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A Cornell University student government vote on whether to take guns away from campus police officers has descended into threats of violence against students who voted against the measure.

On a 15-14 vote, Cornell’s student government defeated a resolution calling for the disarming of campus police. The measure was sought by liberal activists who consider the police a violent threat against the poor and minorities, even though Cornell’s students are largely white and among the richest in America.

“The policing system in America is rooted in racism, slavery, corruption, and violence, particularly against Black and Brown people, which has been commonplace since the institution’s inception,” the resolution begins, which was written by students who can afford Cornell’s $59,000-a-year tuition.

“American law enforcement as we know began as slave patrols and union busters,” the resolution reads, which is not true.

The resolution also claims police were created to enforce “Ugly Laws” to prevent disabled people from appearing in public. That is also not true.

The resolution continues for five pages, making completely fake claims and engaging in bizarre conspiracy theories.

The mentally unhinged resolution, which has no actual policymaking ability, lost by one vote.

That’s when liberals resorted to their first tool of persuasion: bloodthirsty mob violence.

Enraged by someone telling them “no,” liberals posted the names and contact information for student representatives who voted against it, leading to them being targeted with threats.

Among those leading the calls for violence was Cornell’s former student body president.

“Joe Anderson, a former student government president, called on his peers to fight the representatives who rejected disarming the police. ‘And when I say fight, literally fight them, I can’t stand those ugly people,” Anderson said,’” The Washington Free Beacon reports.

The psychotic threats appear to be working.  After being targeted, one student representative who voted “no” now wants to change his vote, which could pass the symbolic measure.

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  1. Enemy from within – Cancel Culture and Social Media Mop – We have sunken into a society of Envy, Hate, and constant Resistance at any cost – even the deliberate destruction of the economy fueled by the Mainstream Media.

    It is a high time for adult and fact-based news reporting, as well as civil conversation on Social Medial, if we want to preserve the foundation of this country (USA – the best in the world) was built on.

    Let’s remember that any time we judge the past based on today’s (real or manufactured) standards, all of us will fail every time.

  2. 1st disarm the police, then disarm you…and if you vote against it we kill you.
    University politics….simple really.

  3. They will preach this, until a conservative student is beaten to death. Then, these Commie students will pay a serious price. They need to be held accountable and arrested for conveying threats. Disarm the campus police? What are they suppose to use, with an active shooter on campus? Harsh language. Oh, it would happen, when perps know the cops are unarmed. Talk about an open invitation. Spoiled little rich kids. Public floggings & yokes should be something the college should reintroduce. Teach these little bstrds a good lesson.

  4. You parents need to pull your dum kids out of these schools that are committed to communist Marxist socialism they have warped your kids and you did nothing if you and your kids think so little of America then get out turn in your citizenship and get out

  5. Typical infantile “hissy fit” response like a 2-yr old who doesn’t get his way. Colleges would do all a service if they sent such students home with instructions to parents to “grow them up” before they send them to college.

  6. The vote has already been done. You can’t go back and change your vote. Don’t let leftist idiots scare you into submitting to their will.

  7. Students who are threatened should carry concealed and shoot the first person to attack. Everyone should read and get behind and end this Socialist shit. Please read. God Bless

  8. All I can say people better protect them selves. This craziness is going to get much worse before it gets better. The country right now is in a bad place it’s up to us to pull ourselves out of it.

  9. 59 grand a year and they are wasting their parents money over BS. Get back to class and try and learn something.

  10. biggest threat that has and is changing this great country are brainwashed anti americans teaching in our education system

  11. Please, somebody in the movement to disarm, defund and/or disband police departments, one of you please, please tell me who is more of a threat to our well being, our safety, the men and women in law enforcement or the people who want to kill those who oppose their agenda.

  12. The campus police force should all quit. Let the thugs run things . That should last about a day! I’m glad I’m not paying to expose my children to such nonsense!

