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Jeff Bezos has reportedly stepped down as the CEO of Amazon in spite of the fact that he founded the company and has guided it since its inception.

This story is developing…


  1. I really couldn’t care less what the SOB does. I stopped buying anything from or through Amazon 3 years ago.

    1. me too – actually haven’t bought anything from A probably 4 or 5 years – never did trust those idiots……………..

  2. He screwed millions of people. He support democracy unless the views are opposite of his. He paid his workers jack shit. Yup and democratic two faced winner.

  3. That doesn’t shelter him from freedom of speech violations he and Amazon have committed whe he was in charge!

  4. What is he putting in his place? That will probably be a red herring, or tempest in the teapot. If you sell on Amazon then quickly move to other venues.

  5. Since it is fair game to have a trial about impeachment (by vigilante group ) after he has left office can “We the People hold ALL of these individuals to be “held accountable ” for their questionable actions .This could include past elected individuals and any other persons deemed to have acted against the Constitution or any law . I know this may sound ignorant & possibly stupid but THIS IS GOING ON NOW !!! ADIOD GOP >>

  6. Stepping down so that he could focus on the destruction of this country as we know it and break the hands that have fed the baldi and make him the money he has. One ungrateful SOB.

  7. Stepped down or was put down? I think his name was on the flight lists to Orgy Island? He was probably also involved in voter fraud?

  8. It’s good that the megalomaniac stepped down, but his successor is likely to be as bad. He’s the one who went too far and deplatformed Parler.

  9. Never bought anything from Amazon. Support local business. Not super rich A-holes. Don’t care about the NWO minions that are destroying mom and pop business. He has enough money to drown in. So what is he doing with it besides stacking it up as far as the eye can see?

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