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Former Senator Barabara Boxer was assaulted and robbed in Oakland California Monday and the liberal press has mostly refused to cover it.

As Fox News reports:

Former California Sen. Barbara Boxer was attacked and robbed of her cell phone Monday in Oakland, but anyone who relies on CNN or MSNBC’s primetime lineups for news was left in the dark about the stunning attack.

The liberal media has been criticized recently for downplaying or ignoring a spike in violent crimes in America’s largest cities. Boxer being robbed appears to be the latest example, as CNN and MSNBC both ignored the breaking news during primetime as details unfolded, according to a Grabien Media search of transcripts.

Boxer, a Democrat from California, was in Oakland’s Jack London Square neighborhood when someone pushed her in the back and took her phone, she tweeted in the late afternoon Monday.

CNN and MSNBC did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

It appears that the mainstream media will do almost anything to obscure the crimewave currently sweeping the country under Joe Biden, even if it means sacrificing one of their own.


    1. Exactly. The Dems created this hell hole, so now live with it. Oh, and be sure to defund the police that put their lives on the line everyday for you Democrats too.

  1. Big deal the thieves should make a note, they can get on Pelosi, Newsom and Boxer homes in San Francisco steal anything under nine hundred and only face a misdemeanor.

  2. Sick of so many pop up ads that I cannot read without deleting them and then losing what I was readin.

  3. You’d think after Newsom got a water bottle thrown at him by a homeless guy in Oakland that Boxer would have enough sense to not walk around in (or even go to) Oakland. These are two of the main politicians who created this horrific situation that we call California, with Oakland being one of the main epicenters of disaster. Maybe Jerry Brown (ex-mayor of Oakland) should go for a stroll next in his fair city.

  4. Nothing like finding out first hand how your leftist stupidity affects the real world for the ‘little people’. How’s that defund the police idea working for ya?

  5. It always amazes me how the Democrat/Leftist/Liberal/Socialist controlled media are only concerned about attacks on people in the streets when it is a Democrat that gets attacked.

  6. Hurray! Do it again and again and get Piglosy as well. She is still in power and it would be better then Boxer who is out of power.

  7. Barbara Boxer has no right to call Police!! She would vote to cut them out of the budget.

  8. It couldn’t happen to a better person. She hurt Californians with her weapons bill and everything 2A related.

    Imagine if she protected the 2A. A fellow citizen who maybe armed and could have stopped the attack.


    Pretty simple.

  9. One of the demokraps finally got a taste of what they created. Keep up the good work thugs. Target more demokraps, especially those that keep you on the streets!

  10. Couldn’t happen to a better democratic scum bag. It is about time people start going after the communist democrats. The Republicans have had all the flack they can handle right now. Down with all liberal communist Democrats starting with the brain dead Biden. Lets keep up the work.

  11. former-Senator Barbara”Don’t call me Ma’am”, call me by my title”Boxer(DEMOCRAT-CA)
    Can’t think of a more deserving, more elitist, self-serving individual than that shrew!
    Still believe in defunding law-enforcement ‘Babs’?

  12. I have no use for libnuts like Boxer and I’m sorry she was attacked but you reap what you sow dimwits. Coddle criminals this is what you get dims but they don’t care until it affects them personally.

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