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According to a shocking new report from the Wall Street Journal President Trump has been discussing the possibility of forming a new political party after he leaves office that would compete directly with the GOP.

Trump reportedly wants to call the new political venture “The Patriot Party.”

Per The Wall Street Journal:

President Trump has talked in recent days with associates about forming a new political party, according to people familiar with the matter, an effort to exert continued influence after he leaves the White House.

Mr. Trump discussed the matter with several aides and other people close to him last week, the people said. The president said he would want to call the new party the “Patriot Party,” the people said.

Mr. Trump has feuded in recent days with several Republican leaders including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.), who on Tuesday said Mr. Trump deserved blame for provoking the deadly Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. Polls show Mr. Trump retains strong support among rank-and-file GOP voters.

The White House declined to comment.

Starting a new political party is quite difficult in the American system, which is designed for only two parties. However if a highly popular former President like Trump did decide to create a new party from scratch he could very well succeed in making it a viable political player that could potentially compete directly with both the Republican and Democrat parties.

Would you join a new “Patriot Party” if it was backed by President Trump? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



  1. Will Patriot Party be another 3rd party to fail as earlier ones
    Otherwise Yes
    Rebrand party, market
    Or it wont stand

    1. Trump has accomplished so many firsts. I see him as being the first one to win the Presidency as a 3rd party. 75,000,000 voted for him this time. That was 10,000,000 more than 2016. We are not going to give up on him after what has been done. He will probably pick up even more that will be disgusted after they see what Biden will do to destroy the country. This is the very reason they are going for impeachment and then trying to hold a vote to keep him from ever running again. The left AND many in the GOP are terrified. They should be too. Even if they pull it off and vote where he can’t run again we have Don Jr in the wings and will pick up the flag. After seeing the turncoats and RINOS to HELL with the Republican party. I hope Trump goes for it.

      1. I pray Trump does something to over throw the piece of shit Democratic part who are other wise going to destroy America

        1. Agree with you totally. It will not be easy to take America back. As of today, America died, and we are not becoming a communist nation in rapid order. We must fight hard to recapture Our Great Nation, Anerica.

      2. It will strengthen the democratic party. Independents and establishment republicans
        will likely side with the democrats, having seen the chaos and violence Trump has caused in the country. January 6 will be seared in the national conscience.

          1. Bill Barr also had a huge part in angering so many conservatives for not investigating the election fraud and all the other crimes and corruption over the last 4 years. Including investigating the F.B.I. or investigating the investigators

          2. Bar didn’t do anything with Russian gate, were still waiting, he is part of the swamp, lesson call people who have NEVER WORKED IN DC.

          3. You are exactly right Kris. A report by the FBI came out yesterday and under no circumstances did Trump incite or was he responsible for the insurrection. They found it was pre-planned days before the Electoral vote at the Capitol. They have already made arrests. Which brings us to….. Trump was held to the fire and falsely accused of inciting it. Then we can’t forget the faster than lightening Impeachment by Nancy. Question: If not Trump, then who is responsible?

          4. The insane rhetoric from the left for the past four years has caused all of this! They have harassed our president every single day since he came down the escalator and announced he would run. They’ve harassed his family, his cabinet and all of us who supported him! Everything that has happened has been because of the Democrats, liberals, progressives, socialists and ‘deep staters’ in Washington and their insane media arm!

          5. I agree I would join Trump in a second! He has been a great president and he did not cause any chaos or violence ! He told the people to go in peace ! That is something the Democratic’s made up and did they are violent and evil.. God bless our president Trump!

          1. Yes absolutely I would support the start of a new
            Patriot Party not a third party but a replacement of the Sissy Republican Party I believe there is an overwhelming majority of people who are fed-up with the spineless Republicans this world be the first step to save our country with President Donald J Trump leading the charge

        1. Wake up ! You need to learn how to read the real truth & get a brain for starters! You are letting the demonrats brain wash you! You will be led to the path to HELL If you follow them.

          1. Indeed! The Democrats want to REPROGRAM Republicans! Reprogram like what the NAZI’s did to Germans? The Fake News media has tried to do that for the last 5 years and they did not succeed in reprogramming only making the Republican party more determined. The election was stolen from Trump. I say come on Patriot Party.

        2. If you really believe that nonsense, then we need to discuss your retirement portfolio. I have a bridge for sale, and it’s a solid investment.

        3. Wake Up! You totally full of kool aid. I would not vote Democrap if they were the only ones running. Democraps caused the “Violence that your trying to blame on trump. Democraps have been lying to us forever and held “people of color” back while claiming to help them. They are forming the NWO and your taking the bait. You haven’t seen nothing yet.

          1. Amen Democrats have been responsible for all the crap they blame on Trump. Go ahead Trump start new party my family are ready to join

          2. I’m with you Ruby…If Trump starts a new party my husband and I will be ready to join in a heart beat.

        4. you can’t see the trees for the forest!!! outside people started the bull crap there I had friends there and said that outsiders were pushing the crowd to do this crap. .Get you life together and wake up and look around and ,then maybe you can see the forest from the trees…I am not republican, but a independent voter. I can see all the crap the dems pulled on trump many NOT LAWFUL..

          1. Not only half there crap they pulled was not legal they have the audacity to now just do it out in the open cuz they think we the people won’t do anything about it.

        5. Just for curiosity, are you blind or incapable of following the news via neutral news sources? You are at least right in that 1/6/2021 will be seared into the national conscience when good people get overrun by scum, slime balls, big techs, and other worthless characters, all of whom act out of envy, hatred, greed and selfishness, not to mention that many can not and would not open their eyes and minds to save themselves from EVIL.

        6. That was a democrat move on the capital look it up there is proof that ties Pelosi to it but for some reason that old decrypted bitch hasn’t been locked up just like the democrats cheated on the election and got away with it, if they don’t start a new party I won’t vote again and if I don’t vote I don’t have to abiding by the laws.

        7. Thank you for being a public poster child that demonstrates yet again Trump Derangement Syndrome causes blindness.

          You can cure that blindness, just pull your head out of your ass.

          1. Your the one with your head up an Ass and it belongs to every Democrap in office. They have done NOTHING but LIE since that PARTY of HATE started after the Civil War to keep Blacks and other Minorities in their place as the Democrap Created Klan always says. That is why the White Democraps are still in the Klan and even Black Democraps are HATE MONGERS.

          2. I believe that you meant this comment to be directed at Rob, not to R B Blackstone who was replying to B J Chelliah.

        8. You are so biased, what about all the violence and rioting in all the democratically controlled states and cities that were condoned and encouraged by the democratic party and their partners in crime the marxist/socialist

        9. You just don’t get it or are ignorant of the fact that Trump and his movement are just as popular, maybe more so now than before, regardless if Trump remains in political office. He opened up the eyes and educated many US citizens about the disadvantages and lies Americans had received from its leaders for years. Biden and his administration will fail because of their imposing restrictions, high taxes and extreme censorship plus lack of jobs because of outsourcing to other countries and giving immigrants our American jobs which are drastically needed for the American people due to the loss of jobs from the pandemic. On top of all this, with the pandemic still brewing now is NOT the time to allow people flooding into our country. If Biden allows immigrants in without proper health certificates or some type of quarantines, he will put American lives at risk. Biden will be responsible for MORE SICKNESS and DEATH of AMERICANS by allowing the Covid 19 virus to spread from countries that did not have the means to contain the virus. Americans will be up in arms, pleading for change as they did in 2016 and once again the pendulum will swing back to a non-radical agenda.  

          1. America is once again in retrograde motion. BTW, Biden doesn’t really give a hoot about illegal immigration. It’s just another way to increase the Democrat vote. These people will be highly dependent on government hand outs and will vote Democrat to insure that. America WILL pay, and pay big.

        10. So will the Portland riots and the meltdown and destruction your $h t stick side did when Trump was elected …. problem now is it WAS a RIGGED election and that wrong needs righting

          1. EXACTLY! He even used the WORDS, PEACEFULLY WALK to the Capitol in support! He didn’t say storm the building, or attack anyone.
            The FBI knew bout those people at least a day before. THEY could have kept it from happening in the first place. Pelosi and her minions are LIARS.

