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ANALYSIS – As the anti-regime crisis in Cuba intensifies just 90 miles from the United States, Cuban freedom protesters from across the country converged in front of the White House Sunday night peacefully demanding Biden act strongly against the socialist dictatorship and support anti-regime demonstrators in Cuba. While these DC protests receive far less media coverage than BLM or other protests in the past year, they are significant.

Under pressure, after quietly ignoring the initial upheaval in Cuba, the Biden administration belatedly announced its support of the protesters in Cuba and has also leveled some sanctions. Most Cuban Americans, and many throughout the country, and the world, think that is not enough.

Maria Elvira Salazar, a freshman GOP Congresswoman from Miami, and my former colleague and co-host on Univision Radio, provided this tweet of the Sunday night protest:


The repressive communist dictatorship just miles from Miami has been in power for over six decades. Well over two million Cubans have fled the island for the United States. This number includes my parents, and other family, who escaped in the early 1960s. Many thousands of Cubans have died on boats and rafts attempting to escape from the 1990s till today.

Chaos in Cuba also has the potential to quickly become a nightmare for the U.S. as multiple past American presidents, especially Jimmy Carter, long ago learned. A massive refugee boat or rafter wave could overwhelm South Florida in a matter of days, as the 1980 Mariel Boatlift with 120,000 Cubans fleeing Castro’s ‘Socialist Paradise’ showed.

This is something Team Biden is acutely aware of.

But Biden should also not forget also that Cuban Americans are a key voting bloc in several places, but specifically in the critical swing state of Florida. Many believe that Cuban Americans decided the razor-thin 2000 election in favor of GW Bush due to Clinton’s failed appeasement of the Castro regime, and his harsh actions toward the small Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez.

Then five-year-old Elian had survived a raft in shark-infested waters in 1999 with his mother fleeing to the United States. His mother perished at sea, and in April 2000 President Clinton forced Elian to return to communist Cuba – at gunpoint.

Another earlier embarrassment was Clinton allowing three American citizens, and one resident, from a humanitarian rescue group called ‘Brothers to the Rescue’ flying small light civilian planes near Cuba in 1996 searching for rafters to be murdered by the Cuban Air Force. The attack was later shown to have been in a premeditated aerial ambush ordered by the Castros that brought one Cuban MiG jet fighter dangerously close to, or even into, U.S. airspace.

What do Cuban Americans want from Bide? The Miami Herald reported that the Cuban freedom protesters in DC had different expectations of what “more” from Biden actually meant. Some went as far as suggesting a U.S. military intervention in Cuba.

While that is unlikely, barring a collapse of the regime and chaos that would threaten the U.S., a more realistic option, notes Fox News, should be the U.S.’s ability to circumvent the regime-imposed internet blackouts on the Island so Cubans can communicate inside and outside the island and be informed in real-time of events in their own country.

But stronger sanctions and concrete support for the dissidents and freedom fighters in Cuba are also ‘realistic’ options Biden should consider.

More importantly, Biden should drop any thoughts of lessening the strong Trump policies against the dictatorship, which many believed Biden intended to do. This is absolutely not the time for Democrats to – yet again – save the failed socialist dictatorship in Cuba.

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      1. the string puller is soros and his super rich buddies. Biden is a puppet and doesn’t even know what day it is. Anyone who likes biden is a total idiot and racist and always has been like his family is. just for the fact that biden is so mentally impaired that it is obvious to a 3 year old, not to mention his anti-American policies, well soros anti-American policies. Soros has hated america since we beat his beloved nazis. if you pay attention soros and who he supports, these supported peoples are just like nazis, no not in color but in attitude, practices and temperament. you have to understand soros is not just using biden but he is using these really dumb indoctrinated people. Soros owns the media, politicians, school administrators, the alphebet soup of govt agencies, and big tech although some of big tech is part of soros super rich buddies, and big business and they are similar to big tech. This non-thinking people, actually people that have lost all ability to think (ok these people maybe able to think selectively. for example they can solve specific problems but not others. example you maybe able to solve an enginnering problem but when it comes to figuring if someone is crooked, even when this corruption is obvious, in your face corruption. These people are excellent followers. Peer pressure is a ruling factor. Not being able to stand on your own feet. Not being able to see obvious wrongs or even if you thinlk something maybe wrong to stand up against the crowd, no way so in essence they are cowards. You get the picture. Biden is totally a corrupt coward, well also totally mentally incapacitated but even before his incapacitation was a coward. These people are easy to control, hence why the cheating in the vote because they can’t control trump because he isn’t a coward. Trump isn’t perfect but he did seem to be more for the constitution and american people buit I still think both oarties are outting on a big “dog and pony show” at our expense.

