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A multi-million dollar national effort by liberal billionaire George Soros to install liberal activists in local prosecutor offices could be backfiring as Los Angeles voters may recall their Soros-backed district attorney.

George Gascon elected Los Angeles County District Attorney in 2019, faces a recall effort from voters outraged over his radical political agenda and refusal to prosecute several violent criminals.

The New American reports:

On March 11, the RecallGeorgeGascon campaign announced that Gascon “has officially been served with a notice of intention to circulate a recall petition. The formal service triggers the final steps leading up to the approval and public circulation of official recall petitions. Once the recall petition is approved, proponents will have 160 days to collect 580,000 signatures from registered voters in Los Angeles County.”

“George Gascon’s failure to protect our most vulnerable communities is a complete dereliction of his foremost duty as a District Attorney, and he must be removed from office immediately before he can do any more damage,” said Tania Owen, Co-Chair of the Recall George Gascon campaign. “What George Gascon is doing is not criminal justice reform; it is the outright destruction of our criminal justice system and the very laws meant to protect us.”

Gascon was previously San Francisco’s top prosecutor, appointed district attorney in 2011 by then-Mayor Gavin Newsome to replace Kamala Harris, who had just been elected California Attorney General.

Gascon served until he moved to Los Angeles and ran for district attorney, backed by $2.5 million in cash from Soros.

Within hours of being sworn in as Los Angeles District Attorney, Gascon ordered charges dropped against several Black Lives Matter radical arrested on charges of attempting to derail a train.

“Gascon has disregarded the rule of law and weakened lawful sentencing requirements for the most violent criminals, including murderers, armed robbers, and rapists,” writes the Recall George Gason campaign.

“George Gascon’s new policies treat career and repeat violent offenders as if they had never committed a crime, ignoring public safety laws approved by the people. Gascon has even reduced sentences on hate crimes, gun crimes, and gang crimes. On behalf of crime victims and their families and in the interest of public safety, we are urging Los Angeles voters to recall District Attorney George Gascon,” the group states.

The campaign is supported by, among others, the widow of a slain Los Angeles police officer, several local officials, at least two other California district attorneys,s and current Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

Local cities in Los Angeles County are also lending their support.

“Lancaster, La Mirada, and Whittier city councils all approved resolutions (supporting a recall) on Tuesday night, following previous similar moves by elected leaders in Beverly Hills, Pico Rivera, and Santa Clarita,” the Daily Wire reported May 1.

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