        11. Jan. 6 was not what the media made it out to be. It was an orchestrated play to change the outcome of the day and to smear Trump supporters. The truth is coming out, and I witnessed it that day.

        12. You need to stop showing your WILLFUL LIBERAL IGNORANCE. It was ANTIFA and BLM plants who caused the Trouble at the Capital along with the UNCONSTITUTIONALLY ACTION of those who VIOLATED their oath of Office in closing the Capital. So the Democraps and their owner Soros are at fault not President Trump who stated NO VIOLENCE.

        13. I beg to differ, election fraud is seared in my memory and it should be so for all Constitutional minded Americans. The blame for the January 6th altercation at the Capital does not by any means fall on Trumps shoulders. He encouraged and led a peaceful protest that was well within his Constitutional rights, he neither instigated or cordoned those that followed a different path. Anyone who says or thinks otherwise is being misled or has ulterior motives.

        14. President Trump did not cause any of the problems that have been there for the past four years. Not a single Democrat behaved in a civilized manner, encouraging people like Kathy Griffin Madonna and Maxine Waters with their inflammatory rhetoric every single time they opened their mouths! If somebody had harassed YOU every single day for four solid years I think YOU might get on Twitter and say some things you might be sorry for too! Stop showing your ignorance and use a brain!

      3. I was thinking as you. The demonRat STAZI will be coming after anyone that signs up for the Patriot party. I have switched to “I” party. Anyone that registers as a Patriot party will be labeled insurrectionist.
        Between now and 2024, the dominion machines, voter harvesting, mass mail voting, and no voter ID will insure no voter will elect any president in the future. Trump was the last to be elected by the people in 2016.

        1. I hope you’re wrong, but most likely right. Avoid giving ratings to those who present the “Biden” administration!

        2. your observations are accurate, so how about a separate state, still part of the US, but autonomous, with its own laws and protocols, a fair and forward moving “state” without extremist, leftist, parasites?

      4. i am all in for abandoning the Republican Party- i donated a lot of $ over the election and my concerns about the Dems turning into Communists and making America a Socialist country. but after seeing how the elections were cheated by the Dems, i don’t think it is possible to ever have fair voting in this country. therefore, in my opinion, it won’t matter what the right does to try to regain the government. America is toast being lead by communist. McCarthy was right!

      5. Trump might figure out how to win some of the Biden voters over if he can determine how to contact them; address, cemetery, country? This could assure the party a major seat at the table. – Can the same person vote for two candidates?

      6. President Trump demonstrated high leadership abilities…no one can deny it. I will support new Patriot Party!! He loves my country as much as I so!!!!

      7. Trump really won the election with way more voters then 74,000,000…he won with more like 100,000,000…because half of the votes counted for Biden were Trumps votes that were changed by the dominion machines and the rest were unsolicited mail in votes that were fake…there were more votes then registered voters…how could that happen….??? More votes were cast then the populations of the states…again, how could that happen ??? the fix was in and the Dems knew it from the beginning…no one was going to beat Trump so they formed a plan to steal the election …and they got away with it….sad day for this country…and for future elections…

        1. …and no one was more at fault for the outcome than the Supreme Court. How shameful that they didn’t fight for freedom, honesty and progress rather than finding excuses to help lead our country into disarray.

    2. Stephen Russell, I agree that yes I would join but if it fractures and only serves to draw votes away from the Republicans we could be in for a lifetime of damn democrat politicians. It is both a scary and exciting idea.

      1. Sadly too many of the so called REPUBLICANS are really RHINOS…Republicans in name only. THey are a disorganized and spineless group of people and will serve themselves first.

        1. I agree except I would change the name from republicans to politicians in general. There is not a single one of them out there that has the good and welfare or benefit of any citizen at the top of their list unless it relates directly to putting money in their pockets.

          1. Don’t forget Piglosi errrr Pelosi…80 years old what a dinosaur, she shakes when she talks…The absolute first to go!

          2. Keep hoping she will fall down the capital steps on her ugly face and not get up. Or stick a broom up her shorts and aim it to Commiefornia and launch her back to the land of fruits, flakes and nuts. Let her flying monkeys take care of her.

        2. Now that we know who stabbed our president in the back, we will not vote for them again! They thought they could get in good grace with the demonrats, but now they have dumped on our president, the demonrats will throw them under the bus since they are no use for them now!

          1. Why do you think your vote will do anything after this BS. They are a permanent fixture because they can get away with it. And will forever more tell you that they were voted back in. Looks to me as a collective dictatorship by the Dumbocraps.

      2. You have already seen what you say. Repubs cannot compete with massive voter fraud, dominion vote machines, vote harvestin, unregistered voters, more votes than voters, etc. The two senators elected in Georgia all under the same fraud of 11/3. All with people watching. The Justice system is corrupted to where evidence is not even presented but, dismissed.
        The American People do not realize that they no longer decide who is elected. This will also extend to local and state.
        “Make America California”.

          1. Ditto! I’m a sixth generation Californian. Heading to North Carolina shores. California has turned into a slum, with fires, no water and a Gov. who thinks he’s a god, “Do as I say but not as I do!” AND his aunt is Piglosi…

      3. Nah! It’s time for a new party. The current Republicans in the House and Senate are either too old and afraid to vote on anything that will upset the Democratics. They need to be voted out and new stronger willed Republicans instilled. I love that many new faces are currently in the House and they are the fresh faces of Republicans who want to stand up and fight!

      4. That’s the problem as people are afraid to change stuff as it might weaken the BS party we have and nothing ever changes, It’s like people reelecting the same old crooks like Obiden because he has seniority where he is filling his pockets and does nothing until reelection and tells you how he can do great things for you because of his BS experience and seniority. He has taxes social security many times, has that helped you ? I doubt it. Keep dreaming he has your interest at heart where proof shows he doesn’t. I hope if we ever get into a nuclear war that D.C takes the first direct hit and all of those clowns are there. We can start over and maybe do better the next round.

    3. Better yet…
      Will the New “Patriot Party” be willing, and have the ABILITY, to go toe2toe with the crooked lefitards, and the enemies that will come from the GOP?!?!
      It wont take much for those two parties to band together and keep ANY new party out of power. Can only imagine what they would be willing to do!
      IF Trumps party can stand up to that kind of pressure, finally bring justice to the criminals in those parties, and truely make a difference…..the I say HELL YES!!!!!

      1. If anyone could do it our president can! Look what he did for us & this country for four years with the psycho party against him all the way!

    4. Right now, the republican party is WEAK for RINOs and VERY STRONG FOR CONSERVATIVES.

      I’m betting a TAKEOVER would be a lot easier than trying to build a new BRAND NAME.

      “the NEW Republican party, NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT!

    5. I understand your point but we need a party that does not include Mitch McConnell or any of the other RINOs. Their party will be the one that fails because they have outed themselves as being against Americans and for themselves. They are weak and readily succumb to the Democrats, we don’t need them nor should we want them. My only fear is President in exile Trump is about my age and we must find another strong leader to follow his footsteps.

      1. It might be noteworthy to understand the need for a new party name when considering a conversion of a Democrat to Republican is nearly unheard of, whereas, converting to a new name helps to “save face”. Get rid os “Republican” as it has become a dirty as Democrat(ic).

    6. Yes I will be behind President Trump what ever he decides. He is best President we have ever had. I am so pissed about the Republican Party not backing President Trump and so are a lot of my friends.

      1. Trump will always be our leader PERIOD ! Biden must feel great that he could only win by rigging the election. He will get his karma sooner then he thinks! I will never call Biden my president! I felt the same about the fake muslim president!

          1. I’m done looking at that asshole’s face. I WILL turn to another channel when OBAMA JR. puts his crooked face in front of my TV.

          2. Got better things to do that waste time and raising my blood pressure than watch America go down the drain. One turd at a time.

