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This week, the intelligence community released its findings on foreign interference in the 2020 election – Democrats and their media allies are giddy – it looks as though it could have been written by Adam Schiff and Jen Psaki.

“We assess that Russian President Putin authorized, and a range of Russian government organizations conducted, influence operations aimed at denigrating President Biden’s candidacy and the Democratic Party, supporting former President Trump.” Seems like old times, doesn’t it?  

The “influence operations” the report references are beyond ridiculous. The report claims that Russia tried to persuade the American press corps to report lies about Biden and Democrats. Really? What lies could Russia have told about Biden that would be worse than the truth? The press refused to report on real Biden corruption such as his son accepting large sums of money from Ukrainian oligarchs and communist Chinese princelings.

If Russia wanted to interfere, why wouldn’t they just tell Americans the truth about Biden? That would be a much better strategy and a completely legitimate approach to undermining Biden. No, instead the “intelligence” community wants Americans to think that even though for eight years the Obama – Biden Administration fell all over itself to give Putin and Russia everything it wanted, Putin still preferred President Trump. That proposition is so stupid it is hardly worth addressing but, for the record, Trump’s policy toward Russia was the harshest of any president since the end of the Cold War. Putin would have to be an absolute fool to want Trump elected in 2016 — and especially 2020. Though Putin is no fool, our politicized intelligence community thinks we are foolish enough to believe this absolute nonsense.

The agenda of the report’s writers is rather obvious – they assure us that not one single voting machine was tampered with, or a ballot altered. Why was that important?  Because Democrats just spent the last four months insisting that there was not one shred of evidence of vote fraud in the 2020, election and if the report had said there was, it would prove Trump and his supporters were right about the voting machine hacking and illegal votes being cast. 

The intelligence community report says that one of the objectives of the Russian operation was “undermining public confidence in the electoral process, and exacerbating sociopolitical divisions in the US.” 

So just to be clear, after four years of the Democrats screaming that the “2016 election was hacked” and “Trump is an illegitimate president,” Putin thought he should weigh in too? Once again, what more could the Russians do to divide Americans than what Democrats were doing already? 

In order to support its conspiracy theories, the report says that Putin praised Trump in public, and then concluded that made Trump and Putin allies. So, while the Democrats were claiming Trump was a “puppet of Putin,” Putin saw an opportunity to make it seem real and praised Trump publicly, and thus advanced his agenda. In the intelligence community’s simplistic view that is evidence that Putin really did favor, Trump. 

The report cites rumors planted by Russian operatives that Biden was involved with corruption in Ukraine as evidence that Putin preferred Trump. The rumors were not that Biden’s son was taking payoffs from Ukrainian oligarchs, it refers to other less serious fabrications. So once again, Russia was not spreading an ugly truth about Biden, it was spreading mild falsehoods. But the intelligence community sees this as evidence Putin was out to get Biden, not providing cover for payoffs to Biden’s son which was far worse than the supposed lies that were spread. 

In order to try and make this symphony of asininity believable, the report throws in a sop to make it appear as a legitimate intelligence analysis:

“We assess that Iran carried out a multi-pronged covert influence campaign intended to undercut former President Trump’s reelection prospects,” according to the report, which immediately assures readers that it did absolutely nothing to help Biden. Because the intelligence community wants us all to know, and truly believe, that Biden won the election legitimately without any foreign help whatsoever. Sure. 

We do know, however, that some Democrats, such as John Kerry, were holding secret meetings with the Iranians while Trump was in office. Iran interfering in the election while Democrats were meeting in secret with Iranian operatives—isn’t that precisely what Democrats accused the Trump campaign of in the 2016 election with Russia? And didn’t the intelligence community use far less evidence than that to get a secret warrant to spy on the Trump campaign? 

And wasn’t there an independent counsel appointed to investigate Trump and his staff? 

