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CORRECTION: John Sullivan, a far-left activist who violently threatened to remove President Trump from office, entered the Capitol alongside Trump supporters. There is no evidence other individuals even tangentially linked to Antifa infiltrated Trump supporters who stormed the building. The Washington Times published an article last Wednesday claiming the facial recognition company XRVision positively ID’d two Philadelphia-based Antifa members in the Senate chambers. XRVision did not identify Antifa members. The Washington Times has since deleted the article.

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A prominent anti-Trump activist who violently threatened to forcibly remove President Trump from office entered the Capitol building alongside pro-Trump rioters Wednesday.

John Sullivan, the founder of the ominous-sounding social justice organization Insurgence USA, claims he was there to “document” the chaos.

Per Fox News:

“There’s this narrative going around right now that Antifa was the people there causing the riots, causing the tension, they were the only people breaking into the Capitol, and I wanted to be able to tell a part of history and show that that was anything but the case,” John Sullivan, the founder of Utah-based Insurgence USA, told Fox News Thursday.

Insurgence USA describes itself as “the revolution.” It began protesting racial injustice in policing last year following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.

In August 2020 remarks to a small crowd at a Washington, D.C., intersection, Sullivan pointed to the nearby White House and unleashed a torrent of violent rhetoric. “We … about to burn this s— down,” he said. “We gotta … rip Trump right out of that office right there,” he continued, adding, “We ain’t about … waiting until the next election.” He then led the crowd in a chant of, “It’s time for revolution.”


Sullivan told Fox News he didn’t notice other left-wing activists inside the building. But he added that he couldn’t know for sure without speaking to everyone individually.

Video of the shooting of Ashli Babbitt reportedly shows Sullivan nearby. His group’s website advertised a rally entitled “Kick These Fascists Out of DC” held around the same time Wednesday as the Stop the Steal rally.


      1. The only chance we have at freedom now is to take out biden, harris, pelosi, shumer, clinton, and soros. The Revolutionary War proved that when you have exhausted all avenues of approach, then you need to do what you have to do. Pelosi, like King George, couldn’t care less about voting them out(they will fix every election from here on out) or lawsuits (presided over by liberal corrupt judges)and has condoned murder, domestic violence, complete vandalism, arson, and looting….she and her minions proved that this past summer, funded it, and posted bail for any of her liberal brainwashed babies. You can’t fight THEIR kind of violence and mindset with words and votes….they are so far radical left at this point they never want a Republican in the Senate, House, or White House ever again and they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that, literally. We are dealing with very mentally ill, criminally violent party. Revolution

        1. I totally agree, we have some very skilled activists in America. For the patriot Americans only they have and probably own. What’s needed to take care of this type. Violence on America thats being shoveled down right now. You just named off many people. Who should be taken care of in whatever manor necessary. Almost every Republican cruel at there violence in the end. They shoved violence in order to get them to back down. Bomber’s and everything. They don’t play fare it’s time for the people to play in their field. Scare there pants off too. It’s the only thing they understand.

      1. Sure start impeachment proceedings. Waste hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money, and you won’t get it done in 10 days anyhow. Quit wasting everybody’s timeAnd help make America great again!

    1. No they won’t !
      Just hang on …! The Storm is coming ! The only thing that will be in the White House is President Trump and thousands of Military rounding up the Insurrectionists and treasonous RINOS and the Progressive Socialist Communist Leftists! Hold on until Monday or so …. the Shit is going to “ HIT THE FAN “! GITMO has been cleaned and fumigated from previous Vermin and ready for the “ TRAITORS TO THE UNITED STATES “ !

  1. Is there ANYONE out there that believes that dumba$$ was just in the middle of the attack on the Capitol just to film it to show there were NO ANTIFA involved?
    Really?! Why hasn’t the FBI arrested and charged him? Oh now I remember, the FBI only goes against Trump and his supporters, not rioters.