    7. No what is true is that if Americans are given a true choice between people who love America and the two Democrapic parties they will if they Love America vote for the third party. Just look at the FARCE the Democraps call the Election. The only REAL Republicans were those who challenged the results of the Swing States. All the rest VIOLATED their oath of office and the CONSTITUTION in closing the Capital so they could hide their ACTIONS. Those who supported that closure and tried to Impeach President Trump for doing what they are guilty of when he called for peaceful protests NO VIOLENCE. So I believe many Americans from all parties will flock to this New Party. Especially after the Democraps do more Damage exactly like the damage Obozo did. America rejected that once and had FRAUD not occurred then He would continue do what AMERICA hired him to do.

    8. I think it would be great if he starts a new Patriot Party. The Democrats’ have gone off the deep end and are political criminals that have been stealing millions of dollars from the Americans and in bed with china and other communist countries. The Republicans have shown color and become cowards and won’t even try to help President TRUMP who is the best thing to happen to that party and look how fast they turned on him, because he is not a politician like them and jumped back in bed with the democrat’s to try and save face with there buddies, If we were to look deeper into them we would find that they are also sealing millions from the American people. What other federal job can you become a multi- millionaire doing practically nothing on there 185 thousand a year jobs. It is time we get these crooked BASTARDS out of office

  2. Yes, yes and yes! We could sure give those fat cats a run for their money. President Trump would have the backing of all of us who voted for him in the first place! That’s quite a backing for a new party.

  3. Yes I will join President Trump in new party! Once I’m sure , Trump was creating new Party I would be donating directly to President Trump . Most dangerous people in Washington DC. Mitch McConnell & 90% of GOP senate. John Roberts Supreme Court Chief & other 8 justice, 300 so called constitutional federal judges appointed by Mitch & GOP,FBI director Wray & all Agents, CIA director and all Agents & DOJ Barr and all lawyers.
    all working for US Chamber of Commerce,Communist China 🇨🇳 and Globlist Money.
    SAD in America!! Communist Manifesto America will destroy itself.
    These are the leaders of the destroying America.

    1. I would support a Patriot Party if it is formed. I would still directly support several individual members of the Republican Party if they stayed in the GOP…for the limited time that it will survive…and do not leave for the new party (those that directly exhibited a backbone and stood up for what many members of my family served this country to defend). The political elites of the country have either sold out to enrich themselves at our expense, or just do not get it! While Trump was the leader, it is the ideas and ideals that he supports that are WAY more important than a single individual. Way too many in both parties have strayed so far away from the principles of the this country, principles that should NOT be malleable but resolute! There are now no standards in the swamp except the double standards of the Dems and RINOs. What these self-serving people from both sides of the isle have put the citizens of this country through in the past year is an absolute disgrace! They do not deserve to “serve” because they are only serving themselves. Our Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves today and have been all year! Sign me up!

      1. Starting a new party is very difficult in our rigged 2-party system, no question. So the point of such an effort must be to destroy one of the other two parties, in our case the Republican Party. If this new party gains significant momentum, the Republican Party could crash overnight, for that is what happened to the Whig Party in the late 1850s. The Republican Party is a house divided against itself, between small government and big government factions. The Democrat Party, while heavily factionalized, is unified by increasing government power in any and every way possible. So it is the Republican Party that will crash. For a new party to be successful, it must be unified fundamentally to compete with Democratic unity, and fundamentally that unity must be smaller government in all policy areas including national security. This new party must be anti-empire and anti-permanent-war-state. It also would benefit politically from being anti-plutocrat and anti-corporatist. That may be best achieved by shifting the tax burden more and more to the wealthy and taking it completely off the middle class, which of course is anathema to the Republican Party which always cuts taxes most for the wealthiest and most powerful. Let the Democrats have plutocracy and the welfare state, let our new party have the broad middle class and working poor!

  4. From now on until Trump comes back I will only wear a solid red cap. Waiting for whatever new logo my President wants.

  5. i will never vote for a whining democrat again,and yes i have lost faith in the republican party to, so hell yea i would vote for trump in the patriot party

  6. 75 million Trump supporters could end the GOP and their constant submission to the Democrat Socialism. I’m all for a 3rd Party of “We the people…”

  7. Look how the republicrats screwed America during the entire Trump presidency! Paul Ryan stopped the Trump agenda, dead in it’s tracks, for the first, most critical two years! We could have been rid of Obamacare for over three years, now, and the public could have seen it for what it is – a DISASTER FOR HEALTH CARE! We could have the wall complete. We had it all, and the republicrats screwed us, for THEIR insane idea of a political party stopping the change American voters wanted. Patriot Party?? YOU BET, SIGN ME UP!

  8. O yea we can finally have a government run by the people for the people and really and truly, Respect the constitution. Yes Count me Viva Trump!!!

    1. I hope he gets it done quickly because when it comes to the constitution the Democrats will have it torn to shreds by the next election.

  9. Yes. It is about time we have a new party. Actually, we should totally do away with political parties completely. Then you could have a President who is for the country and not the machine.

  10. In general, no third party would stand a chance, and only split off voters from the GOP. That said, Trump is a VERY different kind of politician, and, just like the virtual impossibility of his first win, he is likely to succeed.

    The Republican Party is too used to losing. They are ineffective, and a poor alternative to the Donkeys.

    Start it up, Donald, and I’ll sign up!

    1. You would be correct. Except Trump already has 75+m voters. After biden, he will have another 50+m. Most third parties have a small number of supporters. Not Trump. Trump also has proven his ability to put America First.

  11. I think it would be a wonderful idea. There is too much politics and not enough getting done for the people.

  12. Yes, I’d join. The Republican party has become a bunch of RINO cowards. Start over with a new group is the only way.

  13. Lets face it, anything beats communism and that’s what the Democrats are working towards because we have all seen it in their strong arm tactics that is reminiscent of Soviet and China style politics, starting with censorship of free speech and confiscating of guns. It’s coming if we don’t do something now before the Democrats destroy this country completely.

    1. I have my TV & radio turned off today. Can’t stand to hear how corruption won & The senile idiot & the ho will be in charge of this once great country with the greatest president we ever had .

  14. Would absolutely join the Patriot Party along with just about every other Trump supporter I suspect. Leave the good for nothing, self serving RINOs and current GOP establishment in the dust!! When and where can we sign up??

  15. Yes I would. The Republican Party will go back the way it always been. They will not fight for us and be satisfied with losing.

  16. I believe it’s something our country has needed for a very long time. It would be the only way to clean up the mess the two powers in control have had. They have become a group of people concerned only about their own well-being and left the American people voiceless. The democrats are nothing but liers and cheaters, the republicans wimps and followers of them. Proud to be a patriotic American!

  17. I sure hope he does. I will be for it 110% and so will many others. It is about time we have a patriotic party instead of the outforthemselves Republicans and power hungry socialist Democrats. Will be refreshing.

  18. Hell yes I would join the Patriot Party! So will my whole family All 55 of us. We must check the totalitarian takeover of our country by the DCP ( Democrat Communist Party)

  19. I hope PRESIDENT TRUMP just takes control of the current party, BOOT THE RINOS and sue them for EVERY PENNY the Party has ever provided to get them into, and KEPT IN office in their entire political career,
    plus treble for the use of the party Name recognition!

    Change the name to THE TRUMPLICAN PARTY and call it a day!

    Rework the candidate selection process to WEED OUT THE GARBAGE and only present HONEST CONSERVATIVES so the PEOPLE HAVE A REAL CHOICE!

    WITHOUT THE PARTY machine behind them, they will NEED A NEW PARTY, and for aging politicians WITH NO BACKBONES they won’t get a 10th of the votes.

  20. I would definitely join the Patriot Party! Hope it happens! Keep America Great! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. Sign me up. Both D and Rs have deserted voters for their own elitist ends. Form that new party and millions will register. End the elitist parties and let’s go back to supporting the constitutional Republic we are supposed to be.

  22. I do believe we should have a third party. I think it could be called Patriot or Conservative and with many people believing the election was stolen from Trump it should be a real competitor.

  23. I will not make another contribution to the Republican party until all of the RHINOS and back stabbers are removed and defunded by the party

  24. Until elections are fair and honest, only the Demo’rat (Even the official name is a lie.)
    political party is ever going to be successful. As of today’s success in installing Creepy Joe as pretender to the Presidency, there are only two alternatives. One is to submit to totalitarian fascist or communist tyranny. The other is bloody revolution. I am sorry to write this, but I know that it is the awful truth. I wish that there were some other way.

