicago’s top prosecutors, Kim Foxx, is now under fire after refusing to press charges against a group of gunman who opened fire at a house containing rival gang members using the argument that the two parties were “mutual combatants.”

As Fox News reports:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is lashing out at Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx for citing “mutual combatants” in her decision not to press charges against those arrested in a deadly daylight neighborhood shootout caught on camera last week between rival gang members.

“She’s got to explain to the public, why? Given that evidence, a pod camera right there that captured the entire thing and police officers on the scene in uniform, and a squad car there, why that isn’t enough?” Lightfoot said at a press conference Monday. “If the bad guys that are out there that are picking up guns and shooting without any regard for the sanctity of life, do not believe that there’s accountability for them, the brazenness will not end. It will escalate, it will continue and our communities will not be safe.”

One person was killed and five others were taken into custody and later released in connection to the shootout that happened in the Austin neighborhood Friday on the city’s West Side. Three gang members began shooting into a single-family home in broad daylight in an effort to draw out members of an opposing gang faction. Three individuals inside returned fire, killing one of the offenders outside.

More than 70 rounds of shells were recovered from the shooting captured by a city camera, and a set of uniformed officers in a marked squad car were also on the scene within a short period of time and witnessed the activity, Lightfoot, as well as five alderman, in a letter obtained by Fox 32, implored Foxx to reconsider felony charges, like attempted murder, at least against the two surviving initial aggressors.
Foxx hit back against the mayor in a statement released on Monday in which she warned against the dangers of trying criminal cases in the media.


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  2. Perhaps they couldn’t determine who was acting in self defense and who wasn’t. But the gun slingers should be vetted to see if they are legally allowed to possess guns

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  4. It’s their game. Lightfoot and Foxx are both owned by Soros. There is no difference between them. More fake info put out by the Dems.

  5. How about Kim Foxx actually prosecuting cases. Oh! I’m sorry their all black. Kem Foxx will only prosecute white people. Raciest piece of SHI*!

  6. Kim Fox is back in the spotlight again and disappointed no white racists were involved. It would seem, the gunmen in the house were just defending themselves albeit probably with unlicensed and illegal guns. There should be charges for those.

    One of the aggressors was killed. Under felony murder, the other aggressors can be charged with the death of their own compatriot. Ain’t that a kick in the pants.

  7. You think it’s rough in the Windy City? When we open our door on Halloween, the kids yell “Trick or Else”.

  8. Fox and mutual combats and not trying things in the press… bet she said the same thing about gorge’s death or any of the other black deaths… really but then this is Chicago and been under dem control fo years. The thing that suprised me was Lighthead (opps, I mean Lightfoot) was against not pressing charges/ My question is, what the hell happened to lighted (damn I men Lightfoot).

  9. that’s the type of people they have enforcing the law up there. that’s what they deserve. i would hate to be a cop on the street there. but you know, maybe that’s what this country needs to go back to. the wild west days. everyone carrying a gun

  10. In my opinion , The prosecutor is an idiot , both gangs should show up at her house for target practice because she is a mutual idiot

    1. Gang warfare is now legal in Chicago as long as there are no WHITIES involved , then the BLM can jump in and declare White Privilege because they own that Shi!.

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