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St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Garner, elected the city’s top prosecutor with the help of liberal billionaire George Soros, could lose her law license over charges of professional misconduct in her pursuit of Republican then-Governor Eric Greitens.

The Missouri Supreme Court’s Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel found Gardner concealed evidence and lied to courts while handling Greitens case, and concluded: “probable cause exists to believe that Respondent (Gardner) is guilty of professional misconduct.”

She now faces a disciplinary hearing that could end with her losing her license to practice law.

In 2018 Greitens was accused of taking a nude photograph of a woman without her consent.  Gardner pursued the case and convinced a grand jury to indict Greitens on felony charges, leading to the governor’s eventual resignation.

“Gardner hired a private investigator for the Greitens case, William Tisaby, who has since been charged with perjury and tampering with evidence, much of which had to do with whether he properly turned over notes and other information related to his investigation of the case,” KMOV reports.

But a review of the case found Gardner herself also tampered with evidence and lied to courts.

“In a 73-page document, Chief Disciplinary Counsel Alan Pratzel outlined numerous instances of violation of Missouri’s Rules governing lawyers, related to her conduct during the prosecution of then-Governor Eric Greitens,” KMOV reports.

“(T)hese latest allegations say Gardner herself made false statements or failed to correct false statements, that she misrepresented or concealed facts from the courts and from the defense, and that she prejudiced the administration of justice by “jeopardizing the successful prosecution of the defendant because of her misconduct,’” KMOV reports.

Gardner claims she is the victim of a conspiracy to silence her.  She also accused St. Louis police of pulling her over in 2019 as an “intimidation tactic” “to stop reform” but a recording of the traffic stop shows she was driving at night without headlights.  

She has also admitted numerous campaign finance violations during her time as a Missouri state legislator, including using campaign funds to pay for a personal apartment.

Gardner previously attempted to criminally prosecute two supporters of President Donald Trump who displayed firearms when a mob of Black Lives Matter protestors broke into their neighborhood, but a judge disqualified her from the case, ruling she was using the case as publicity to raise money for her re-election campaign.

Gardner was elected Circuit Attorney in 2016 with the help of $190,750.73 in contributions from a Soros-funded super PAC.  As circuit attorney, she has pursued Soros’ political agenda.

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    1. I do not understand why Soros has not been indicted, declared a terrorist along with his organizations etc.

  1. No worries.
    Nothing will happen to Gardner.
    Gardner is a liberal progressive democrat communist.
    Liberal progressive democrat communists are above all laws.

  2. LISTEN UP…GEORGE SOROS Time isComing. HE Already Has RESERVATIONS to the FIERY PIT Along With PELOSI…Quite a FEW Who Have BLOOD on Their HANDS. GOD is NOT PLEASED With ANY of THEM. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  3. Disbarred t his prosecutor this is obuse and corrupt she needs to do prison time for it an everyone who helped her to tamper with evidence.

  4. I’ll believe it when I see it. Most likely, they’ll just quietly move her to another job, like the FBI and the IRS did when their corrupt agents were exposed.

  5. I have a very strong feeling that Soros is and had been involved with the US Elections now and for many past years

  6. Suggesting the murder of political opponents is probably why two out of three registered millennials are now Democrats and so will go the next generation. You can’t win with 1/3 of the vote. Conspiracies are hurting our party. We’re turning to cannibalism (Cheney). Be curious, google before you speak. Our party is becoming dominated by lies and people on this site are spreading misinformation.
    The billionaire Koch brothers founded Americans For Prosperity. It has smashed the Democrat leaning unions, and is far and away the biggest contributor to getting Republicans elected and getting out the vote. They have chapters in 38 states. I suggest joining one of them. They have hundreds of thousands of activists. AFP supported Republican incumbents giving nearly $11 million to help reelect Sen. Thom Tillis in North Carolina, about $7.5 million for Sen. David Perdue of Georgia and $3.1 million for Sen. John Cornyn in Texas.  Soros’ Open Society Foundations do nearly nothing to fund Democratic candidates, instead they are for fair and secure elections much like the Republicans, except their concept of fairness is to make it easier for people to vote. Be curious!

  7. like i said these idiots aren’t running anything. it is the suer rich. First strip her of her ;aw license, put her in jail for lying under oath and any other number of laws she violated, she shpould be sued and lose all pof her wealth. Then investigate soros and hang that piece of sh.t as he should have been with the other nazis after the war (oh and confiscate all his wealth and his families wealth along with the other super rich that support these tratiorous causes.

  8. Gardner was on constant academic probation both in under grad and grad (law) school. Always whining, playing the victim, playing the race card. We all despised her..backstabbing C U N T.

  9. Gotta start somewhere…. Now, we just need to keep going… more states, more prosecutors and more criminals!

  10. Seems many of sorazzes prosecutors should loose their jobs under the same criteria, they aren’t prosecuting criminals, I believe that’s misconduct as well.

  11. Leave her alone ..we all have our foughts..i just want Greiten to keep his pants up and go after these Programs that let the criminals out of jail so they can continue their vriminal behavoir…if he go after thede programs it will help stop the needless killings and murder of our black children

  12. Gardner is in my home town. She loves to prosecute white people, especially high profile cases. She is an unethical sleaze.

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