  25. I was hoping Pres. Trump would start his own party. I’m certain after watching the ‘deplorable’ actions of the current Republican party, that Trump would have more than enough patriots to support him in this new endeavor.

  26. Yes I would back the Patriot party backed by Trump for sure… McConnell wasn’t going to win my vote anymore and mit Romney is a joke..I look forward to being able to vote with confidence once more

  27. That is the greatest news I heard for a while. Yes Yes President Trump h and 75 million of us really can make a diffrets is USA. It is time to out for 2 party system any way.

  28. Does it really matter what you call it. You will have people who will be part of it that are not totally committed like the spineless Republicans we have and will go along until they can find a way to backstab or destroy it. What good does anything do if you can’t stop fraud or cheating. The Democratic Party will be happy though they will never lose an election and will find a way to blame Trump and his new party, even though it is really them cranking up the votes for their candidates both legally and illegally. Reagan warning “The generation that loses Freedom will never again see it in their lifetime “. It is lost and it ain’t coming back anytime soon without Divine intervention, because when government clamps down they have too much power, especially with big tech and media on their side

  29. Great and yes I’ll stay with him! I little scary…but he has to change his ways…like stop the name calling, stop getting so angry! Be a real gentleman, don’t talk bad about anybody and forgive some that they don’t know what they r doing! In my mind u only lost because ur attitude! But be tough just fairer!

    1. He did not loose because of his attitude! Incase you are blind ,deaf & dumb, it’s because the election was RIGGED ! Trump won in a landslide! Where were you? In the basement with senile Joe? What he says is not evil like the demonrats in any way. He was a business man, never a politician! The majority of the people love him & accept him for the job he has done, not how he talks! He was fair! Are you a demorat in sheep clothing ?

  30. Yeah, it’s kinda difficult to start a new party and be anything but a spoiler. There is the Libertarian Party, that attracts a few kooks, and there’s always a couple Congressmen, who claim to be “independents”, although that’s usually just a case of Fence sitting, and being wishy washy on voting “present”…..( like who cares if you are there if you won’t bother to vote?)…having said that, there’s not much question that Trump would get a lot of votes in a “NEW” party….and if would likely make some of the more Honest Republicans, those that aren’t RINOs join that Party. The most important thing though would be somehow managing for the Patriot Party to get around 90 Million Mail in Votes, and the Democrats have shown how that can be manipulated and managed. Got to have that little matter of logistics lined up well before forming a new Party.

  31. Over 80 Million Votes 2020 (over 10 million switched from trump); 4/5 of “Republican Congressmen pro Trump/America; Many Minority Leaders want to leave DemocRats but refuse Republican name; Over 80% of Americans want Constitution not Socialism; Establishment Republicans in bed with DemocRats/Communists – no second party TODAY!!!!! DO IT NOW!!!!! Make OUR Symbol the American Eagle (Aquila) and the WORLD will join-in!!!!! DO IT!!!!!

  32. Yes. I would join and support the best President we have ever had who loves this country and is a fighter for the freedom of all Americans!

  33. I would definitely change my political affiliation to Patriot Party and starting supporting it with limited funds and time.

  34. We need a party that is not beholden to special wealthy interests only. Currently, the rest of us do donate to either the Republican or Democrat party, but it is big wealth that pulls their strings even though they try to hide it.

  35. I would definitely leave the Republican Party if McConnell votes to impeach Trump. Communist China has paid off too many Republicans and Democrats. They are not the parties of our grandparents. The Democratic Party has become a communist party filled with foul mouthed misfits that have no integrity or honor. They cheat and lie to get their way because they are incapable of winning honestly. Some of them are dangerous and need to be jailed. Donald Trump didn’t need to cheat-he was a winner from the start! If the senate votes to impeach him to keep him from running again, we will bring in his talented son, Don. Jr or his daughter, Ivanka. They are true patriots like their Father. God Bless America!!!!

  36. I believe that by the time Biden is gone he will totally destroy the democratic party and even the snowflakes will be done with them. Traitorous Republicans like McConnell should be vilified and put out of office for life.They all gate President Trump because he proved the Country can be run like a business, that America should be put first and worst of all that they actually may have to work to keep their jobs. How they all became millionaires making what they do, leads me to believe they create their own wealth by nefarious means. Drain the swamp forever, especially the Swamp creature herself, Nancy Pelosi!

  37. I would join in a heartbeat. As it stands now, I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR ANOTHER REPUBLICAN AGAIN and I have vote strictly Rep for over 45 years.

  38. I would definitely join the new Patriot Party u dear President Trump. He has done great things for America and he will continue doing great things with a new Patriot Party. I have resigned my affiliation with the Republican Party. As it stands I am now an independent

  39. I think Trump should do it. The republicans are afraid of standing up for what is right, Trump did so much good for America and The McConnells of the republican party decided to play politics. I think he should go for it

  40. Yes, I would follow him anywhere. He will rise up and over one the bad that is ahead of us with Biden and Harris.

  41. I do not believe a third party would be successful, the Republican party would have to be dissolved for it to be successful.

  42. The democrats have used the word “patriot” as a synonym for racist, white supremacist, Nazi, blah blah blah.
    a better name would be the American
    Conservative Party. The rinos can then
    become democrats or socialists as they
    are presenting acting as. Time to come
    out of the closet!

  43. The ONLY Non-DemocRats who will sign-on with The Patriot Party are Republicans who are disgusted with the Un-Constitutional Activity of the Deep State….. more than 75 Million, morally-indignant U.S. Citizens

  44. The problem there is if there is another party and the Republican party remains there will be a split vote and the dims will still prevail, which can’t happen.

    1. Not so sure, many democrats are not happy with their party also. And it looks like the democrats, Nancy and company started the Capitol siege just as Arizona’s electoral vote was challenged. After the ruckus the electoral vote went through.

  45. The Republican party has lost its way which is proven by the recent acts of leaders like McConnell. It very well may be time to re-invent/think the approach. Trumps supporters, who put American first, have the numbers now they need the platform to unite. This, the Patriot party, may work – would like to see the business model/plan and have the objectives laid out including time frame. Bottom line is the government is too big. The business plan must include a way to overcome election fraud or it is all for naught.

  46. A Patriot Party could very well be a success. Many of both parties are fed up with the lies, trickery, criminal activity, pedophilia, and a number of other things. With many Democrats already moving to the Republicans Party after and during this last election, only to find that there are so many RINOs (democrats) in the Republican Party, they are completely disillusioned with both parties. P{resident Trump will become the 19yh President of the REPUBLIC OF AMERICA, Joe Biden has committed TREASON in accepting the position by a FRAUDLENT election. It was such a blatant steal and nullification of the American Voters. This is what the CORPORATION OF AMERICA has done to make this a CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY under the leadership of COMRADE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN. Both the Democrat and Republican Parties have destroyed themselves because they work for themselves not the American People. “We the People” NO LONGER TRUST OR BELIEVE THEM, main Stream Media, all ruled by the UNELECTED GOVERNMENT(Deep State).
    We may two new parties.

  47. Yes I am agreed with president Mr. Trump. I will be with him. All Christian community will be following him
    I pray to the Lord Almighty God bring Mr Trump back to make Americans great in the world again.

  48. We were all duped by both parties…..The BS that a “Storm” was coming and that damning documents would be released…. See where we ended up today?

  49. No, Third Party’s fail, as they merely provide the intended “bad party” having to run against two weaker parties. Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull-moose Party only got 19% of the vote and allowed the opposition party to win. Italy, for example, has a multiple party form of elections and now 57 different coalition governments have been elected, with no one major party in charge.
    Some say with the manipulation of online voting machines, there will never be a fair election and as California has a One Party Government and now it appears the end of our Constitutional Republic has gone the same way! So disgusting!

  50. The GOP has to many RINO’s. It won’t matter how much glue you pour on them they never stick together.

  51. ABSOLUTELY! Sick to death of the Republicans. Nothing but a bunch of spineless fools who are happy being in the minority. I will never again vote for any candidate picked by the Republican Party. Trump’s presidency has opened my eyes that we don’t need politicians to run this country effectively. Quite the contrary, politicians aren’t qualified to accomplish ANYTHING except mass corruption.

