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The Heritage Foundation recently released a comprehensive list of companies that are actively signaling opposition to voting integrity laws across the country that are looking to make it easier to vote while making it harder to cheat. 

Here is a list of 20 of the biggest opposers of fair election laws:


  1. Instead of giving us a bunch of pages to look at, just tell us. Nobody is going to look through them all.

    1. No kidding. It’s just a bullshit way to show you more and more ads. I’m about to block them.

      1. They include Amazon, Facebook, GM, American Airlines, American Express, Best Buy, Ford. That’s not even half of them. Where are we suppose to go shop?

        1. Support the small Businesses. They are probably all pals with Epstein I know Zuckerberg definietly was! No surprise with the Airlines Im surprised Delta weren’t on that list? they have had a few run ins with passengers

        2. Toyota, Honda, Acura, BMW, VW,, your local credit unions, your local small business owners, other small retailers online, and in your area.

  2. I agree Rob but I just went through them and some are a surprise and others not. I will ban all 20 who seem to be against free speech!

  3. Everyone should go through the list. You will know who NOT to do business with.
    For me: American Express, done with them. And.
    Master card. I guess visa is my go to.
    This is incredible.

  4. If you believe these companies are actively signaling opposition to voting integrity laws across the country that will make you go through more hoops to vote and limit the ways you can vote, but will make it harder to cheat, then boycott. That’s the cost of limiting fraud. And to show your support, and against these corporations, boycott or give them up. If not, then you’re admitting there is no fraud, and the laws are not needed. That’s the cost of Conservatism and our cause. And it’s nonviolent.

  5. “Oppose election integrity”? Lunacy! They just won’t support “the big lie” you knuckleheads!

  6. Google (Alphabet Company), American Airlines, Best Buy, Amazon, Estee Lauder, Facebook, Ford, GM, Vanguard, Johnson & Johnson, Levi’s Mastercard, Netflix, Nordstrom, PayPal, Target, Under Armour, United Airlines.
    What’s the matter with these guys? Are they nuts? Ya think they won’t dissolve you of your fortunes you bunch of lunatics and take it over for the Proletariat? SUCKERS ALL OF YOU!!!

  7. There’s so many ads thrown across the story it’s hard to see where the list is. I agree with Rob just list the stuff you want us to be aware of.

  8. I refuse to click through all of these pages like AOL makes you do. Just give us a damn list of the companies!

  9. A few were new to me, but most were not. Go look at the treasonous Council on Foreign Relations corporate sponsor’s list for more.

  10. these companies should be subject to boycott by the American voters who lovingly support liberty, free speech and the USA.

  11. I only got to 17 as it reversed after United Airlines…United Airlines well! well! well! The company that stated ELECTION FRAUD DID NOT EXIST. … to which I reply NEITHER DOES UNITED AIRLINES. Fortunately, I found I do NOT USE ANY on the list anyway – not a single one of them. HA!

  12. Wow, i use all these companies. Why would anyone oppose election integrity since it benefits all. Its goodbye for me to american express,bank of america, nordstrom, ford, johnson & johnson, amazon, levi strauss! One day i hope these companies understand that no matter which party you belong to that if you take a stancea against a group, then you alienate your customer base. That is not good business. Coke is another company that we wont buy from as of a month ago. I am sad about it since we really liked the companies named above but it so offensive that you start to see them in a negative light which they created. I hope in the u.s. we return to sanity and just respect how people feel and think instead of insulting or erasing them. Being open minded and speaking freely should not be punished!

  13. Just gimme a list so I can post it on the frig and quit using them in the future……Fact is most folks could not care any less what their politics are, but tend to get really pissed when they use their position in society to sell it (their politics)…..

    Hit them in the wallet and they WILL come around!!!

  15. This is an AWFUL format to attempt to get answers—which I ASSUME is what you are trying to GIVE US…??? I simply DO NOT HAVE THE TIME to be tick-tacking one per page temporary insanities. Sorry—life is TOO DAMNED SHORT!

  16. I would like to hear the companies side of the story explaining their opposition to Pres Trump!

  17. Well, good news is that there are only two of these that I use (well, unless you count stolen services…) and I’m pretty sure that I can prune Johnson and Johnson from my shopping lists provided the company survives their virus vaccine – millions of doses buggered up because their workforce couldn’t follow the recipe or those mass deaths from brain bleeds which were probably just coincidental and had nothing to do with the vaccine, really(and that’s before people start complaining how it made ’em blind, which is probably just a vicious rumor…) – and I’ve been working on getting “Google” out of my life, tho’I have to admit that “Google Maps” is in a class by itself. Too bad about Ford and GM, but, ya’ know, Toyota makes cars in America, too, and Ford makes ’em in Mexico, so no big deal droppin’ them, too. The real question is whether this kind of “virtue signaling” actually is helpful to their businesses. Do you think ANTIFA types are crowding Ford showrooms because the company sold out its country, its founder, and what was once its heritage? I think these companies are gonna go the way of Ted Wheeler, the Mayor of Portland – nobody went further kowtowing to ANTIFA and BLM than Wheeler, yet just this week, ANTIFA was demanding that he be (literally) burned to death… which maybe answers why all those Target stores get trashed in these “mostly peaceful” riots. Whatever.

  18. Al Caproni said it best “Vote early and often!”. This election ballot box stuffing is not new.

  19. If Black Lives Matter, why are they murdering their own people? The New York Post’s cover shows a one year old child died of a stray bullet, due to a turf war in Brooklyn, NY. The article went on to say how much these gangs hate one another. So I guess black lives don’t mean very much to them.

  20. visit the corporate headquarters of all these companies and most other entities large and small and see how far you get without a valid photo identity! Even as an invited guest!

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