    1. Socialism – a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. Did you ever heart the Democrats advocate that the stock market be eliminated and the government now owns everything? Since that doesn’t sound like any Democrat, maybe you need a new dictionary, slick.

  1. Socialists are simply power mad people, who see themselves as destined to rule over the masses of useful idiots, who continue to vote for them, in spite of horrible quality of life that results.
    Biden and the bureaucracy are not about to allow too much criticism of the results of socialism that we see in Cuba. First, the US population must be brought under Soviet levels of control. The the ruling class can pack the Supreme Court and have only rulers select their own replacements.
    Already the purges of patriots have begun.
    I’m sure NSA monitors these posts and uses AI to measure if enough people care for it to matter, as they move the US step by step into the post Constitutional period.

    1. Especially after bragging that he had the MOST experience in foreign affairs of anyone. He’s a pitiful being.

  2. LISTEN UP…PREZ TRUMP Would KNOW What to DO to HELP the CUBANS/CUBAN AMERICANS. The SPIRIT of the L ORD GOD is with HIM just like it was with MOSES and KING DAVID. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  3. I hope they weren’t protesting outside the Washington DC Whitehouse as its empty? Go to Los Angeles to Castle Rock Studios where the fake Biden dos his little thing before going back to sleep

  4. Those American Cubans better start worrying about their own freedom here in the USA too. People from Cuba know how terrible communism is. We had better take back our own freedom first or we wont be able to help ourselves let alone any other country. Many people have no idea how bad it is because all of the news media are owned by the communist and only tell us what they want us to hear.

  5. What is wrong with our leaders. We enjoy the freedoms other countries dream of. When their citizens honor or flag and our own destroy it there will be a day of reckoning.
    For goodness sakes you DC Wimps, stand up and help those who are crying for us. The ones who have no voice and are totally vulnerable to a regime who keeps them under the gun.
    Castro should have been done-in during the 60’s.

  6. “Looks” like a Cuban Invasion or an Insurrection to me. This time it is aimed at another stupid Democrat and the remarks he has made. “My butts been wiped”!

  7. The Biden regime does not want future Republican voters to enter our nation. Thus open southern borders (Dem voters), but no Cubans allowed.

  8. The Biden follies continue:
    Stand up comic your not but big joke you are, The following is who big teck is protecting, Let me check my notes, is my butt wiped? no more questions, but the press conference just started, Get me Hunter on the private line, the CDC authorized the virus ridden illegals to come into our country, no Mr. President you did, where are my “big teck intermediaries”? need redo on this conference, this whole thing is Trump’s fault, I invented the vaccine or was Dr, Jill? Any way. late for video games at camp David got to go. Told you Arizona it’s not who votes, it’s who does the counting.

  9. Cuba Libre! These folks have seen the REAL face of Communism. They see the first signs of its stranglehold here in America. And they fear the victory of Communism. For once America falls, there will be no place else to go.

  10. Why would Biden take any action against the Cuban dictator when that is what the demborsts want in this country?

  11. The small entrepreneur was already making change in Cuba just before the Trump disaster took up residency at 1600. There were plans to start a daily fairy system between a Marina in Miami and Havana Marina.

    But all got shut down by the imbecile elect.

    Had the small entrepreneur been left to prosper, Cuba would have been closer to its people taking over its dictatorial regime.

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