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Wright County Minnesota has announced the arrival of the newest member of its police force and they aren’t just another officer.

Republican Congressman Tom Emmer (R-Minn) is championing a #thankacop campaign that raises money to help law enforcement around the country.

Emmer’s campaign website states:

Every day, law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to serve and protect our communities. And while National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is recognized once a year, the brave men and women who step up at every hour of every day deserve more gratitude and recognition.

Due to Congressman Tom Emmer’s #thankacop campaign, the public of Wright County gets to meet its newest member.

Meet K-9 Grizz, the newest addition to the Wright County Sheriff’s Department! 

Grizz began training in March shortly after his predecessor K-9 Vader retired. He and his handler, Deputy Michael Loomis, finished their certifications in narcotics detection, tracking, and general patrol duties in June and are officially now on duty. The Wright County Sheriff’s Department worked with Performance Kennels to host the certification school for Grizz and seven other law enforcement agencies from Minnesota and Iowa

As the Department’s K-9 handler, Deputy Loomis is responsible for Grizz’s care 24/7 as well as ongoing training. Grizz lives with the Loomis family when he is not working overnight patrol shifts and call outs. Prior to serving as the K-9 handler, Deputy Loomis worked in patrol, as a part of the Emergency Response Team, and as a firearms instructor. Deputy Loomis is also a Sheriff’s Office Explorer adviser. More information about the Explorers can be found here.

With Grizz now on patrol it’s fair to say that Wright county is in good hands, or at least good paws.

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2 months ago

Would love to be “in charge” of such a magnificent, super trained canine – be that as it may (never happen), the family of this police dog is so lucky! Please keep these K-9 heroes safe from harm! It is beyond regrettably sad when they are killed in the line of duty, be it police work here in the US or the military dogs. PLEASE PROTECT THEM!