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Obtuse school officials in Morrow, Ohio suspended two patriotic football players from the high school football team.

The reason for their suspension? Flying pro-police and firefighter flags to honor first responders during their game on the 19th anniversary of 9/11 (RELATED: What This Football Team Did With Old Glory Will Make You Smile).


The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra reports:

“When the Little Miami High School football team took the field Friday, Sept. 11, a couple of players carried alongside the American flag a Thin Blue Line and Thin Red Line flags,” Local 12/WKRC-TV reported. “The problem is, the boys had asked the school permission prior to the game and they were denied and told if they defied the order, there would be consequences.”

The players — Brady Williams and Jared Bentley — flew the flags to honor firefighters and police officers on the 19th anniversary of the radical Islamic terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. The local news station said that Williams’ father is a police officer and Bentley’s father is a firefighter.

“I was all for it,” Bentley said. “Because my dad is a firefighter, and if it had been him killed on 9/11, I would have wanted someone to do it for him.”

Superintendent Greg Power suggested that the boy’s decision to show respect for first responders by flying the flags represented a political point of view.

The tiny hamlet has a population of around 1,325. The county, just northeast of Cincinnati, is one of Ohio’s most conservative. Donald Trump won 65.6% of the vote here in 2016.

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  1. That’s disgusting! The school should be ashamed of themselves! On 9/11, no less! The kids were honoring LEOs and FFs…that is NOT political! If they had carried a Trump flag or a Biden flag, then THAT would have been political! And I’m sure if they had asked to carry a BLM flag or an Antifa flag that would have been OK with the school.

    Those kids deserve to be praised, not suspended!

      1. NO Just the people who have grabbed positions of authority. But we LET THEM. Now it is time to rise up and teach them a lesson about WHO WE ARE.

    1. Absolutely correct! This is an outrage! Parents, community members, family, step up amd defend these courageous kids! Demand the school officials resign. Bring the boys back to the team and clear their names! What a disgusting display by the school’s “social justice”. Please, Ohio, DO SOMETHING about this!

  2. Since when are HONORING the people that keep us safe and respond when there injuries or trouble? These :”schools” (indoctrination centers) need to be taught RESPECT. These are the acts of COMMUNISTS when they discourage the display of patriotism, and the show love of OUR GREAT COUNTRY, and the people that put their lives on the line every day.

  3. parents should challenge and pack school board meeting. in a small town, the school board will definitely take notice. this is disgusting that they are treating these boys this way.

    1. Boycott all remaining games until all the boys are allowed to play and carry the flags with pride. Fire all school board members for disrespecting the players and their families. Fire the principal for allowing the indoctrination to infiltrate his/her school.

  4. It is sick to think that a very small group of one ideology has control over our kids and they deal warped justice and education! The Left needs to be stripped from our schools and forced to get jobs in the private sector, which would be almost impossible for these people.

  5. The school management should be dismissed indefinitely.
    Red fascism is rottening society from within.
    Time to start a counter-revolution by right-minded, decent, patriotic people.

  6. It figures…. Supporting first responders and the police is now political.

    I would love to say I don’t believe it. But I believe they may have received the same if they only brought out the American flag. And they did this on 9/11…. they should be able to do this every week, if they want.

    It won’t be long now…..

  7. The School Board should be replaced with clear, patriotic minded persons, regardless of their color. Make America Great Again!

  8. So proud the students stand up for this wonderful country, they make a wonderful example but the schools are wrong just makes you wonder what they are teaching these students.

    1. If they are part of the teachers union, they have to comply or look for another job! ALL unions have turned for the worst! I’m old enough to remember my dad and others DID NOT have to pay dues to work! The teachers have big demands before they will go back ti work! KICK ALL THEIR BUTTS OUT! There are many very smart folks out there that COULD teach what WE WANT our KIDS TO KNOW! Country Constitution, History, Pride, DUMP COMMON CORE, that was promised long ago! OH and the demands? NOT A THING to do with ANYTHING they should be teaching! Like the rats all to do for them!

  9. Time to fire EVERY SINGLE PERSON involved in the suspension of the boys’ right to the First Amendment! I think Lin Wood needs to be notified of this outrage!