  52. Trump should run as an independent and siphon votes away from the RINO infested Repubs. He may even get enough votes to win! Nobody will next time unless the lazy, do nothing Repubs fix our corrupt system of voting in each State, especially the ones controlled by Repubs.They had 4 years to fix it last time and they sat by and did nothing.

  53. I believe this is an idea long overdue and awaited . Also a new media platform is needed to override some of the negative leftist drivel coming from the MSM .


  55. Absolutely not! The best thing Donald Trump can for America now is to sit down and shut up for at least six months. The Republican party must be rebuilt from the rubble he left behind, and new leaders must emerge. In the 2022 elections cycle, he can help raise funds for Republican candidates. –rf

  56. I hope its true. No doubt that he would not win. No one could come close to him as a Republican RINO. The true Republicans would switch and join him. All conservatives and independents would also vote for him. Espeically after 4 years of dark, commie, and distruction under the Devils.

  57. MustangUSNO4
    29 minutes ago
    Reply to Frank

    I was thinking as you. The demonRat STAZI will be coming after anyone that signs up for the Patriot party. I have switched to “I” party. Anyone that registers as a Patriot party will be labeled insurrectionist.
    Between now and 2024, the dominion machines, voter harvesting, mass mail voting, and no voter ID will insure no voter will elect any president in the future. Trump was the last to be elected by the people in 2016.

  58. Yes I would be proud to join the patriot party with President Trump. We need a new party to represent the sane American people because the republican or the democratic partys only represent themselves.

  59. I believe most Republicans would switch parties to get away from the Rhinos who would be left behind. I think it would be the perfect way to have our voices finally heard.

  60. I would gladly vote for Mr Trump again. If the new party had at least 45% of the votes it would win a three party split, that is if we could keep the computers from doing the counting of votes. As long as the counters control the votes we will never win.

  61. Absolutely! I’ve already unsubscribed from all GOP text and email lists, duly informing them I am a Trump and Constitution supporter – NOT a Republican. As a direct descendant of Puritans, Revolutionary, Civil and World War heroes, I was born a proud member of the Patriot Party. Let’s do it!

  62. I would join the new Party. America needs the multi-party system to avoid corruption and revise election rules.

  63. I would support a third party. If created, I would like to see this party draw good features from both Republican and Democrat parties – leaving out the radical elements of both. And, it must return to a Constitutional Republic. A GENUINE inclusive and caring party that respects law and order, personal accountability, and personal rights could dominate. Uphill battle against big tech corruption, media corruption, and corruption of the political system in general (local, state, and federal). Also, would need to combat the freebie mentality.

  64. President Trump won in 2016 by appealing to disgruntled voters from both parties plus independents. After we get a whiff of the stench coming from the radicalized Dems, a third party wouldn’t be such a longshot. Perot almost pulled it off against Clinton until the Deep State threatened his family. And we know how much Donald Trump cares about the threats of the Deep State!! The Tea Party was able to work within the Republican Party up til now. The Patriot Party could draw from all parties — Dems, Repubs, Libertarians, Independents, and the Undeclareds. All except the Greenies, I suspect! The Never Trump RINOs best get a clue and start working for We The People or they will go the way of the Whigs and the Tories — political dinosaurs now extinct!!

  65. I would support it but Trump should not run again as the nominee, too much baggage now. Trump’s policies are by far the best, this country needs to say goodbye to the old Republican Party, McConnell and Romney are part of that old guard, they need to go away. This party needs to fight smartly against the biased media combined with the Democrats. It would need it’s own media both TV and social media.

  66. The Republican party has soo many progressives wrapped in the Republican name in it that we actually do not have a republican party any more. The RNC keeps requesting money and I keep telling them I will not support them until the Republican party has been cleaned of non-republicans. If a 3rd party is made a reality and does not constantly clean out the non-conservatives it will become a non-winner

  67. Trump and his people worked hard for America. The others work for only themselves, or their alternate agenda. Go Trump!!!!

  68. America desperately needs a political party to represent the American people. The Democans and Republicrats have failed miserably.

  69. I agree with President Trump. A 3rd party is necessary to return our country to its former values and get rid of the “deep state”. President Trump had the election stolen by democrats and republicans… time to form a new party. 🇺🇸

  70. A new party will spell the total fragmentation of conservative politics and the complete dominance of the Democratic Party. An end to democracy as we knew it.

  71. Yes I would Join the new party patriot party. If President Trump developed it

  72. I agree that third parties have experienced limited success in American politics. But a few have managed to survive, among others, the Republican Party itself. I would urge President Trump to pursue the idea and thus give voters a real choice.

  73. Both political party politicians only want power over the citizens of this great country. They line their pockets while in office and have far better benefits than average “joe doe.” They spend our money like the proverbial “drunken sailors. All need to be replaced. A new Patriotic Party is in order. Both use “willing dupues'” or the uninformed to their advantage. Enough is enough! Vote ’em all out!

  74. After 4 years of this administration people should be awake and ready. Remember it was because of Obama’s failures and policies that Trump was elected in the first place. We need to drive all the RINO’s into the Democrat party where they belong.

  75. Thats what the marxist president of Mexico did for his 3rd attempt to run for president. Even though he had spent 12+ years in one of the 2 main parties, and knew the fundamental differences of each, he created a new name incorporating both parties and attacked them as though they were one. PRI and PAN became PRIAN and he convinced his followers that both parties were corrupt and should be abandoned.

  76. Trump is arguably the best president that we have ever had, unless you are a Communist. I would totally support the Patriot Party with contributions and help.

  77. In days of old ( before 2016 ) I would say this is a bad idea. In those days a popular third choice would only drain off votes from one of the two leading parties allowing the opposition party to improve any lead.
    A spoiler effect so to speak.
    But this is post 2016. Who knows how far down the socialist rabbit hole we’ll be in 2024? No wonder the Dems want Trump off the face of the planet. In four years, the fence sitting GOP voters will have to decide.
    Vote for Trump. Vote for the “compromising” GOP. Or heaven forbid, President Harris. 74 million plus LEGITIMATE people voted for Trump. He’s not a blow smoke up your … politician. He has a track record and it was very good. You know what you would be getting.
    I believe a third party would be appropriate and necessary. God Bless America.

    1. Too late! It is unfixable! We know now who supports our president & who are the back stabbers! We need a third party with Trump as our leader!

  78. Hell, YES! People are SICK and TIRED of the BS that both sides in D.C. are pulling on America. Ripping us off, destroying this country, selling it to China. “WE THE PEOPLE” are FED up and want changes. Why do you think we voted Trump in to office in 2016. The Clintons, Obummers, Obidens, Soros and many others need to be removed from office and out of control. Just because they have money doesn’t mean they should control the rest of us. The worms are turning and getting pissed off. Even ants can take down an elephant if there is enough of them. GOD BLESS and PRAY for America. America is NOT for SALE to CHINA or any other COMMIE country. The fight has just begun to take back this country from the U.N., China and whoever else thinks they bought it.

  79. I certainly would support President Trump in creating a third political Party. The two we have now are so corrupt in so many ways.

  80. I have been calling for a new Conservative party for awhile. I would like it to be called the Constitutional Party. If all people who voted for Trump were to join this party and chose constitutional conservative candidates for the primaries and the financially support and volunteer to work their campaigns, this party would be successful and be competitive with the Democommies and the RINO Republicans.

  81. I like the new name because it is for all people who love their country so much!! Go USA!!🇺🇸

  82. While I was not pleased with President Trump’s apparent less than thoughtful comments to the agitated-rally goers in DC before they marched onto the Capitol building and into the legislative chambers and thereafter subsequently creating havoc, I somewhat understand the DC “Patriot’s” poor judgement and civil disobedience. I don’t condone it. What should have be anticipated in light of the weeks of violence in our cities enabled by AMTIFA and BLM? Shockingly, in these violated cities, some of those elected to serve stood by and did little to timely and effectively react to prevent property damage and destruction, halt the looting, and overcome the physical violence perpetrated. That being said “two wrong don’t make it right.” Seems DC representatives now sampled what hard-working American business owners sampled at the hands of street thugs as business owners saw the life’s work go up in flames.

