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Rochester, New York legislator Ernest Flagler-Mitchell (D) acknowledged sending a photo of his genitals to a then-19-year-old after she accused him of sexual harassment.

The Monroe County Democrat’s admission which included portraying himself as the victim of a baseless extortion scheme came two hours after he was appointed the president of Rochester’s NAACP chapter on Saturday.

The Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestigiacomo reports:

Monroe County Legislator Ernest Flagler-Mitchell defended himself by citing his faith in God and claiming he intended to send the photo of his genitals to his wife. He also claimed without evidence that he is being blackmailed over the incident because of his work for minority communities.

In a letter to Monroe County legislators, LaKaya Sinclair called for Flagler-Mitchell’s resignation and suggested there are other victims of the legislator’s predatory behavior. The legislator met Sinclair following a devastating shooting last year, offering up his contact information if the young girl ever needed help.

“I am writing this letter to share with you that your colleague County Legislature for Legislative District 29, Ernest Flager-Mitchell, has explicitly sexually harassed me and has sent me an unsolicited photo of his genital,” Sinclair wrote.

“I first met him after being the victim of the Pennsylvania Ave graduation shooting that occurred on September 18th, 2020,” she outlined. “A few days later there was a community gathering and he introduced himself to me as the official county legislature for my district. He gave his county legislature business card and told me if I ever needed anything to give him a call. … I reached out for help not to be sexually harassed.”


    1. But he’ll get away with it since he’s part of the “in” crowd and this poor woman will be lambasted for daring to report demonrat misconduct!

    2. They are all involved in pedophilia. Sick bunch of demons and he is no man of GOD taking pictures of his little Wiener. Sick man. Should be arrested for crimes against children that is the thing I would guess almost all demoncrats are involved look at the pictures of Chuck Schumer with a very young black girl on Epstein‘s pedophile island he is another sick individual they all are. GOD WILL HAVE HIS DAY WITH THESE DEMONIC EVIL SCUM REAL SOON!

  1. I have been telling my grandchildren this for years; DON’T SEND PICTURES OF YOUR JUNK! You would think an adult would know this.

  2. Remove the Democrat scum one at a time from any position they are clearly using to fulfill their perverted egos and fill their pockets until their all gone !

  3. I’m sure nothing will happen to him since he is a democrat. The news media will bury it. Now if he were Republican, different story he would be forced to resign immediately and be charged with a crime and probably go to prison.

  4. Not surprised. Seems like the Dems and Progressives are ALWAYS allowed to get away with bad behavior (Bill Clinton and EXCELLENT example), but a Conservative is always Guilty, whether proven so or not.

  5. Why would he send a photo of his genitals to his wife? Has she never seen his genitals? Has he had some enhancing surgery that he felt his wife needed tp see before he could make it home? Why, why, why would he think even that was all right to do? Oh, right he is another stupid lying Democrat. Is there any similarity between his wife’s contact info and this young ladies’?

  6. That lying scumbag knew exactly who he was messaging! Put that evil POS in prison for the rest of his evil life!

  7. Come on, he is a good Christian who just wanted to send a dick pic to his wife, can’t you people understand that? And anyone who says anything negative about him is motivated by racism, it is all a racist plot!

    You know how I know that racism is not really a problem any longer? Because the black community trivializes it so much now that it simply can never be taken seriously, it’s almost cartoonish now. Also, if racism and racists were such a threat why aren’t black folks hiding from the lynch mobs that supposedly roam our cities? They are not afraid of walking around in the south side of Chicago but they are worried about the KKK and lynch mobs? Its only a matter of time that the murders in the black community by other blacks will be blamed on whitey, it is inevitable.

  8. Next, charge Warnock for abusing children and domestic violence and then replace him with a Republican. Boom! We have the majority back in the Senate!

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    1. The pervert didn’t send the vulgar pictures to his wife! I don’t give his stupid wife much credit for letting him say that and make people believe she is stupid or perverted too!

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