    1. Is there anyone out there who believes it was Trump supporters who were behind this fiasco? Give me a break.

      1. Funny how rioters show up when the electoral votes were being contested. Antifa were there. Look at tattoo on some waving American flag. Trying to blend in. Then President Trumps cabinet turning on him…. Pelosi and lay on her back Harris must have promised them something big. Shameful how Trump gets blamed for riot, when harry ass and waters, Omar etc have begged BLM to keep up the riots and to get rid of Trump supporters

        1. Well I am a proud Trump supporter
          And if Antifa or the monkeys of BLM desires to take me out
          “BRING IT ON”
          I’m not scared of these idiots
          I’ll gladly go toe to toe with any of them
          I’m a born patriot and proud of it
          I say “ BRING IT “!!!
          They are all a bunch of coward 🐒🐈

    2. You’re kidding, right? That is why we’re here and all of you insane people are losing their jobs today. Sullivan was a witness to Babbit’s being shot-he is heard trying to tell them “don’t go in there, they have guns!” He gave witness statements and his were confirmed by the video. Take ownership of the QAnon, Proud Boy, Three Percenters, Oathkeepers, and Neo-Nazis THAT LIVESTREAMED THEMSELVES from inside the Capitol. Take ownership of every Trump supporter that dimed THEMSELVES out via their own social media. Do it NOW so the rest the normal, sane Republicans can have our party back. It might take 4 years but this is Trump’s legacy to you-“March to the Capitol! Make yourselves heard! The country will not be taken back with weakness! I will be there with you!” Never shows up, lol, the next day calls his own sedition-ists heinous. But I am sure the bail money, funeral money, and missed salary money is forthcoming.

    3. You mean the same FBI, that gathered evidence at the latest bombing, or the FBI that wasn’t there to collect evidence on our election fraud. Within 48 hours they had evidence on the RV and people involved. But when you need the for other things ( Non Democratic issues) well there not available. 🖕🏻

      1. Yeah. The same FBI that tried to intimidate a truck driver for the USPS that signed an affidavit about driving 288,000 ballots from NY to PA……………….and then finding they disappeared.
        The same FBI that couldn’t be bothered investigating the leaders behind the riots, arsons and theft all summer long………………but show up in force to go after GOP legislators.

    4. Exactly. They won’t arrest antifa or blm because they’re part of the party of love and tolerance…

    1. Biden won’t want them there, it won’t look good. lol he doesn’t anyway and Imaho doesn’t help at all. Obammy and Soros are both detriments, he’s doomed worse than Bush was.

    2. I don’t see a way to prevent that. They’re doing exactly what they do in other countries. Media is on their side, so are the police, probably military. We’re watching a coup. It would take an extraordinary event to change things. The message from the left is going to be clear – shut up.

          1. That’s why I think we all need to go on strike until we get an HONEST accounting of the election………………………….and Biden’s backroom dealing in Ukraine and China

          2. Unfortunately for us that will never happen unless honest people start coming forward and show all the FRAUD committed in this election by OBIDEN.

    3. George Sorros funds Antifah and BLM and the Democrats. They have been planning this moment for the last 4 years too. And I am sickened by the republicans too who wouldn’t back President Trump. Our president exposed the swamp which includes both parties. I hope our President starts his own party. I have no faith in our government as it is right now. Even Mike Pence threw our President under the bus. We have become a one party system, sadly. And after Biden gets in it will soon go to Harris who will be the one they wanted in which will speed us towards socialism and communism.

  2. So antifa was there and Ashlii was a false flag. I think the whole thing was faked. Oh the patriots were real, I was on the fringe.

  3. The democratic party runs AmtifaAnd that is who caused all the problems in Washington not the Republic they’re starting their campaign against Trump now so maybe they won’t have to deal with him in 2024

  4. Why is it that you are unable to do anything in a casino with out it is seen on camera. They are unable to catch voter cheating nor record anything that shows dumercrats are at fault. Like the recent break in congress . Strange is it not. Simple, contact casinos for help.

  5. Where are Trump supporters now? At home, while antifa is paid to say they are only filming. Why would anyone from Utah go to the capital just to film the peaceful Trump supporters? LOL yes sure, Nancy Piglousy waste more of our money, and get you huge salary, from us and China!!

  6. Joe pretty much described it perfectly:
    “No one can tell me, that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently.”

    The shooting of an unarmed African American by a white cop would have resulted in violent riots in DC, similar to those in Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland.

    Yes, passions were running high, thanks to the lack of judicial action.

    Equal rights do not mean special rights.

  7. What we hear here is something we never heard on the the blubtube. It was all about the Trump supporters and I knew that it wasn’t true that it was the antifa bunch doing the damage because Trump supporters would know that it would all fall back on Trump if they were to try to break into the Capitol as it did and is still falling back on Trump even though they know it’s a lie! From now on we will never have a fair election not that we ever did but now it is known and the coarts will do nothing about it even though they know it’s happening and will happen the next time.