    1. Our president said nothing wrong ! You need to unclog your ears & maybe you can actually listen & hear what he said. Pelosi set him up! Read more, think more! You must be a demonrat if you believe what you just said! We don’t need people like you for Trump!

  83. I would definitely support a new party to counter those who claim to speak for us, the American people. I am a Patriot and my views would fit with The Patriot Party! As long as Pres. Trump is leading the charge, I don’t think it will fail like other attempts for a third party.

  84. I think that most of the Republicans who were Trump supporters realize that the Republican Party stinks. They don’t stand together . They go against each other. They are Politicians first !! Has any of them suggested term limits? No they want to be in their till they die!
    Over 75 million people voted for President Trump not because he ran as a Republican but because he ran as a President for the people and making America great and respected again!
    There are sone good people in the Republican Party , maybe they will
    switch !!
    At any rate. POSITIVELY, without giving it another thought I would switch to the PATRIOT PARTY!
    Go President Trump ❣️
    Also I was thinking of switching to independent anyway- there is no loyalty in the Republican Party . They don’t fight for anything!

  85. Remember what Perot did to Bush. He took enough votes so that Bush lost. If the Patriots Party is really strong, I will join it.

  86. Yes I am a patriot and there should be a patriot party because both Republicans and Hitler party “democrats ” don’t have the people of America in their hearts. We need patriots in all levels of law to keep the other assholes honest that would be a full time job.

  87. i want to say thank you Mr. trump for all you have done for this country. i have been called all kinda names for this post on face book and they threatened to take my account away for this post. i told them to take it. they changed there minds i guess. god bless you and your family.

  88. Yes. Count me IN for the Patriot Party. The Republican controlled legislatures in 6 states COULD HAVE ‘stopped the steal’ in their own state, and did NOT! Pence could not do THEIR JOB! I think 75 million people could be very effective as a new Political Party. However….. Trump needs to talk like a President, and not gloat, insult and belittle his opponents (guaranteeing that they will want to “even the score” when he most needs their support – McCain, Romney, Jeb Bush……)

  89. short run it will split the vote and cause democrat victories. long run the new 2 party system will be the democrats versus the patriots

  90. Yes, I would, I am fed up with the Republican party. Certainly the RINOs would not come over, but maybe some of the better Republicans would.

  91. Our system is not designed for a third party. And now with the feckless and failed GOP plus the stolen election by the now Communist Democrat Party (wow theres an oxymoron), we truly now have one party at the moment. And a totalitarian one it appears. The GOP should work with Trump and other like minded leaders who want to drain this evil body in DC banked by the CCP for starters, and fold the the GOP into a new Patriot Party entity. The GOP has the infrastructure, the conservative Pro-Trump policy body has the WILL of the voters. America First is no cult. It is the force that started this country. By God it will be reckoned with.

    1. Our system is not designed to have satan followers like the demonrat party either. We need to all stay strong & fight back!

  92. No need for another party. keep the Democrats and Change the name of the Republican party to the Patriot Party. The swearing in ceremony would be simple. On my honor I will do my best to do my duty for God and my country. To keep myself physically fit, morality strait and mentally awake. It worked for us boy scouts it should work for our presidents.

  93. I would consider it. But I am skeptical. Too many attempts to start a 3rd party have failed & only took votes away from one party to hand victory to the other party.

  94. If a new “Patriot Party” were pro-life, for Christ centered religious freedom, for strict interpretation of the Constitution, and for term limits, then I would consider joining it.

    1. Don, I think there are many more out there that feel the same as you, I know I do and I believe OUR President Donald Trump feels the same, and I would certainly join. I don’t consider myself a Republican anymore that’s for sure with all the traitors and back stabbers in that party it is a lost cause at this point.

  95. I vote for a new party that is called the “Constitution Party”.
    Further, I vote the party platform be the Constitution of the United States of America as signed into Law on 21 June 1788 and the Bill of Rights as signed into Law on 4 March 1789.

    Let us go back to the basics and rebuild the Republic from there. Remove the Corporation of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA from 1881 which is owned by foreign powers.

  96. One think you can do to get the ball rolling is to start tuning in to NewsMax instead of Fox news. Stop taking about it and just do it and you’ll see just how fast things will change.

  97. After the way the RINO’s treated him? I wouldn’t blame him one little bit. And the GOP would have nobody but themselves to blame.

  98. stop voter fraud! the only way to do this is to do away with the Dem/Rep monikers. if there was no way to identify any votes being from one party or the other, then they couldn’t cheat! give everyone the same ballot and then let them enter their votes in the machines as they so decide. no way to increase (fraudulently) votes for one party or the other- it is the only way we can have fair elections! also, there has to be an audit comparing the paper against the machine! think on this and lets get this problem resolved!!

  99. Yes. My husband and I would join Trump’s Patriot Party. A lot of a Republicans in Congress have not been supportive of Trump throughout Trump’s four years in office. I was totally disappointed with Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, and other Republications when they chose to go to church instead of not attending Trump’s departure from the White House.

  100. Time will tell whether the current GOP remains in power or another party evolves. The current GOP is on a slippery slope. They MUST change and show substantive change, not cheap rhetoric, to the people that elected them to represent us or they are gone. We will use our power to vote those that are not representing the majority out and only those that are willing to stand for America’s ideals and traditions and the Constitution will have a job and seat in the House and Senate.

  101. Yes, I would consider such. I am already an Independent but calling it the Patriot party might not be the , one would hope many Americans are patriots despite recent disappointments. Ii might prefer Populist but I would support any third party that would discourage the awful econonut, determinist Libertarian Party from taking advantage of the GOP demise. I used to be a Libertarian and former devotee of NYC’s Laissez Faire book store so I speak from experience.

  102. This will split the conservative vote and permanently hand over the reins to the far left. Goodbye to all the good he did.

  103. Patriot Party here I come and the members of my family is 300 with closest friends where and how can I sign

  104. Hell Yes In Heartbeat! Republican party showed it was for a Select Few of Thee, Not We! Not for the President or the Constitution or the Country!

    1. No, I would not join such a party.
    2. Almost certainly such party would simply split the non-Democratic vote, leaving power in the hands of the Democrats.
  105. Independents normally do not win too many elections, but in this case I wonder if it might just work. It would be a way for Democrats to vote for a candidate that to me has more old line Republican Ideals and by having a choice to not actually vote for a “Republican” there might be more Democrats willing to vote for him. No matter what though I want to see a thorough investigation as to what happened in the last election, I don’t think there was a proper bipartisan investigation into the validity of the election in a few states, especially Georgia!


  107. I certainly would, I am sick of both parties we have now …Patriot party is the only way to go…Trump is our man….

  108. Other than a few good patriotic Republicans, what has the Republican Party become other than a Yes Man for the Democrats. Hell yes I would vote for Trump as a 3rd Party candidate. What do you have to lose.

  109. yes I would support “The Patriot Party”. Both the Republicans and Democratic Party are not the parties they were years ago.😢

  110. I am so disgusted with the Republican party for not taking a stand against the election fraud that I don’t know if I can ever vote for a Republican again.

  111. We need Trump back in the White House as our President as soon as possible and if we don’t get him back in the democratic party will get the American people in the biggest hole and we will be in a war with China

  112. It depends on the organization of the party, it’s platform and who is actually in charge. Starting another party just to start one does no good, it must be viable and that is highly unlikely as the system is geared for a two party system. It will take a lot of planning to pull it off.

  113. Yes I would become a member of Trump’s Patriot party. I would like to see this party take out the democrats who are corrupt and stole this election. Trump should be the current president, not corrupt and demented Biden. America we must unite and take America back or we will never be free again.

  114. No, I would not join that party. If he does form it, and it has any traction, it will simply split the non-Democratic vote and assure the Dems of seats and offices even in areas hostile to them.

  115. I would join anything Trump wanted to run. He was the best President we’ve ever had. SO, YES, I’ll join his group!!! God bless him for not giving up! What the Dems did to him is so WRONG and they need to be overthrown! I just can’t believe our system is so wicked and cruel and satanic and and and…no end to the list! I sure wouldn’t want to meet God at the judgement with what is on their heads!!! It’s not over by a long shot!

