Edward Kimmel from Takoma Park, MD via Wikimedia Commons

The gunman in the shocking attack on Fredrick, Maryland yesterday which left two other people injured has now been officially identified as 38-year-old Navy Corpsman Fantahun Girma Woldesenbet.

Woldesenbet reportedly shot and killed by military police soon after his rampage.

As Newsweek reports:

“We can confirm that he is an active member of the Navy at the rank of E4,” Frederick Police Chief Jason Lando said during a press conference. “He resides in the city of Frederick, not on the military base and his residence is in the 100 block of Willowdale.”

Prior to Woldesenbet being identified by authorities, the U.S. Navy confirmed on Twitter that “there was an active shooter incident at Fort Detrick, MD involving U.S. Navy Sailors.”…

Allan Etzler, a public information officer for the Frederick Police Department, previously told Newsweek that after the shooting near Nicolock Paving Stones, the suspect fled the scene and drove to Fort Detrick in Frederick.

While speaking at a press conference after the shooting, Frederick Acting Chief of Police Dwight Sommers said that after driving to Fort Detrick, the suspect was shot by military personnel stationed at the base. After being shot, *Name* was treated for his injuries but was pronounced dead.


  1. Another gun free zone shooting? I am shocked!

    And his name sounds like he may be of Arabic descent?

    And I bet he is a Trump supporter, right? Not….

    At least it sounds like he did not kill anyone….

    1. Gunman doesn’t fit the propaganda misinformation media regurgitation campaign, shock, shock, not a white supremacist me thinks which is all the media is allowed to report!

      1. Im surprised that he was killed! why not replace the bullets he used and let him go and kill more white people!

    2. NOT “white” so his shooting SKILLS weren’t all that good….GOOD thing because NONE of the INNOCENT were killed but HIM……NO lengthy trial, would have HURT the TAX PAYERS..

      1. Shooting skills/lol
        That’s why he was Navy.. 300 men on a boat, any thing more gay than that!

        1. average men on boat is 150 Robert, but your so Homophobic you wouldn’t know that phobic! Are you Air Force by chance or Army???

          1. What navy boat has only 150by the way our navy calls them ships not boats. Duh

          2. Submarines are designated boats. Since he was Navy, I don’t think he would have made it in the Marine Corps. We are much better shots.

          1. Actually there are about 3000 ships company on the oil burners. More on the nuke carriers

  2. Hurry and take guns out of the hands of law abiding people.Millions of regulations, firms, and IDs but lets have open borders and let them roam our country without knowing who they are.By the way, allow them to vote in our elections because democrats don’t want IDs for voting.

      1. WHy not issue voter IDs attached to the political virus passport make them one with the other. and it desired the voter ID independent but the passport MUST include voter ID

        1. What the democrats want is a registration system to tell all about each individual. They will take a lesson from hitler and put a tattoo on everybodys forearm. They are acting more like hitler every day.

      2. Why don’t they just punch your license or voter ID card to show you were vaccinated? Would that be too easy? Would that show everyone has a license or voter ID?

        1. You’re missing the bigger picture. A “vaccine passport” is a violation of our civil rights under the First and Fourth Amendments. It starts down the slippery slope of more medical information being available to more people and internal government passports. Stop it now! Write your state legislators and tell them to follow the lead of FL, MS, and TX; prohibit the requirement to show personal medical information to private individuals or organizations just to conduct normal business and travel.

          1. In the word, without the mark you cannot buy food or get any other privileges. Sound familiar? Here we go. I would say chose you who you will serve!

        2. The Democrat/Communist could just rivet a brass tag to your ear. That would show
          you just how much they value their slaves!

        3. You have to a ID to go into any Federal. building but you don’t need a ID to vote in a Federal election.

  3. Let’s see this one explained as a “white supremist” or a Trump supporter, that’s what , 2 in a row that they can’t blame on conservatives? wow, I bet they are really getting upset at this.

    1. I would just like to know HOW this one got into our Navy…???? Furthermore, they are, the Military, is PURGING Conservatives, so here is a GOOD example of WHAT will be left in the Military……..crazies SHOOTING anybody and anything when given the “order”……

      1. He got in by falsely swearing allegiance to the United States, when all along he had an agenda to kill anyone who wasn’t his ethnicity So glad they killed him. At least that’s one more anti-American we won’t have to worry about.

