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Mitt Romney is widely considered to be one of the most treacherous ‘Republicans in Name Only,’ especially after his decision to vote to remove former President Trump from office.

He’s said many things that have proven that he is no friend to real conservatives, here are his most RINO quotes of all time:


  1. And to think I voted for him……of course, there was no alternative. Shame on the Republican Party for choosing him.

    1. When he was the presidential candidate I voted for him because I believed that he would be a better choice than Obama. I still do. But I wish we had not had to choose between either one of them. Romney is not a good representative for the State of Utah nor the citizens of that State. He is detrimental to the Republic and the American people. This should be his last term in office.

    2. Anita waseman Donald J. Trump was the best candidate for the fantastic job he did he accomplish all that he promised! Besides he ran the country as a businessman not a living politician!! Wake up and smell the coffee

    3. Romney is awant to be president a kiss a## traitor to the united states needs to be in prison !!

  2. Romney is just like those in the MORON MEDIA. He is a DEMOCRAP RECTUM SUCKING PUPPET. He like McCain is mad because President Trump did what he could not. It is the reason he changed address to Utah and ran for office. He wanted to oppose and obstruct anything President Trump wanted done. Romney like Cheney have NEVER liked President Trump and have always done what the Democraps wanted not what they campaigned now or what is RIGHT for America.

  3. if romny rah for the outhouse and tripped and went in headfirst we would never be able to find him. The rat that he is.

  4. Mitt Romney is a fake. Not a Republican. Gov of Mass. Have to be Liberal to be a Governor of that State. Going to love it when Trump wins in 2024. Disgusting individual. A Mormon that worships Joseph Smith. A Polygamist. Another Phony

    1. I agree with you about Romney. But I have to correct you on your last statement. I know a little about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They do not worship Joseph Smith. They worship Jesus Christ!

  5. You could have listed the quotes on one or two pages, but you have to put them on several pages to get maximum “clicks”.

    I’m not playing that stupid game!

  6. Now what the hell is it with my post??? If this continues I’m gone from here. NOTHING THREATENING, I DON’T GET IT

  7. Romney is slimy and should cross the isle where he belongs with the other anti American slime balls

  8. I am ashamed to admit that I actually sent money to his presidential campaign and actively worked to try and get him elected President. Mitt will be booted when he comes up for re-election. It can’t come soon enough!

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