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The Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, is now ordering members of the State National Guard to start arrest illegal migrants on the State’s southern border with Mexico.

As The Hill reports:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on Tuesday ordered the National Guard to help local law enforcement with arresting migrants as the state continues to see an influx of people crossing the southern border.

Abbott sent his request for more “manpower” to mitigate border crossings in a letter to Maj. Gen. Tracy R. Norris of the Texas Military Department, according to The Texas Tribune.

“To respond to this disaster and secure the rule of law at our Southern border, more manpower is needed — in addition to the troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and soldiers from the Texas National Guard I have already deployed there — and DPS needs help in arresting those who are violating state law,” the letter stated, according to the news outlet. “I hereby order that the Texas National Guard assist DPS in enforcing Texas law by arresting lawbreakers at the border.”

National guardsmen deployed under state orders are legally allowed to conduct law enforcement.

The move comes as illegals continue to swamp America’s southern border in hopes that they will find leniency under the new Biden Administration


  1. I’d rather see them shipped back and not let in the U.S. to house, feed, medicate, etc. I’d also like to see Biden and ALL of his cohorts brought up Treason charges.

      1. The governors dealing with these ILLEGALS should come together and flat out tell this corrupt administration that they’re sending all these diseased people back to where they came from.
        And NO, joe. You can kakkle all you want, it’s gonna be done. NO ONE wants these people here. PERIOD! Those that do, should take them in.

          1. Hell no Biden would hire in the White House!!! Just shoot a few hundreds rounds in the water at the border frequently.

          2. Instead of WDC, they should be sent to Beijing Biden’s mansion in Delaware and Nasty Piglosi’s mansion in San Francisco.

        1. States “have the inherent right” to refuse entry to illegal aliens, “they also have the power to remove such persons found in their states, even without sanction of the national government.” 

    1. Impeached for not enforcing the laws of the USA. They pick and choose which laws to enforce based on their politics.

    2. I agree with Grinnie. These people should be denied US resources and if they try to remain here
      shoot them. Send them all back where they came from and let them fend
      for themselves.

    1. I don’t get it? Why would anyone think the retard some call the President would do anything? Remember Obumer? Cubans are being repatriated but anyone else is more than welcome.

        1. And that’s the reason that the donkey in office now doesn’t want them here, because they would NOT vote for the donkey!!! THEY ARE ALL ABOUT FREEDOM, THEY’VE BEEN DEALING WITH COMMUNISM FOR DECADES AND THE TRUTH IS COMMUNISM SUCKS!!!

          1. That is VERY OFFENSIVE to donkeys. Donkeys are much smarter than Beijing Biden.

          2. You are right, I apologize to donkeys, what I should have said is donkey excrement!!!

      1. Prez Bidet is not a retard but actually a pre history individual as in cromagnum or pre intelligence , either one describes his no iq. Most retards have more intelligence than pre civilization Bidet

  2. So much for arch traitor brainless joe’s open borders! If and when more governors follow Abbot’s example the commicrat plot to flood America with illegals (who bring disease, crime and illiteracy with them) will be slowed or maybe even stopped!

    1. USA citizens do not need to worry about nuclear warfare from other nations. Biden is destroying America at record break speed. His regeem must be stopped; I just can’t understand how the democrats changes have, and are, tolerated.

      1. A spelling lesson…. the word is “regime”, not ‘regeem’. BUT, that said, I agree with your sentiment.

  3. Abbott Should Fuel Up The Military Planes And Load Each One Up And Fly Them Right Back And Unload Them On Their President Lawn , Then Place Land Mines Down Along The USA Boarders And The Mexican President Should Give His People Birth Control Or Have Ever Male Fixed Even The Teen Age Boys . It seems Like They Can Not Take Care Of Their Own Family’s They Have To Come Into The USA And Steal And Take It all Back To Their Own Country’s . Just Look At Western Union Or Watch How Many Money Orders They Send Out To Their Own Country’s . Such A Shame .

    1. W.W.J.D.
      What you are saying is Abbott should violate US Immigration law much like Trump did. No state Governor has any authority to deal with immigration in any way, shape or form, the Constitution says that is a Federal duty, and at present the laws of this USA about those illegals is being followed to the letter as it should be. This is a country of laws as it should be and every President when sworn is swears to make sure the laws are followed as written, which Trump did not, wanting to act like a Autocratic Person, one person running every thing in this USA.


      2. Then why is the president not enforcing the immigration laws currently on the books? EO’s do not erase congressional passed laws.

    2. Or exchange one globalist puppet, illegal criminal invader voter for 100 globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep until America is free of globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep .

  4. All illegals need to be forced to return the same way they came, no more cost to taxpayers. If they swam here they can swim back, if they walked turn them around and they walk back. They figured out a way to get to America they can figure out how to get back.

  5. It’s high time someone took positive steps to control the massive invasion of illegals. It’s certain that Sleepy Joe and his leftist cohorts have no intentions in that regard.