      1. I don’t care what they say or what they call me. I believe in always sticking together with like minded people, but don’t be fooled. Stand together no matter what happens.

        1. We can’t stand with morons and it’s hard to tell the difference after this week. It appears the Dems have incorporated the republicans into their camp. Very sad !

    2. Newsmax and One America News covered it and showed real time film. All the other news channels are owned by Bloomberg and Zuckerburg and Liberal Disney who are the fake news !

  8. This scumbag wasn’t arrested, but the Capital Police shot and killed a female white protester…..where are the charges against the Capital Police officer for Murder.??? I guess if a white cop shoots a drug addicted, drunken felon resisting arrest like Floyd, then the cop is automatically guilty of Murder, and that permits NLM idiots to get a new big screen TV and burn down people’s business’….


  9. Proof doesn’t matter in washington, district of corruption. Those in government cannot handle the truth. They lie to us constantly…..24/7/365 along with the msm. Videos of election fraud and pages of sworn affidavits of people witnessing this corruption and nothing is done. The unsupreme court didn’t even want to hear the case even though rule last minute rule changes by some state violated the US Constitution.

    Welcome to the 3rd world banana republic. Hey, we even have a 3rd world prez taking office next month, elected through 3rd world elections.

    1. Yeah. Don’t you wonder where they will end up? Creeps ! Maybe Sorros and Pelisi will hire them out to a third world country.

  10. This is exactly why these idiots should never have taken the bait and tried to enter the Capitol, what else were they going to do other than change the narrative from what it should have been, which is the theft of an election. Now we will never know because no one will examine the results any further. Who knows who breached the Capitol but those Trump supporters that participated damaged the cause and Trump tremendously, because look at what we are talking about now.

    1. it was scripted and plotted by democrat operatives…capitol police sent home at 10 am! vans of Antifa in trump drag driven to capital by democrats…..no security….but Antifa destroyed the premises… trumpers sang patriotic songs and prayed……

    1. Yes but us deplorable are supposed to be so stupid and I guess they think we won’t ever figure it out. Or they don’t care so to them it doesn’t matter.

    1. Don’t forget about Sorros whose father worked for Hitler. And Sorros himself was a Hitler youth. Did somebody say communism? Yes we have a winner.

  11. Really tired of the double standards we are forced to live by. Do the democrats honestly believe that acting to impeach Trump will bring any sort of unity to the United States. But oh yea, they don’t want unity, it just sounds good when they say it.


      1. This started when Mafia infiltrated government. Mafia blackmailed Hoover for being closet gay and then Hoover who had the goods on everyone blackmailed reps and sens. That ran parallel to the OSS morphing into CIA – Donovan was as sleazy and corrupt as they come. Both the Mafia and CIA joined forces when JFK got whacked for dipping his pen in the company ink with MM. Giancana was not amused. RFK thought he was going to get revenge and got too big for his britches.

        Whack, whack – two houses painted in rapid succession.

        Teddie learned his lesson and became a drunken liege.

        Been going on for 70+ years.

        At first the M was at least patriotic now it is just the another criminal arm of the global cabal. It has no allegiance to any country. 😢

    2. By bringing a second article of impeachment against Trump it can keep him out of politics permanently. And Pence will have to vote on that. So we will see if Pence will throw Trump under the bus again.

  12. Democrats have been trying for over four years to get Trump out of office and finally hit upon an evil idea to not only get him out but turn people against him… They’re probably wondering why they didn’t think of it sooner. And I do believe they were in on it because the Capitol Police started letting people in, why?? They knew it could lead to problems because there were too many people. Besides real Conservative Trump supporters would never attack police! I can just see it now… Every freedom we have enjoyed will now be taken away because Democrats are going to lie to the public and tell them that they need to protect them from us! This is a truly tragic day for America… The Left has succeeded in stealing everything from us, and their supporters aren’t even smart enough to realize that they’ll be victims of the Democrat’s tyranny too!

    1. But all the Dem supporters will be knowing too little too late. But it was the mail in ballots and the Dominion voting machines with accessibility via the internet that changed votes. Do t you wonder who the people who scanned thousands of votes by hand repeatedly are and how much they got paid?

  13. They already have the ringleader (though he claims he was merely there to record what was happening-you know, doing the job the press refuses to do). Round up everyone shown in the congressional building during that period and question them to discover who they are, where they live, what they do for a living and who their friends are. Then we’ll know whether this was a conservative bunch who just lost their minds for a moment or whether they were plants, there to raise hell. Considering the Democrat’s outrage at what happened, it would be interesting to know whether the thugs were left or right.