    1. Surprise, Surprise, but just wait a while, all of a sudden they PAINT him “white” and the supporter of the so “Hated” one……

  4. So an Ethiopian/American. Wonder what religion the man followed. Will we find out he’s a Muslim too?

    1. Well, he certainly CAN’T be “christian”…….coming from Ethiopian, maybe he ran away from Boko Haram, who know HOW FAR they spread………

  5. the communist democrats are trying to take our guns i say come get them you will have a war

  6. Y’all need to be careful about what you post here, your’s truly included, especially on a subject like the above. We’ll be called racist. “big brother” (intentional misspelling) is watching.

    1. “who” actually “cares” anymore = we are RACIST, no matter WHAT, so that is what they say and think, THAT word has been OVER-used in the last almost 2 decades because of o’bamma and has LOST it’s meaning, the MORE you SPOUT “something” the LESS people will have any INTEREST in it, good example would be floyd’s death = he’s got a KING’s funeral/family had a KING’s PAY DAY, Cities were DESTROYED/it continues on, and I have LOST ALL “interest”…..!!!!!!

  7. Need to filter all these foreign jehadists out of our military!! They come here with one purpose….and that’s to infiltrate our gov….our military and our police…to wreck havoc!!!

  8. I wish somebody would go on a rampage near the White House and get that illegal SOB out of there

  9. FBI statistics…….76% of all GUN VIOLENCE, committed by Blacks……and they are 17% of the population….for those Democrats who were asleep during Math class, or attended a Public school “education” in places like Chicago or Detroit….what that means is, IF YOU WANT TO REDUCE GUN VIOLENCE don’t let Blacks have GUNS……..do the Math!

  10. Not the slightest clue of a response from the “furious” left. Headline is B.S. until there is some evidence of a response.

  11. Strange isn’t it, when a black man shoots people, MSM buries it. Not only does he look black, his name seems to be middle eastern!!!
    psaki is getting WORSE I didn’t think that would be possible, but it is. I am happy that a fox news reporter is asking the questions we want answered, and REALLY PUSHING to get the answers. At least we have 1 person in the press who has the moxie!!! Unfortunately I have a feeling that they are going to try and cancel him.

  12. Maybe. Just maybe, the press and Joe Biden (the dim wit) will start to understand that someone besides white people murder other people. As a matter of fact. Maybe Biden (and other Democrats) will start to understand that Blacks kill MANY more people per capita in the US than any other racial group. And then! Maybe – just maybe, the federal DOJ and its state followers will start to bring justice back to the cities and street of the United States.

    And just, maybe, Derek Chauvin will be found innocent of murder against the Negro Floyd, or any other crime at all. This is important, because Chavin has already been outrageously deprived of his rights as a policeman and as a citizen – to a point of no possible justice. A verdict of COMPLETE innocence will pave the way for a lawsuit by Chauvin that will START to make up for his more than ill treatment.

    And then, just maybe some of the Minnesota administrative Democrat tyrants will be put on trial for malfeasance in office, and sentenced to long prison terms. This sort of thing HAS to happen, or else the United States is doomed to decay and to collapse, like the old Soviet Union, which it is beginning to resemble so definitively.

  13. He’s of Ethiopian descent. No one seems to want to say if he immigrated or was born here. Just like the Colorado (Syrian) and Orange California (Mexican) shooters, they will disappear from the media as they don’t agree with their theory that all multiple killings are done by white supremacists!

  14. Just another “person of color” going on a rampage against everyone who isn’t a “person of color”!!!

  15. I’m surprised the military police were authorized to have ammunition in their weapons.
    Must have been contract police and not active duty military police

  16. 38 year old E-4?????????
    Anyone who has served knows what I’m saying!!!
    AND I’M JUST SAYING!!!!!!!!!

  17. OH NO, NOT white, NOT a white supremacist, NOT a Trump fan. The liberal media will bury this pronto.

  18. not white, not christian, so no race or religion listed…… we know foreign terrorists. but the fbi doesnt monitor or restrain them

  19. So, he’s another “angry white man”, right? Oh wait, must be one hell of a sun tan or could it be that he’s actually a black man with an Arabic name? My bet is on the latter.

  20. The nut case kills innocent people and brain dead Biden punishes law abiding gun owners with laws that violate our Second Amendment Rights.

  21. Not a European surname for sure and non-white…what is the media supposed to do? They do not know how to tell the truth or probably not really report this. I predict that this news event now dies in a day or so since it does not fit the lying medias requirements. But, it was another shooting (of the many) in a liberal run state.

  22. Obviously a loser . 38 years old and only E4 . Most Navy corpsmen are much brighter than the average sailor and a medic is there to save life not harm it !!

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