  116. President Trump has broad appeal to Republicans and also inclusive to Moderate Democrats. No doubt that he expanded the party far beyond any other Republican president. With the right political platform he could be a force for both parties to reckon with. Where do I sign up?

  117. I would probably give Trump’s party serious consideration. The main fault I see is how will a third party option keep the cheaters from cheating again? I mean, I think Trump should be our leader now, yet here we go with Biden and his crap.

  118. If Pres. Trump can get it up and running, I’m all in with a new party where we can depend on what the candidates say and do what they say! It will probably have a little loss in all parties in the beginning but will ultimately come out strong! Many,many people are ready for it!

  119. Yes I would join. I have no trust in the current parties, Nazi democrats and coward Republicans
    We need to fight back and win America back from these high powered thieves.

  120. We need a new party, Republican party, ain’t what it use to be, Patriot party good name, need the real American people, get things done right. We are better than what we have now, get it done.

  121. I think this “Patriot” party a great idea. I t would sure
    have the backing as of right now. All the people who
    are working for the American people!! That is what we
    just lost with this new administration

  122. I think a new party is very much needed in the USA. It should be called the Trump Party though so it’s not confused with any other name. I don’t believe the Republican Party can EVER win another election. they are spinless cowards. Too many Rhinos in the Republican Party and Supreme Court.

  123. Trouble is the democrats will leave the present voting system in place. With present voting laws being in place a new party will stand zero chance…..

  124. I think a Patriot Party should be formed. It should be self policing (members could be voted out if they violate the principles of the party) Members serving in elected office should be required to take an extended oath to abide by many rules that there is no willingness to change in the current parties. ie term limits, no favors from lobbyists, agree to live under laws passed by themselves. I think this would attract people from both parties who are fed up with both parties.

  125. He most certainly do so. Since the FAKE Republicans have seized control of that party. There were only a few American loving people in DC and they Challenged that FARCE the Democraps call an Election. The rest are FAKES. They are Lead by the FRAUDS McConnell, Graham, and Rubio in the Senate and Cheney the biggest FRAUD of the Bunch in the House. So it would be a great step in Saving America from the Swamp Creatures. With another party people would have an actual choice. As it is we have the Democraps and the RECTUM SUCKERS of Democraps. That is what these FAKE Republicans are along with the three RINOS(Romney, Collins, and Murkowski). That entire lot needs booted.I mean how bad does it have to be before a SENILE old Bat like Nutsy gets booted from speaker??? Her actions cost Democraps many seats yet they kept her in power and half the time she does not even remember what her job is.

  126. I’m upset not only with the Democrats but also with the Republicans who stand by and say nothing in protest at what the Democrats are doing. That’s why, if Mr Trump does create a new political party, I’m going to be the first to jump on his bandwagon. I’m no longer a Republican, a Conservative, not a Republican. Good luck Mr Trump

  127. The idea sounds great but all a third party would do is pull votes away from the GOP and help the left. Remember Ross Perot? That being said the GOP, at least most of it, no longer represents my conservative values. I’m a life-long registered Republican who does not feel any support from his party. We’ve got some great young Turks coming up through the party. Let’s discover how we can support and cultivate them.

  128. Due to the very fraudulent election, I certainly would back a new political party**Patriot Party organized by President Trump!! I will NEVER refer to Jill Biden as doctor Biden**she is what she is, Mrs. Jill Biden, nothing more and nothing less**how dare she demands any other title, outrageous!!

  129. Yes I would back him 100%. He has done so much for America and all the people who live here. He’s also helped to calm the fighting in other country and signed peace agreement.


  131. Never thought I would walk away from the Republican party but it is filled with SO many Rinos if Trump would begin a “Patriots Party” I would definitely jump on board. Trump has done SO much for this nation in 4 years, just imagine how much more could happen with another 4.

  132. I would gladly join a “Patriot Party” and leave the RINOS in the trash bin of history! Where do I sign up?

  133. If Trump starts a new party, it will pull from the Republicans and assure the Democrats (who may or may not control the voting machines; I suspect that it is the CIA or NSA that controls Dominion) of easy political victories. Any new political party MUST pull from the Democrats AND the Republicans to have a chance to make meaningful change. I for one possibly would support a Patriot Party, but there are a lot of “ifs”.

  134. COUNT ME IN!!!! to the  Patriot Party. I can’t stand the repub’s they have no backbone and are a bunch of backstabbers!

  135. I think it’s time to reform the GOP. Time for the old fossils to depart. They are spineless. Too many years of politicians and they have corrupted the system. We have lots of young Patriots waiting in the wings! Clean house!

  136. Trump doesn’t have to do anything to get revenge. They’ve done it on themselves. They are deluded into thinking that Trump damaged them for good. No, Trump offered them a hand back up, as they were already loosing respect.

  137. In the past 50 years, the advent of new political parties has only served to ‘split the vote’ for conservatives, and thereby give the election to the Democrat candidate. I expect that even if The Patriot Party were to draw voters from both parties, it would not draw enough to be the majority vs the Democrats. If you want to ensure that Democrats win the next few elections, then start a third party.

  138. Absolutely! President Trump gave life to politics. He told it like it is and they couldn’t stand
    his popularity. His supporters love him and his love for this country.

  139. I did not leave the Republican Party, The Party left me. So i say Hello to the new Patriot Party. No Rino’s aloud in this new party. Do it now President Trump, you are still my President.

  140. I enjoy the idea of the Patriot Party. That said, if half the Republicans join and half stay in the Republican Party, The Democrats will always win the future elections. 80 million Democrats, 40 million Republicans, and 40 million Patriots.

  141. No! I will not vote again because it simply doesn’t matter. They will always win because the “swamp” was NOT drained and the fraud was allowed. As a result the electro college will be expanded and the court packed! Now our free speech is nonexsistant and they will be coming for patriots. I’m done with this shit. For the first time in my life I really believed the swamp would be drained. I trusted the “plan” that did not work. All the great policies will be reversed overnight with a stroke of a pen. It was all for nothing. The swamp wasn’t drained so here we are…heading to communism and will soon be getting Biden care shoved down our throat and our guns will be taken. I am ashamed to be an American at this point. No one cares about the people of this country. It’s over!

  142. yes , most certainly I would support The Greatest President In history starting a new party. I think I would try and get a job working for him in any way he needs in getting it done. By the time 2024 come’s around the country may be ready for a new party. Especially after how bad the Democrats and Biden are going to screw things up.

  143. I was thinking if President Trump can get some rouge big time / money investors/donors to help him financially to compete with the other side he could make it happen and be very competitive and win.

  144. Why not call it ..America First Party….that is Trumps favorite saying and it is what all Trump supporters want…we are tired of this country always being put down and disrespected….now we will have 4 more years of nothing but criticism of our country…and our constitution which the democrats have little respect for…

  145. I’m with Trump! I have complete confidence that whatever he chooses will be in the best interest for our country snd the American people. I believe in loyalty and the GOP has not as a whole shown theirs

  146. It would have to target Independents, many who lean Left in political views. However I don’t feel this segment of Independents leans so far as to embrace socialism. If Conservatives are willing to compromise with this segment the Patriot Party would be a Powerhouse. If not we will continue to fight among ourselves and be forced to embrace it.

  147. Should he found a new party, it could very easily take a large portion of both the Republican and Democrat members, when there is enough members to see a third party listed on a ballot that is when you will see the results from a split. Those who have tried to form a new party did not have the backing of a successful president or business man to lead it Trump has a good chance to succeed with a third party.

  148. YES! But the country needs a conservative media outlet that can break the strangle hold on information made to the general public. The left’s media control must be broken.