  14. Of course they were. Weren’t all the democrat politicians in the house. They are mostly all there every time they are in session this time they just had more of their supporters in the capital than usual. Duh I didn’t need this news story to figure it out

  15. This is nazi Germany all over again and communist Russia China Cuba and so on and so on just watch ahc channel when they play anything on the lead up to ww2 and the communist takeover of Russia. The playbook is exactly the same

  16. It’s my hope they come back to Washington if the Democrats try to impeach the president on Monday they are just that stupid and corrupt and willing to keep the people pissed off about this riot shit don’t tread on the American people it might come back to you go home Nancy and chuck Washington needs new leadership not a bunch of communists run our country

  17. Modus operandi ( MO ) is used by law enforcement to link previous crimes and activities with fresh ones. The storming of the Capitol is an MO of Antifa and BLM. We have seen it dozens of times over the past several years. Violence and destruction is not the MO of Trump rallies and we have witnessed those for over four years.

    While both Antifa and BLM have been primarily sole actors or occasionally acted in concert, they rarely encounter conservatives except to clash with the Proud Boys. While infiltration has not been their MO, tactics can and do change, especially when there is sufficient time to do so, as there was for this rally. Many thousands were going to appear at a time and place ( Washington )that was favorable. Infiltration would not have been difficult and if past performance is an indication of present behavior – look to Antifa and BLM as agents provocateurs.

    To all those conservatives who got caught up in that maelstrom, I am sorry you were played for saps and suckers.

  18. i heard that AOC wants to get rid of Pelosi….Schumer…..omg that would be wonderful….I can’t wait…I can’t stand them…Part of the swamp scum..Not liking AOC. But proud of her if she pulls this off!

  19. There was a picture of Antifa coming out of vans and capital police letting them in the capital something wrong somewhere investigate please

    1. How very astute of you. Yes you’re right. But don’t hold your breath for an investigation. It won’t happen.

  20. Would love to have more detailed information – devoid of as much guess-ulation. spec-ulation and fabrication – quite possibly an impossibility. To ‘leave-no-stone-unturned’ may take more time than the average person will spend going over it; perhaps it may cost more than an investigative news service can or will invest. Unfortunately, the incident is already being categorized as ‘conspiracy theory.’

    1. Watch Newsmax and One America News. You will see real film footage. But the liberal news stations just hate them !

  21. The people, “We the People” who gathered at the Capitol we mostly peaceful protesters. They are part of the 74 0r 75 millions who voted for Trump. They believed that the election was “Stolen” and rightly so. They gathered to show their frustration at loosing the election because of dishonest politicians who will be occupying the administration in the next four years. Some were misguided by instigators who egged them on to enter the Capitol to get them to destroy some of the statues, etc. But, they were told lies in order to get them to participate instead of continuing their peaceful demonstration. There was no intent on the part of them to
    wreck the institution or take over the government like the socialists and communists have done. They wanted a fair election, an honest one, not the one that happened on Nov.. 3.

    1. It seems to me out once great country was founded due to war. People today don’t have the stomach for it so we’re all cattle.

  22. right on Antifa will be invited to White House!!! They will be celebrated like they were
    this summer—-trying to hurt those nasty white supremecists Trump fans–this is all
    going to backfire—just wait patriots!!!!!

  23. The Democrats are terrified of Trump. They know that Trump along with his supporters are a danger to their treasonous overthrow of America. Trump is going to be able to get rid of every RINO and communist Democrat simply by throwing his support behind any true constitutional Republican who runs for office against ANY RINO or Democrat public office. He will be the ultimate “King maker” so to speak. That is why they are trying to shut him up, impeach him or try him for whatever fake charges they can come up with …. much like they did to Nelson Mandela. They are scared as hell.

  24. This is where the government is turning against the people and we must fight back. We must> They leave us no choice. They steal the election so we wont have a voice, Trump is my President and he will be until a fair election.

  25. I was sending a answer to Mr Herbert Chapman I am totally in agreement with him.I got so far in my comment and was knocked off all i can say is welcome to socialism I feel very bad for the babies being born into this world now.What do they have to look forward too

  26. NO FREAKING EVIDENCE?? That’s all I’ll be doing with AAN. You’ve been compromised. I’m done with your worthless asses. Unsubscribed.

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