The report also assures us that the People’s Republic of China did not interfere to help Biden either. So even though China has been involved in influence operations in every U.S. election since 1992, always to help Democrats, it decided to sit this one out? The millions of dollar with which China plied Biden’s family would have been wasted if Biden lost. 

In recent years we have seen a plethora of evidence that the Democrat Party has corrupted and politicized the intelligence community– packing its leadership with political hacks. A real paradox of this bizarre turn is that Democrats and their left-wing allies spent the better part of the last sixty years undermining the intelligence community– when it was warning of the global threat of communism. Now that Democrats run the intelligence community, it is considered unpatriotic to question it. Perhaps the intelligence report was not authored by Schiff and Psaki, but it was surely written by people who share their corrupted worldview.

Scott Wheeler is an accomplished and diverse investigative reporter having worked in many mediums as a newspaper reporter and editor, as well as chief correspondent for American Investigator Television Magazine. Wheeler has authored two books and has produced 17 television documentaries. At least two times Wheeler’s reports have been on the desk of the President of the United States, sent by Congress with requests for investigation. Wheeler’s work has invoked investigations by national federal agencies, as well as by foreign governments. Wheeler has been a contributor to Forbes Magazine, The Washington Times, The Hill, The Washington Examiner and other publications.


  1. Nonsense! The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) did hack our election. The CCP hacked our election to favor Joe Biden and the DCP (Democrat Communist Party).

  2. So far, the silent coup by the CCP via the DNC has been a success. Of course to continue to fool the public they have to resort to disinformation, misinformation, and lies.

  3. I profoundly hope that Biden/Harris won because the CCP and other shadowy Democrat operatives hacked the election. Because I shudder to think that the American electorate could be THAT stupid. Dumb as a post to embrace the crypto-communist coup…

    1. H R C is an elector. She said her vote was going to bye den no matter who wins the election. That’s illegal. So now even the electors can’t be trusted. President Trump WON-!!! They even showed a video of vans pulling up to the polls with boxes of ballots all for bye den. No, that just doesn’t happen. And many people received multiple ballots mailed to their home…my husband was one of them and a friend of my son received 5 ballots-!!! Give me a break. And, they each returned only one ballot. Maybe others returned many.

    1. Great question , Donna ; the Biden/Harris train wreck has got to be stopped and sooner rather than later . America is being flushed down the river with no paddle .

    1. Actually my father, a life long Republican, voted Democrat in the election, 8 times! Oh, He also died in 1986. LOL

      1. Seriously, The Dems, Big Tec, MSM, even the Supreme Court stole the election. There is No way the Dems won. Now they want to change the election laws permanently! WE HAVE TO STOP THEM!

  4. Yawn.. Same Old BS Orange Man Bad Senile Shell Good. I’d be laughing about it if our country wasn’t being destroyed by this illegal administration….

  5. It’s bad enough bad boy joe calling Putin a killer and that Putin will pay for election interference. Let’s see where this goes. I like to see Putin drag bad boy joe like a rag doll. Of course it won’t happen, bad boy joe is a coward.

  6. It’s about time the 3 biggest piles of dog S###t drop dead,no loss to our nation,I can throw in few more but these three hopefully drop dead before our country I’d dead. Pel,Swa,Shi### all Cali garb###.

  7. “The agenda of the report’s writers is rather obvious – they assure us that not one single voting machine was tampered with, or a ballot altered.”

    Almost 2,000 eyewitnesses of voter fraud or election crimes submitted affidavits under penalty of perjury. NOT ONE has been arrested for perjury.

    QUESTION: So, if their claims were false, why has no one been arrested?
    ANSWER: Because then the intelligence community would have to show their evidence in a court of law and they have none.

  8. The Democrats have become a party of communism, hypocrisy, and narcissistic people who believe they are entitled to rule our country. Nothing surprises me anymore except hope little they care for the future of their children and grandchildren. It’s all about their money and power. Their fellow Americans are now expendable.

