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Rudy Giuliani left an indelible impact on New York City. The mafia controlled the Big Apple through monopolies in seemingly legitimate business and ruthless coercion. By the time he ran for mayor, the most powerful La Cosa Nostra families were a shell of their former selves.

At 76, he’s not interested in running for mayor again. However, his 34-year-old son Andrew is. It would be a much welcome change after Bill de Blasio’s chaotic rule. (New York Post)

“I am certainly thinking about it. It’s something that a bunch of people that I trust have approached me with,” the younger Giuliani told The Post. “It’s been terrible to see over the last few years how the city has spiraled. I am afraid if the right candidate doesn’t win in 2021, four more years of de Blasio’s policies will remind us of the 80s.”

“Mayor de Blasio’s administration has failed New York as he does not value the New York Police Department and he does not value what they have done for the city,” Giuliani continued, singling out recent budget cuts and the disbanding of the NYPD’s undercover anti-crime unit.

Andrew Giuliani has spent more than three years working in the White House as a public liaison assistant to President Trump and — like his father — has developed a close working relationship with the billionaire. They sometimes meet four times a week when things get busy. His portfolio involves interfacing between the White House and a variety of business, nonprofit and other groups.

“We deal with everyone from Tim Cook to Kim Kardashian and everybody in between,” he said.

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    1. I don’t know. If people were dumb enough to elect De Blasio in the first place, they might do it again. Then we will see a REAL mass exodus.

      1. Do not underestimate the LEVEL OF DUMB !!! But even worse – People are just too lazy to VOTE!!! Consider AOC was elected with 13,000 votes !!

        1. WHAT???? Are you really that blind?

          NYC is on life support and failing fast. We’d be infinitely LUCKY to have Rudy take over again if he could. I know nothing of his son, but would bet my life he would be head and shoulders better that the imbecile in office there now!

      2. He admitted to being a socialist from the git-go. I can’t believe the people believed that his socialist programs would be good for them. I actually gave New Yorker’s more credit than that. After all, hadn’t they voted for Rudy Giuliani?

    2. Catherine, he’d win it in a walk; going away; a veritable tsunami triumph. I worked in Manhattan for 41 years before retiring in 2011. Folks want their city back. Just like folks want their country back…and they’re going to get it. See you at the 2nd inaugural; “the rebirth!”

    3. NYC could certainly use a real mayor at this point. But these are the same imbeciles who vote for deblasio, aoc and schumer.

    4. It depends on how much brain power the Yorkers have. Remember. They voted him in. And they are not likely to want to turn loose of their TIT on the hog.

  1. I have a modest proposal I will ship some official New York State “My governor is an idiot!” tee shirts to Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump Jr. and Rudy can run governor of New York and Donald Trump Jr. run for mayor of New York and he does not have to rough it since Trump Tower is much nicer than Gracie Mansion!!

  2. Even the character “Dopey” from the “Snow White” story would be an improvement over NYC’s current sick joke of a mayor.

  3. if Andrew guiliani is anything like his father nyc would be blessed…that would be definitely needs a strong mayor and just maybe nyc is fed up enough….sure hope so……now just get Cuomo in prison and we can hope again for a better ny

    1. Please study your NYC history. Ruddy G won more than once and would have won again hands-down but there were term limits. You must not have lived in the city during Dinkins and then Giuliani. The man was a Miracle Worker unless of course, you like crime and filth.

  4. As a native New Yorker I lived in NYC during Wagner, Lindsay, Beame, Koch, Dinkins, and Giuliani. Everyone started seeing the city go down the tubes during Koch’s last years in office. He wanted to be governor and lost to Mario Cuomo, and he never got over it. He seemed pissed at the people of the city, and started doing a lousy job as mayor. But nothing could have prepared long-term New Yorkers for the Dinkins years. Squeegies on every corner. Robberies, rapes, murders , filth, homeless sleeping in their own urine and feces on every single subway car, so much graffiti on each car, you couldn’t see out the windows.
    Everyone said New York could never, and would never come back. It would be impossible.
    Then came its savior and miracle-worker Rudolph Giuliani. No more squeegies. You could once again ride graffiti-free subways. The quality of life returned and once again I was proud to be a New Yorker!
    Best wishes Andrew! Please follow your father’s footsteps! (But I must admit, they will be tough shoes to fill!) Godspeed to you on your campaign!

    1. While I’m not a New Yorker, I lived in the northeast and went to NYC over the years as I was growing up with the Girl Scouts, church groups, twice to the New York World’s Fair and had a friend I visited in northern NJ after I graduated from high school. We went to New York City when I would come to visit. I would take the train to Grand Central and her dad, who worked in Manhattan, would pick me up and drive me to their house. I also went once to NYC totally by myself. This was in the late 1960s. I never felt afraid. I moved to Texas in 1970 and after a few years I started hearing about horrible things happening in NYC. That it was dangerous to ride the subways. A few years later my husband had a construction job in Connecticut and he went through NYC on his way there. He was horrified. He is from Kansas and I had always told him about the fun I had in NYC over the years, but what he saw made him question my integrity. He was driving a big rig with equipment on it and he said he was scared to death if he broke down he wouldn’t live through it. He saw cars stripped and burned all over the place. When we decided to drive to Nova Scotia from Texas one year on vacation, my husband was worried that it wouldn’t be safe to go through NYC, but it needed to be done. What an amazing transition. He couldn’t believe his eyes. No burned out hulks anywhere. That was during the Giuliani administration. Believe me there was a noticeable difference and my friend who lives in PA and her husband were once again visiting the city, going to dinner and shows, and, yes, riding the subway – in safety. Another Giuliani as mayor of NYC would be akin to another four years of President Trump. Over the moon!

    2. I remember how bad it was.. I moved to NY in the 70’s. I was robbed several times. I was afraid to go out at night. It was a nightmare. It was downhill when I got here and worse until Giuliani. I never believe New York could recover. Giuliani worked a miracle and although I am not a fan of Bloomberg, he kept the upward momentum going. Neighborhoods that were considered bad were changed. Now this mayor has taken us back 40 years.

  5. This is better than good news! I’m sure he could win. The people of NYC have had a serious wake-up call. They’ve had their heads in the sand for far too long voting Democrat by rote. It’s time they once again think what they are voting for. They voted for Rudy Giuliani, a Republican, and he did them proud. Then they voted for RINO Bloomberg who has since become a socialist. Sounds like Rudy’s son is a chip off the old block.

  6. The problem is, Giuliani is a liberal. He opposes your right to own a gun and supports the murder of babies by abortion. For this reason I will never support him in any election and did not when he ran in a national election. He is unfit for office. He is an enemy of our bill of rights.

  7. Andrew Giuliani would be hugely welcomed in the New York Mayor’s office. New York needs a rational, intelligent person in charge.

  8. There is no alternative except the new age Bolshevik BLM Antifa revolution. He will win if organized properly. People want peace, security, safety.

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