JD Lasica from Pleasanton, CA, US via Wikimedia Commons

Gov. Gavin Newsom is wasting no time in taking advantage of the political capital gained from his triumph in the recent California recall election.

On Thursday Gavin signed a new, sweeping ban on Single Family zoning which would pave the way for suburban communities to be forced to allow ‘affordable housing’ into their neighborhoods.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Less than 48 hours after squashing an attempt to oust him from office, California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom signed sweeping housing legislation on Thursday afternoon that reportedly bans single-family-only zoning in most neighborhoods across the state.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Newsom “essentially abolished single-family zoning in California – and green-lighted a series of bills intended to bolster the state’s housing production.”

The San Francisco Chronicle reported, “Newsom signed a pair of bills that promote what supporters call a ‘light density’ approach, loosening zoning rules to make it easier to build out existing neighborhoods with small apartment buildings.”

Describing the signings as “a long-awaited victory for advocates who have pushed California to embrace denser construction as a solution to its critical housing shortage,” The Chronicle added, “Years of pitched legislative battles over single-family zoning and height limits ended Thursday.”



  1. How in the fukkk did this azz clown EVER get elected? We all know he is a member of the Queen Haag Piglosi mafia but GEEZ, are you people really that stupid or desperate? Well all I can say is “Enjoy the Ride!” BWAAAAAHAAAAAA

      1. Certainly one of the easiest elections to cheat on. Just check one box “NO”. No questions asked. Very easy to to enter thousands of ballot copies with only one box checked. 31% said they only checked the no box. That alone gave Newsome a more than 10% advantage.

        1. No Experience Needed, No Boss Over ii P Your Shoulder… Say Goodbye To Your Old Job! Limited Number Of Spots Open… 𝐅𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐉𝐨𝐛𝐬𝟒𝟕.𝐓𝐊

      2. I DON’T. I have NO idea just HOW these masses get SO warped in their thinking.
        If they can make a BAD move, they make it.
        WHERE does that “mass” Warped thinking COME FROM?! When a human being has a really SHIT suggestion offered to them, they generally Know enough to say, “No, That’s a Bad idea”, and don’t buy into it. Have ALL Californians been lobotomized?! Something they DO in the hospitals to ALL the babies at birth? Is the Climate ENOUGH to make you just lose ALL rational THINKING and STAY there and put up with All o’ the SHIT that is DESTROYING the state? It ALL just plain Doesn’t make any sense. 🤷‍♂️

      1. Yes, they really are!
        And…..they vote these idiots in, then have absolutely no clue about the crap they pass in the middle of the night. It affects their lives, but they’re clueless.

    1. This is a Democrat state. What else did you expect? These people always do what their government tells them to do. They want to be good citizens and good citizens always believe everything their government says and does is for the good of the people! They want everyone in the world to be happy so no one should be allowed to have anymore then anyone else . And, since America is such a wonderful place to live, everyone in the world should be allowed to live here so they can be happy too, as long as they don’t choose to live next door to any of our wonderful leader’s mansions. Don’t you realize that our leaders are the best of men and that’s why we elect them again and again.

      1. Lol. Yes, the populace lives in that Fairyland and just go along with the CRAP and keep opening their wallets WIDER and the Lib Elite leaders live in luxury and Splendor on their money.

    1. Dunno if you are old enough to remember the bussing furor of the 1970s but dirty money aside it will be the same result here.

      1. Whites sat back and let busing happen.If they sit back and let this happen they will once again be sorry.No matter how hard they work to afford to live in a good area they will be deluged by blm and antifa not to mention the rest of their ilk.

        1. Best to just let it sink to the bottom of the Pacific. Then again this may be that one island the brilliant Democrat congressman believes just might tip over.

      1. Correct! California has been manipulating elections for years. It will never change. After all, why give up on something that works? Being honest is not in their version of the constitution. Doing anything in order to remain in power is their only objective. This will never change in California.

        1. YES, their ONLY Objective. This party “that cares so much about Everybody” are the most INTOLERANT of those that don’t agree with them, Unscrupled Pricks EVER.

    1. ALL the Democrats DO! They have no morals. They ONLY want Power. It’s ALL that matters to them. They will be the Ruling Elites and have EVERYTHING, and to Hell with Everybody else! THAT is their mindset. And the masses fall for the EMPTY promises they “bribe” them with.

  2. The Devil and his children are in control and I seriously doubt if the votes that we cast are the votes that are counted by the union organized poll workers. Please join me in prayer that God hear our pleas that he save One Nation Under God. As God does not force evil people to be saved, the best we can hope for is a visit of the Angel of Death, as when God finally dealt with Sodom.

  3. Well you know this won’t affect the ultra elites.. trust me, they aint putting up any apartments or duplexes in La Jolla or Brentwood.

  4. Newscum is a skunk like his Aunt. We all know he cheated his way in just life scum bag in Oregon and the White House. Cheaters, liars,thieves and total scum bags.

    1. Just hoping that they don’t go to RED states and ruin their politics???
      They move because they don’t like what’s going on in their corrupt states, then get to a new state with a conservative governor and vote like they did in the state they left. I.e., TX, CA, Idaho, etc., etc.

  5. This guy is driving more native Californians out of the state everyday. In fact you are very hard pressed to book a moving company to get you out of here. I will be one of them in about 3 or 4 months, if I stayed I thought of opening a one-way moving company.


  7. Lord knows that this post will likely cause my cancelation but I can’t help it. Long ago it was thought and even hoped for that the “big one” would cause everything in California west of the San Andreas fault to slide blissfully into the sea. The old saying “,if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” definitely doesn’t work for California because if California was a car the insurance company would opt for replacement rather than repair. Gavin and his ideas should be kept under permanent quarantine! So goes the Left Coast.

  8. I’m certain laws have to be passed by the legislature.

    “Affordable housing” is another term for “slums.”

  9. Newsom is an IDIOT. America tried low income housing and it was a Disaster. Where they are built does not matter. The Problem is those who build it and those who are in Charge of those who build it.

  10. It’s affordable until the tax’s go up…What person wants to by affordable , new ,apartments that will be destroyed by the occupants ??? California will kill itself with there leadership…

  11. The simple solution is STOP MAIL-IN VOTING. Too many mail-in ballots float around and are used to FRAUDULENTLY throw the election. Why didn’t we learn this after the 2020 fraudulent voting that occurred?

  12. Folks in the burbs are going to ,just love the 12 Plex next door with no parking garage and filled with Afghans and Haitians…and a few real Africans tossed in for good measure.

  13. Ive got bad news for Newsom. The “Election” was being monitored By President Trump and the Military. Did he really think he could get away with it? Good bye Newsom. You are going to join Aunty Nancy in the “Spa”

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