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Eleven Republican senators have come out publicly to support a bipartisan infrastructure bill, opening up the possibility that such legislation could pass the Senate if every Democrat supports it.

Here’s the list of compromising GOP senators:


    1. Sadly they have been here for a long time along side the FAKE Republicans led by McConnell in the Senate and Cheney in the House. And everyone of them are the same as the MORON MEDIA NOTHIBG BUT RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS OF THE Democraps.

  1. Why am I not surprised by this roster of RINO’S? Drop kick these bastards to the curb……I’ve got dibs on Mittens and Shakey Collins. I’ve got a size 11 boot to put up their ass……..

    1. My small feet cannot compete with you Bigfoot Sasquatches, but my heart is right there with you. These RINOs are deficient in wisdom. They would make a Faustian compact with the Devil.

      1. Their main problem is Patriotism…their ‘wisdom’ is to destroy the Republic; hope the CCP will reward them accordingly…’fat chance’, the imbeciles will get what they deserve…but in the meanwhile true Patriots WILL suffer…

    2. Usa=BENIGN dictatorship=waste of time to vote= news anchors = nsa agency operatives=usa finished as a world power=CHINA OWNS US

  2. The fact is that every person in Congress knows how bad we need the infrastructure bill to be signed into law so we can start fixing the broken items but persons like McConnel do not want to see the Democrats accomplish anything, exactly the same as he said about Obama and making him a one term President by refusing to bring anything up for a vote. He is still at it by not letting the Republic Senators vote their conscious as the Constitution says they should.

    1. Yes, we need to repair and improve our Infrastructure.
      It is the “Pork” & “Graft” that needs to be removed.
      There will still be pleanty of profiit for honest Contractors.

    2. Ok wait. Each vote their conscious like the constitution says? Where is that clause? If it exists then the dems are always in violation of the constitution. Look what they are doing to Manchin and Sinama. Lets face it bipartisanship is a one way street always has been. If the dems want something and the Republicans wont give it to them then the republicans are destroying democracy. If the Republicans want something the dems never give in cause again the say they are defending democracy. Problem is the Republicans who keep falling for this game. These are the same ones who would throw their lunch money at the feet of a bully with just a stare. Time for the Republican to stand unified and say no to everything the dems want. Ya it sucks and us childish but if one side is going to play that way the only way to end it is to give it right back.

  3. Many names on this list are of no surprise. They seem to always side with the democrats when it really matters. They are sell outs and we need to remove them. They will aid in the destruction of our country. The spending HAS to stop!

  4. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr are a disgrace to North Carolina Republicans. We voted for them because we thought they would have the best interests of the citizens of North Carolina at heart. It is clear that is not the case. Shame on them and the other Republicans that are considering backing anything that Biden and the communist democrats propose.

    1. These so called republicans have always cow down to the highest payer. Don’t know how they keep getting re=elected. graham, murcowski, collins, romney have always been the democRATS lap dogs! Will continue to be until they are voted out of office!

  5. Those listed are NOT REPUBLICANS they are either RINOS or FAKE Republicans. Graham admitted he got conned by the Democraps and Pedo Joe’s bait and switch but the rest did it knowingly and Willingly. That makes them just like the MORON MEDIA nothing but RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS of the Democraps. The only REAL REPUBLICANS are the brave few who CHALLENGED that FARCE Democraps call the Election.

  6. All of these Senators should be ashamed of themselves! It is NOT an infrastructure bill it is a liberal wish list!!

  7. I’m sorry. I no longer hit the next page on web sites. I won’t waste my time waiting for each new page to load more adds.

  8. Not surprising! Same old POS RINOS that always turn their backs on America and her people. All President Trump haters and BACK STABBERS, especially lindsey graham! !

  9. Father, in Heaven, right now I bring each of these men and women to You and ask that you will rise up God fearning men and women who will take their place and stand for righeousness. There just has to be men and women who will run against them and take their place. It hurts to see how they are two faced in so many things and pat each other on the back them stab that person. If you want me to run, give me the money

  10. None of the turncoats should ever be re-elected ! We need true Republicans willing to stand up for Republican values not cowardly sheep pretending to be republicans to get elected!!!!Dont let them pull the wool over your eyes!!!!

  11. I wouldn’t give a damn if the devil was fixing my potholes and the broken curbs on my corner. Bend those knees and get to work; for the people not one another.

  12. I believe that Republicans are seeing all the HYPOCRISY and LIES, daily, from bidens COMMUNIST REGIME, even some of the smartest dems see the CATASTROPHIC CONSEQUENCES!!! I believe that 2022 elections are going to BLOW AWAY THE dems, and the rino’s, that will also happen in 2024, I can hardly wait for these elections, WE HAVE TO TAKE AMERICA BACK, from the cowards and liars in the biden/harris COMMUNIST REGIME!!! Bye, bye joey, hope your cellmate is your son, at the least it will give you someone who may even like you!!!

  13. That’s just how the “pork-barrel” works in the Swamp…these RINOs will get some pork, to get along & go along…’infrastructure’ must include “lining their pockets” ❓

  14. I reckon the whole system has been corrupted . They all or rather mostly are bribed or blackmailed or coerced. Go back to small Town living and let each community Govern themselves

    1. Moran, Tillis, Rounds and Burr and the one from Louisiana are worthless so they are not even on radar.

  15. They are supporting blank pieces of paper that the communist democrat cult party will fill in after they get votes for this trash! Remember the oboobboo care bill that lied to all!

  16. Compromising with the devil never gets you anything, You RINO’s are going to look very stupid with egg on your face when the other part of this infrastructure goes through with reconciliation

  17. How about we buy Mittens some black fishnet panty hose to wear around the Capitol since his ass is for sale.

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