    1. I just sent Lin Wood an email. Let’s see how this superintendent and his anti-American minions like being in the national spotlight for hating America’s first responders.

  10. Sorry No the flags were celebrating their patriotism. Love for your country should never be discouraged. The Superintendent was and is wrong.

  11. Shame on their teammates. Every player should have been carrying a flag. Blue Line, Red Thin Line or the Stars and Stripes. If the team wants to save face they should stand up and forfeit the season until these players are re-instated. To the parents of Little Miami stand and be heard demand this superintendent is suspended pending a vote for termination. This is your school not his YOU PAY THIS POS SALARY.

  12. Remove Greg Power from Superintendent, and replace him with an American!!
    Good for you Boys!!!
    Keep flying those flags!!!!

  13. This is ridiculous! The powers that be should be thrown out! It is time to stand up for our rights. I am tired of BLM and the left running everything. It is time for all parents, grandparents etc to stand up for our kids who are doing the right thing. We also need to get ride of the so called educators who are dumbing down our schools and trying to rewrite history.

  14. Time for: 1) Parents to rise up and fire the school administration, coach or whomever else was involve in suspending the students; and 2) ALL of the other football players should quit the team. I bet if it had been honoring criminals like Floyd, although I do not approve of the way he was killed, or Burn, Loot, Murder oops so sorry that should be Black Lives Don’t Matter, or Antifa-acts, nothing would have happened.

  15. Superintendent Greg Power!!! This is not political…until this year it was called remembering and respecting those who put their lives on the line to save your sorry @!$..if you ever needed them and those that died..trying as well as those who were in the path of evil…shame on you!! Proud of the boys!!

  16. Those marxist schools are full of commie professors and should be without students and for sure no taxpayers funding. Sick of all of those dems of communism.

  17. Has that principal lost his/her frigging mind. 9/11 is recognition of a countrywide tragedy. And just for the record, first responders were the critically injured subsequently from injuries sustained since 2001. As a former high school & college teacher, I am appalled at ignorance of the facts.

  18. Those boys are patriotic examples of how ALL athletes should behave. The NFL should take note. Their parents must be so proud of them!

  19. That just shows what kind of school administration they have, what a shame such “little” people, who has to be politically correct at all times……….Hopefully those two young men can still keep their heads high, and manage to do without the sports for awhile..
    I personally applaud them for being that brave to go against the schools leftists wishes….

  20. the school officials that did this should at least be suspended without pay as long as the boys are out and it put on there work history to follow them to there next job or removed from job

  21. Let me get this straight….2 players got suspended for their “political view” by someone who had another view. How desperate can they get.

  22. But they probably played the “Black National Anthem” and linked arms and that
    was OK—this is outrageous–they just couldn’t let them do it and one of the boys
    Dad is a fireman—just one day 9-11 out of the year–I am so disgusted I can’t
    see straight—get a lawyer boys like Lin Wood!!! 2 of my 5 grandchildren are
    being subjected to this garbage and I thought it was bad in the 70’s!!!

  23. I can’t seriously believe “educators” would do a thing like this. Yet I’m not totally surprised. My step-daughter is a special needs teacher who has one student – both deaf and blind. The students assigned elective? Chorus. Makes perfect sense in today’s education system.

    When I attended school, I was taught “GOD, Family, and Country” as priority order.
    Many of my friends attended public schools where they were taught “Family and Country” with the religious training being done at home.

    Politics was taught a part of Social Studies and no viewpoint was “correct”. All views were heard.

    The “leaders” of this school need to be removed. Minimum wage jobs aren’t good enough for them. There is no reason they should be in charge of our youth.

  24. This is not right they are free and should be able to fly those flags ANYWHERE the want . OUR tax dollars pay for those schools ,so where does the principle get off telling FREE young men what they can and can not do with A flag ,a flag people a flag .unbelievable

  25. This leftist radical Superintendent should be fired. Who but an idiot would claim that showing support for police and firefighters was POLITICAL. That would be a leftist radical for sure.

  26. the school should be ashamed –what a farce suspending the students for showing their PRIDE in this Country– no wonder this country is going to HELL with people like this doing the rotten thing to the two kids . . .

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