  149. Starting a new party is very difficult in our rigged 2-party system, no question. Just look at all the other 3rd parties that have tried and failed. So the point of such an effort must be to destroy one of the other two parties, in our case the Republican Party. If this new party gains significant momentum, the Republican Party could crash overnight, for that is what happened to the Whig Party in the late 1850s. The Republican Party is a house divided against itself, between small government and big government factions. The Democrat Party, while heavily factionalized, is unified by increasing government power in any and every way possible. So it is the Republican Party that will crash. For a new party to be successful, it must be unified fundamentally to compete with Democratic unity, and fundamentally that unity must be smaller government in all policy areas including national security. This new party must be anti-empire and anti-permanent-war-state. It also would benefit politically from being anti-plutocrat and anti-corporatist. That may be best achieved by shifting the tax burden more and more to the wealthy and taking it completely off the middle class, which of course is anathema to the Republican Party which always cuts taxes most for the wealthiest and most powerful. Let the Democrats have plutocracy and the welfare state, let our new party have the broad middle class and working poor! The inspiration for our new party – Thomas Jefferson, not Donald Trump!

  150. The article says: “Starting a new political party is quite difficult in the American system, which is designed for only two parties.”

    One wonders from what historical source the author concluded that the American system is designed for only two parties or, for that matter, designed with political parties in mind at all.

  151. I keep getting requests for money from the GOP. But I keep writing back that I am going to register as either an Independent or The Patriot Party. I heard about the later on Twitter. And I’m all for it. The republican party was a disgrace. They allowed the Democrats to trample over our rights. They let the Congress mistreat and falsely blame Trump over the Leftist Run Riots on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6, 2021. Ashli Babbett was murdered in cold blood by a collusion of Capitol Police and Leftist rioters who stood with her pretending to be Trump supporters. You can see it clearly if you watch all the BLM video that Rudy Giuliani has shared. There are some great new Republican Congress people like Lauren Boebert from District 3 in Colorado. I’m sure she would vote with a Trump founded Patriot Party. I think that starting a new party is a great idea. It’s like Trump had this experience and realised the Republican Party as well as the Democrat Party are so broken we have to start over again. Brilliant, I say, brilliant. God bless you.

  152. We were in a better place during Trump’s presidency. I am sick of these career politicians who are more interested in getting rich at taxpayer expense than they are in doing what is best for the people. I am in total support.

  153. I hate to be a poison pill, but if they were able to steal the election this time even though he won, what difference does it make what party he runs under? Wouldn’t they just do the same thing again?

  154. I have been praying for a patriot party or constitutional party or freedom party for a while now! The majority of the true patriots and many independents would be more than happy to join that party because the so-called Republicans have not stood up against TYRANNY!
    GO FOR IT! We’re with you! 🇺🇸♥️🙏🏼

  155. Republicans have accepted for 8 years an intruder born in Kenya with a forged birth certificate. They never tried to impeach him after selling our uranium to Russia, giving millions of dollars to Iran and opening our borders to China giving them the power to hurt our country with a deadly virus. Yes, I am angry with the laxity of the Republicans Party. That is why they have a lot to do to be forgiven by impeaching Biden and investigating Obama.

  156. I feel that he would do well and I would certainly support him. He has now had the experience within the swamp and would know who to work with and who not. Only wish it could be sooner than 4 years.

  157. A third party would never gain enough traction .
    His best chance is to take control of the Republican party, where he has some elected support now and will have more of a chance to win an outright national election. Dont forget, many of his 74000000 voters came from republican families because their parents were. He had some very good allies in congress but just not enough. They would bring their voters with them. The Republican party could be called the “party of Patriots”. To get anything going a social network is necessary

  158. How about a honest vote. Demand the system requires prof of citizenship, one address, and one social security number equals one vote. To be checked by county, state and social security department and conformation of vote sent to each voter. This could be emailed wherever possible. This should be easy with
    computer systems. Demand a honest vote in our country now

  159. It was never intended by our forefathers to have just a two party system. When neither party represents half the population, it is time for a new party. There is a need for patriotism and nationalism in our country. The Democrats are totally unAmerican and dangerous and should be totally defeated. The Republicans have lost focus and are cowardly, wishy-washy career politicians who only care for themselves. The swamp in Washington is so deep and beyond saving, and power must be regained by the people. If a new party cannot gain control through a populist movement, then it may require a revolution or even a civil war. Otherwise our country is destroyed forever. When our leaders no longer represent the people, we the people have no way to stand up and fight in a peaceful manner. We give up and die, or we fight. Government of the people must not control us, but listen to us.

  160. I would absolutely be part of the Patriot Party.
    The Demorats and far left should have to leave the USA!
    Most of the Republicans are weak silent or dirty.
    It feels awful to be ashamed of your government.
    Power to the people
    The government should be crushed

  161. Trump should not allow himself to be pushed out of Republican Party to be identified as the Fringe- He should remain the head of Republican party and conservative Republicans and moderate Rep and Dem- right to life – 84 million who voted for him- he was able to many Rep to House and Senate- he should not start any 3rd party – As Biden shows his commitments as China/Russian mole selling American jobs, and oil and energy self sufficiency/ keeps selling Americans out – most Rep – such as the REp Senate head will come back- Also he has to make an issue that there were paid protestors and ATifa sent by left Dems to riot and storm Capital before Trump finished his speech- he has to call them on fraud – BIDEN and Sons sell out to Russia and China – Why did Biden sign Global warming Treaty in stead of new accord in US favor
    When Trump saw that Stae Courts/legislatures were nit acknowledging election fraud he should have seized all dominion/machines insisted on write in ballots/no mail ins without ID and demanded runoff elections after NOV 7 in contested states- then his electoral ballots would have been available on 1/6 and Congress/Supreme Court would have had to acknowledge
    fraud election. Trump had plenty of time and made several mistakes, stay head of Republican Party

  162. I am not for a third party. It would provide the Democrats with a win in 2024 and possibly 2028. First we need to take back the house in 2022 and get the majority back in the senate in 2022.

  163. I would definitely join a party Donald Trump started. He was the best President we have had. He definitely is for the American people and the United States of America, something most of the people in Washington is not. They are there for themselves and that’s it.

  164. Hell Yes! But I would call it the “American Patriot Party.” If there was ever an opportunity to create a legitimate 3rd party that could win, this is it and this is now.

  165. We have three patriots in our household who would join a new “Patriot Party” in a heartbeat. Now that the Democrats have gained control of the voting machines(Dominion) and the Republicans have turned a blind eye to what took place, does anyone really believe that the Republicans will win another election? We have been devoted to the Republican party for our entire voting lifetime and have been disappointed time and time again by their totally political actions. President Trump exposed the underbelly of the Swamp and we now know how Washington really works. A new party with a new common sense leader who supports the country and its people would be much welcomed.

  166. Someone needs to do something to stop and oppose the socialist Democrats who are soooo corrupt and deceitful. The will take away all of the rights of honest decent people(and our Guns)dini

  167. Mr. President I am in sir the republicans who are closet Democrats didn’t wait for the seat in the Oval Office to get cold before they stabbed him in the back

  168. I would definitely join Trump and his new party. The future of America as we have always known her will disappear if the Left gets a good foothold. The Republucans have shown their ugly side and it’s time to start afresh. Too many Republicans are turncoats.

  169. While I fully support Trump this could be a dangerous proposition that could backfire with bad results. Look back at when we had 3 strong candidates running for president–it split the votes from Republican party mostly and handed Democrat’s a victory. Also upon start up you would totally lose any control of the house and senate which already will have seated Democrat’s and Republicans—it could take years to gain control leaving a long gap for damage to be done. Sound like a good idea, but maybe not so good

  170. Listen up all you American citizens and that includes you Daca citizens, we are all Americans in this together! From the constitution it states, this government whether demos, rhino, independent or what ever you want to be the saying is are government is the people, for the people, by the people , your governors, mayors, congressmen and women, your representatives and Senators work for US, we all need to Fire them all because they aren’t working for us their taking America away from us and trying to divide us with their Lies

  171. If Pres. Trump can keep his followers together and form the Patriot Party and split the demo. and repub. votes we could easily win an election. I believe there many, many dems and reps that would bail out of their current parties if offered the opportunity!!!

  172. This impeachment plans is so false as was the election. Pelosi and others paid for what happened January 6
    Antifia and BLM were already in the Congress before Trump started. Merry riots. It iIw Pelosi has blood on her hands

  173. Yes, I will support such a Party. One reason is that I don’t think Republicans will ever win another election unless voting rules change. That being the case, why not shift allegiances ?

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