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In spite of President Biden’s demands, the NBA is reportedly not planning on attempting to enforce the vaccine mandate on its players.

As ESPN reports:

NBA players will not be mandated to get vaccinated against COVID-19, league sources tell ESPN.

The NBA and NBPA continue to negotiate aspects of COVID-related protocols and procedures for the upcoming 2021-22 campaign, but the NBPA has refused to budge on its demand that players not be required to take the vaccine, sources say, and any proposal that mandates vaccination remains a “non-starter.”

NBA referees and most NBA staff are mandated to be vaccinated.

The NBA and NBPA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It seems that as far as vaccination mandates go, some people and professions are just exempt.


  1. Hmmm? Don’t NBA teams employ 100 or more people? What gives? Oh yeah, they are elitist BLM, ANTIFA, CCP loving Biden sucking individuals!

      1. Careful, they’ve got algorithms programmed to detect what you’re posting. Once Numb Nuts has Americans by their hairy legs (Or their Gluteus Maximus) he can deploy his goons to invite dissidents to attend classes at their convenience.

        ‘Think I’m kidding?….

  2. so, if you’re in a union that pays Democrat dues then you’re exempt from everything, but if you’re regular person your SOL??

    so it’s a typical Democrat, socialist, communist pay to play or in this case pay not to get the jab by force!!

  3. Its the same when fu kbama squatted in the white house. He made his fellow terrorist muslems exempt from obammycare. Also obammy called ahead to warn our enemies (his terrorist buddies) about an incoming attack just like millie did. He should have been shot for treason also.

      1. just sayin.. alot of “colored boys” are against biden and these anti-American issues. In fact I might say that “white boys” are more apt to be followers than many blacks… just from my observations.. It is also all politicians (well at least the vast majority) that are bought and paid for. Whom we should be against, well in the front lines, are these super rich that are paying these corrupt individuals. They should be the first people to be held accountable, then everytone else and that everyone else is a target rich environment..
        my point is don’t make this racism because blm/antifa (which both groups have many, many whites) do against whites nd blacks that don’t follow their agenda..

        1. Right. Formative thinking is often the enemy. Truth is seldom always black or white (no pun intended) but consists in reality of many shades of grey.

    1. Hell, he Still SHOULD be! A little time passing DOESN’T make the crimes he committed AGAINST The United States of America go away!

  4. This is the hidenbiden’s insanity that’s going on today, american citizens, need the vaccine, but illegals,criminal alliens, nba, and other bias,organizations don’t. How about u go fk yourselves, and hidenbiden’s idiotic policies. Good for thee but not for me.

  5. While I side with them not to mandate players get it I find it disturbing they require referees and staff do. What a hypocritical call to make and you either believe the BS around vaccines, or you dont because there is no such thing as one group of people automatically immune while others are not! If you believe vaccines should not be mandated, that needs to be for EVERYONE, not just who you decide on!

    1. Besides union representation, they are probably held to be Independent Contractors. Staff and refs not so much.

    2. So SIMPLE that a friggin’ 2nd Grader would Get It, but Noooo!, NOT the Democrats!
      If it wasn’t for Asinine or Evil moves, they’d make no moves at all.

  6. Actually I think this is great. I hope this goes through for them. If the government decides to grant them a waiver, that is a strong basis for any lawsuit filed by the general public. It strongly increases the chance this will be found unconstitutional.

    Its actually very likely that the fact that congress is exempt is also a strong basis for it being ruled unconstituion.

    1. Congress, the Executive Branch, and naturally the Judicial Branch, are inundated with lawyers. If those people were interested in our Constitution, there wouldn’t be Hate Crime Laws, or Affirmative Action, Gay Marriage, Taxpayer Funded Abortions, NAFTA, GATT, Support of Israel with our taxes, porous borders, Wars unending and internet algorithms. Unfortunately, they’re working to dismantle that Constitution, and they know enough Latin to make it sound as if that’s their ‘duty’.

  7. ….But ONLY if they wear Pink Sneakers during the games, and Rainbow Socks to commemorate Gay Pride and the WNBA.

  8. its not a Vaccine . Wake up World. Its a bio weapon laced with Graphene Oxide, Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde, Anti freeze, aborted baby tissue and more Designed to alter your God given DNA/Immune system and in fact in future vaxxed people wont be able to fight diseases The jab also contains HIV and C19. Never in our lives have we experienced such wickedness

  9. WOW and those military patriots (who protect our country and our citizens)must be Vaxed, quit of be fired. Yet this sports player, postal service people (to distribute voter ballots for more fraud), some staff members and aids at WH are exempt. Yep, how much does this admin follow his oath and support our Constitution? Destroying our country with giving away our nd which belongs to the people and no one has the right to give it to anyone. The should all hang and soon.

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