  9. What a great piece! Let me add an observation about the 2016 election. Why would Putin want to get Trump elected? Trump was already a billionaire, and couldn’t be bought. hillary, on the other hand, had shown herself to be a corrupt billionaire wannabe. Any supposed support that Putin threw towards Trump was only to screw with our system while the smart money was all on hillary. Similar arguments can be applied to a very corrupt biden, especially after President Trump’s hardball with Putin.

  10. Boy if you didn’t Kratts worked as hard on passing bills and helping the American people as you do slandering the last Administration you guys would have the country under control but you guys have got complete chaos going on in our country because none of you know what the hell you’re even doing and you all should be prosecuted and brought up on charges of high treason charges everyone of you sitting up there in our Congress and our Senate that are not doing their jobs for the American people

    1. Yeah they think everything they are doing is helping Americans, HR-1, STIMULUS MONEY. THE FACT IS THAT STIMULUS MONEY, 1400$, IS SUPPOSED TO BRING US BACK, WATCH, THE TAX INCREASE HE’S GOING TO GET, WILL COST EACH HARD WORKING FAMILY 5000$ in the first year.

  11. China and Russia will continue to sabatoge elections and infiltrate our government. Geo $0-r-0$ funds the demonicRat party, hence those demons in Congress pushing Socialism, as well as the predominantly single men in caravans through a bank account in South America where the caravans originate. They are bussed until the press arrives to take photos. All have good shoes. No one carries a water bottle nor backpack. Pretty sure this man lives in, ke to nah – N. Y. His goal is a One World Socialist controlled Government. He does the same in Europe. Wicked man. As usual,.money talks an he has plenty. Unfortunately, his sons are following in his footsteps

  12. It is truly hard to believe that the American intelligence community is as rotten as it truly is – or at least made to appear to be by Democrat lies. But! Having lived through the disaster of 8 years of Dumbo Obama, perhaps there IS an explanation, after all. If the community is as portrayed by this report, Obama Democrats have been inserted into most of the important positions, from which they can exercise their anti American bias as much as they please. Brain damaged Joe won’t really mind, because he wouldn’t even be aware of it.

  13. Every time 1 of these “democrats” open their mouth, you KNOW IT’S A BIG LIE!!! These jerk off’s DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANY AMERICAN’S, bidum CONTINUES TO GIVE AWAY OUR MONEY!!! He’s sending money to iran, mexico, and lets not forget china. He’s paid 89 MILLION $ to put ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, CARTELS, DRUG AND CHILDREN TRAFFICKERS IN HOTELS. People right here are hurting, and it’s BAD, see what he does, TURNS HIS BACK ON AMERICANS.He really believes his own lies, he’s hurting EACH AND EVERY AMERICAN. You’ve GOT TO WAKE UP, get rid of bidum and the rest of the JERK OFF’S!!! We had a simular situation back when the Brits still “ruled” us, but they weren’t our kin they were foreigners, the REVOLUTIONARY WAR. ⚔

  14. These deep state criminals do nothing but lie to we the people. They will not stop at anything to hold on to their power and that includes destroying our nation as we have come to know and love it. If they couldn’t lie they wouldn’t be able to speak.

  15. If this happened in Russia, heads would roll. Demoncrats are lieing wantabe Socialist idiots Especially that weasle Shfthead.

  16. This is an attempted cover up and corrupt satanic Nazi democrat propaganda for their vote fraud and election theft in the 2020 election. They should have lost the house, senate and the presidency!!!!

  17. They should change their name from the “Intelligence Bureau to the Stupidity Bureau for thinking we, the American people, would believe their BIG FAT LIES above’!!!! There is no cure for their stupidity!!!!!!….

  18. R U kidding? Mr. Trump was the tough guy who would hold Putin accountable! Hillary was Russia’s DREAM candidate, ready to sell our uranium AND our very souls to Putin and whomever for enough filthy lucre. Biden? Corrupt and demented, to boot. Putin could not appoint a KGB agent more effective than Sleepy Uncle Joe. Biden is a marionette beyond Putin’s wildest dreams.

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