  13. One thing everybody understand is violence no matter how stupid, I’ll try to make this short because of all the murder ethnic cleansing Holy God sent his hand maiden to Bosnia the virgin mary to stop the killings just like he did in Mexico to stop the sacrifice of baby’s. One of the times virgin mary appeared to the six children jesus christ himself appeared with his mother, one of the things jesus said to the kids was the American people will have to take the country back from the crooked corrupt government , their trying to erase God from our country, it’s looking more and more like it’s gonna have to be done by violence, so many people are buying guns and ammo, maybe the general who they tried to throw under the bus will lead the charge, we want the corruption out of our country and our government, IN GOD WE TRUST

  14. To make such threats or do such acts are extreme acts of cowardice. To give in to such threats is equally cowardly. Good and evil cannot be a compromise. We either stand for what we believe or we fall to a form of slavery

  15. And just how would those radical morons respond if personally assaulted, rapped, or were watching their friends die at the hands of violent assailants armed with knives or guns? Do they think campus police without guns are going to save their lily white little asses? I wouldn’t without a fire arm. They created a problem, they can die by their problem.

  16. The very people who want to disarm the police are the very ones that should be disarmed after a statement like that. They are the ones who pose a THREAT TO THE POOR AND MINORITIES because they can’t protect themselves against the student government who says they will cause harm to them if they don’t walk a chalk line. They must think they are really hot stuff!

  17. If Biden/Harris get in the office, we will lose the Second Amendment! And this kind of fascist insanity of the Left just proves all the more, how much we really need guns.

  18. You communist bring it on, we are ready to rid our great nation of your evil and wicked carcass’s, send information your souls to hell for eternity!

  19. What makes these leftists think, we on the right, will just allow them to Kill us or intimidate us??? where are the students that support and defend the vote at Cornell ??? we must begin to unite and fight these radicals that are trying to steal our country, like they did the election,. They want to change this great nation into a communist country…BE READY TO DO WHATEVER NECESSARY TO SAVE OUR GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP AND OUR FREEDOMS !!!

  20. If this student takes his vote back he can expect to bow to those doing the threatening for the remainder of his college years, not to mention once on this road it will one a life time of fear and giving up his principles.This is exactly how the communists get control, through for mongering. Instead of giving in he should go to the police

  21. Hold them accountable! They, who threat others (especially with life threats) because their opinions differ, must be held accountable and be made an example of. This is a free and democratic country, people are free to express their opinions and vote as their conscience dictates. This is not Cuba, China, Venezuela, or any other country where dictators eliminate anyone who opposes their way of thinking. Those in this country who act like dictators, should be held accountable at every turn and become an example.

  22. School shootings brought on the need for armed police on campus. Are we inviting more shootings if it is known that no protection is available to the students? The armed guards etc. are there to protect the students. Is there much crime by minorities on campus to warrant worry about their arrest? Are school shootings a thing of the past? Students dont need protection is the message here.

  23. Those lunatic leftists should be very careful what they wish for…. it may not work out to their liking. Some of us are “locked and loaded” and just waiting for them to draw first blood.

  24. Marxists want to inflame racial tensions. Carrying college politics over Niagara Falls of honesty and personal responsibility. Beware America.

  25. Mao’s “Red Guard” is becoming the face of Academe in the US. These Cancel Culture radicals want to abolish the “four olds” and establish their form of anarchy and group thinks and adherence to leftist dogma. The only solution is resistance in all the forms it may take or becoming a slave to the state and the collectivist.

  26. Time to start doxxing these Communist bastards. What’s good for the goose, is damned well good for the gander.

  27. Just as Yuri Bezmenov described it: they get so brainwashed that they will deny the real facts no matter what data they are presented with. Brain damaged beyond repair, degree or no degree.

  28. They say disarm the police so they won’t kill anyone then they say they will kill or hurt anyone who don’t vote their way. Crazy b—ds

  29. Thank God for President Trump, thank God the military are coming home, thank God sanity is coming in 2021 and all these rats are being exposed and removed from causing any more harm. The School system under Common Core (Gates idea?)must be abolished. it was breeding these little Commies

  30. This speaks volumes about the failures of our past decades of colleges teachers & lack of US Constitution subject matter. Basic knowledge of our freedoms are the rights to free speech! Teaching one to debate & decide decisions by statesmanship is critical for our Republic! If one wants a dictatorship type government then by all means move to one of the many failed countries in this world! Don’t try to bring America to communism!

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