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Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has reportedly now Ok’d the administration of its coronavirus vaccine to children between the ages of 5 to 11.

As CNBC reports:

A smaller dose of Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine is safe and generates a “robust” immune response in a clinical trial of kids ages 5 to 11, the drugmakers announced Monday.

The news couldn’t come any sooner for parents anxious to get their children vaccinated as kids start the new school year with the delta variant surging across America. Children’s Covid cases remain disturbingly high with 243,000 new infections during the week ended Sept. 9. — the second-highest number of kids’ cases since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the most recent data from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The data, which included more than 2,200 children, will be submitted to the Food and Drug Administration and other health regulators “as soon as possible,” the companies said. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said last week the company could submit data on children ages 5 to 11 by the end of this month. If the FDA spends as much time reviewing the data for that age group as it did for 12- to 15-year-olds, the shots could be available in time for Halloween.

“Depending on how long the FDA takes to review the application, whether it’s a four-week review or a six-week review, you could have a vaccine available to children as early as probably by the end of October” or early November, Scott Gottlieb, a Pfizer board member and the former head of the FDA, told CNBC on Monday.

The announcement will likely open up a new debate on the ethics of mandating the vaccination of children.


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  1. disgusting.. all these drug company heads should be hung. What the vaccine does is opens the door for adverse events (both known and unknown) but these drug companies see money. They disgust me. No child should get a vaccine, well I believe no one should but if you are of age and want one go for it and if there aree side effects down the road, bad news you are on your own as you can not sue these companies even if you prove they knew the vaccines were bad. There are drugs, that biden is trying to keep from the rep states, please let me see him hang, but this is nit new as he is already a mass murder.

  2. One Question:
    CDC and others keep saying that Children are not Vulnerable
    Barry PO1 USN RET
    Vietnam 3x (Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club)

  3. Hummmmmmm
    If the jab is sterilizing folks, and libs are anxious to get the jab, therefore many fewer new libs than conservatives, I’m ok with that.
    Barry PO1 USN RET
    Vietnam 3x (Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club)

  4. I really don’t think parents are going to vaccinate their kids. Give me a break they are not at risk. He’ll no to the poison jab.

  5. Why would a kid want to take a COVID vaccine when the vaccine is many time more dangerous to them than getting the virus?

    1. Because there are millions that have bought into this scamdemic and ran to the front of the line to get the jab, now they will do it to their kids

  6. The government has declared war on the American people , they are bringing their army across the border to kill the ones that survive the jab !

  7. Children are minimaly affected by COVID. Why mess with natural immunity, which is FAR safer than experimental drugs.

  8. my daughter 14 got vaccinated and still got covid. Although it is not as contagious as they say there are 5 in the house and she was the only one that got it. instead of vaccines they need to promote treatments which are better because you will still get covid with the vaccine

  9. As it was pointed out to the FDA the other day, the Israeli government are in bed with Pfizer big time. How’s it going in Israel again?

  10. So what kind of Regulators will the FDA use?
    We have already seen the two Regulatory Directors resign ove3r Governemtn interference.
    Federal employees and their families and elected Officials in Washington are all exempted, even the Post office Union is exempted.
    But they want anyone elses children to revcieve the Vaccine they are exempted from?

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