    1. Or libby snow flake sheep ordered their daughters to close to chester the molester biden for more than only a picture .

  6. Did Abbott ever study Government in his life, anyone that know how the Government works knows that Military have no authority in the matter, when we had National guard from many states on the border all they were allowed to do was to be lookout for illegals crossing the border they could not lay hands on or question the illegals in any way. Immigration is solely left to the Federal Agencies, and the Military is not one of those agencies.

    1. It’s not Texas DPS place to go to the border but they have to. People say it Federal Agencies duty. If so why are the DPS Troopers going?

    2. The military defends the borders of the USA against all enemies foreign and domestic. It is within in their “Oath of Office” from the lowest enlisted to the most senior General/Admiral on duty. We are being invaded with people, weapons and drugs. Chemical and biologic warfare.
      BTW illegal invaders are not legal immigrants.

  7. Attorney General Garland of the Department of Injustices warned the Texas government they cannot arrest the criminal illegals, they invasion must continue till millions are here in welfare, and once the illegals here you slaves will be taxed to support them. You have no say our illegal communist masters decide these things. . They rigged the election and won it fair and illegally. Who are these foreigners, no one knows fir sure, it does not matter their voters for 2024 to keep the illegal Global Communist government in power forever. You can take your rights, concerns fir your loved ones safety, and the constitution the communist claim to be protecting and shove it up your ass. You have no say in what your cimm(must masters decide to do to you. You better het vaccine and wear a mask, but 180,000 a month invasion of illegals are nit subjected to our communist dictatorship decrees.

  8. I saw a meme today that made a good statement about immigrants. Our forefathers came to tame and take over a wild country with NO FOODSTAMPS, NO FREE EDUCATION, NO WELFARE, NO FREE MEDICAL unlike these leeches that want to come here for those reasons and those reasons only in most cases. Joe Biden should donate his personal wealth to feed, house and cloth them and make sure they don’t have tuberculosis.

  9. All the illegals throughout the State (since Biden began his disasterous reign) should be arrested and sent packing.

  10. Sounds like Gov. Abbott is feeling the pressure from the other two (more conservative) candidates trying to replace him in the 2022 state election.

    1. The Border Patrol is not allowed to do their job, Idiot. Just like local law enforcement is not allowed to do their job.

  11. At last! An American leader (Abbott) has finally acted like an American – not like the pro socialist/Communist Washington politicians (of both parties). Washington, get yourselves in line with Americanism, or get LOST!

  12. I wish they would arrest the usurpers, illegally sitting in DC first. Then, taken care of foreign illegals will be easy.

  13. Gov. ABBOTT is 100% correct in arresting ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!! The biden/harris COMMUNIST REGIME has CLOSED THEIR EYES AND WHAT’S MUCH WORSE; ILLEGAL’S ARE NOT TESTED FOR china virus, and that’s WAY UP china virus Cases all around border states & towns!!! HOW HYPOCRITICAL IS THAT??? AND I WON’T SOON FORGET THAT mayorkas looked dead into camera and said “THE BORDER’S ARE CLOSED”!!!! Most people are smarter than that, & many are much smarter than you!!!

  14. I pray after they ate arrested they are sent packing and told to never return. I’m sick of all this lawlessness from those illegals. They have no right to be here. We didn’t ask then to come. They need to take their illegal butts back to their home.

  15. Please join me in prayer that the God, who brought judgment onto Sodom, will strike down the enemies of One Nation Under God. The bureaucracy has been corrupted and now elections will be fixed, as they have been for decades in Chicago. The elites have decided that freedom is far too dangerous, after the people elected Trump.

  16. My thought would be to have our Texas National Guard start uncoiling concertina wire along the border where there is not a wall to stop illegals. They are in trained and should know how to put it up. A couple of rows of it should bretty much stop most of them. After a few get cut up, they will figure out that stuff will cut you and stay on the other side with a patrol to guard against cutting it. It is alsome impossible to cross.

  17. All the southern border governors should get together and tell that POS Biden and his administration to go to hell and then send every illegal back to where they came from and close the border for good.We don’t need all their disease,criminals,and illiterates here.

  18. Why arrest them.

    Not only do states “have the inherent right” to refuse entry to illegal aliens, “they also have the power to remove such persons found in their states, even without sanction of the national government.” 

  19. Good. Not only arrest them but deport them back to their homeland. Funny how its predominantly strong young men!

  20. Time to use a Trebuchet and send them sailing back south of our border! You would only have to send a few, others would get the message!

  21. Close the border now. We are being invaded. All these illegals need to be sent back and refused entry into the US. They are not checked for any diseases until they are already in the US. I am tired of all these illegals being taken care of before Americans.

  22. This should of been done when it first started ! Send them back over the boarder we don’t want them !!! Enough of this BS! More DESEASES coming into OUR COUNTRY !!! And this covid BS is just that! The DEMONRATS HAVE TO GO ! ASAP

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