The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association (MPPOA) will no longer be backing multiple Democratic Party candidates in the Land of 10,000 Lakes after a prominent candidate beat an effigy of Minneapolis Police Federation President Bob Kroll and his wife in his Kroll’s driveway while shouting “blue lives ain’t s–t.”

The MPPOA, which represents 10,000 police officers in Minnesota decided afterward to rescind two endorsements it had given Democrat incumbents in the state legislature and instead back their Republican challengers.

Fox News’ Morgan Phillips reports:

Minneapolis state house candidate John Thompson stood outside the police union leader’s home and and gave an expletive-laden speech to a crowd of Black Lives Matter demonstrators in August.

“Come on over here with your ‘Blue Lives Matter’ sign,” he said. “Blue lives ain’t s—, and if people in Hugo don’t support black people, f— Hugo.”

Thompson had won his primary in the heavily Democratic district the week before. He faced intense backlash for his remarks and later apologized.


But in a letter to state House Speaker Melissa Hortman released this week, Brian Peters, executive director of the association, said his group is deeply frustrated by the DFL caucus’ support of Thompson after he was filmed beating pinata effigies of Kroll and his wife, a TV news anchor.

The DFL or Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party is the Democratic Party affiliate in Minnesota. It is one of only two states with a different name for the state Democratic Party, the other being North Dakota.

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    1. Dem’s have been throwing Blacks “Under the bus” for the last two decades at least and some at least are realizing it. If 20% or more blacks vote Trump Dem”s will lose the race for White House.

  1. I can not believe that it took them that long to see the EVIL..Albeit , better late then never.GOD BLESS LAW ENFORCEMENT , which they absolutely need in this time of NATIONWIDE LAWLESSNESS. GOD BLESS AMERICA & PRESIDENT TRUMP.. Always placing.. AMERICA FIRST & FOREMOST.

      1. Have called them demonrats since it became inexorably clear they were in fact demons.
        Right near 3 years now. They’re irredeemable.

  2. Good for the Minnesota Police Union! Violence and destruction, condoned by the Democrats will be commonplace if they win the election in November. ANTIFA and the BLM are terrorist organizations supported by the Democrats and paid for by George Soros! I don’t know how many Americans know that George Soros owns Progressive Insurance but, maybe if we started boycotting Progressive he will get the message that Americans have had enough of his interference in our lives!

        1. Just a bunch of spoiled brat millennials, and dumb arse white boys too . They all should be given a good arse whipping.

  3. Not sure why anyone supports the Democrats any more. They have done nothing that matters to their voters in their own districts since Trump was elected. They have tried to get rid of him even though he has kept his promises and worked to make the whole country better for everyone. It’s shameful. Anyone who takes the time to look can see that it’s the left and left-run states that are being destroyed, run out of money, have sick and homeless people living on their streets, and murder innocent, unborn babies. Free stuff for people who don’t work. While the rich leave the country, even though they build the companies, create the jobs and manufacture almost everything we buy.

  4. Keep in mind, America that the first responders were the first and last to go into the Twin Towers to rescue your fellow Americans. Support them. KAG

  5. When DEM GOV kick the POLICE to the DOGS that shows how ignorant and stupid they are, also it shows they do not gave a DAM about CITIES CITIZENS!!!!!!!!!

  6. Perhaps this is helpful…remains to be seen. Keep in mind, this union is part of the reason those bad cops in Minneapolis remained on the force, even in the face of numerous complaints. This group and other affiliates donated funds to the dimwits running for office, in return for looking the other way when bad cops got in trouble. Now, defunding law enforcement officers, works against their agenda. Less officers…less dues…less money for these leaders. No altruism here…just more politics.

    1. Your exactly right. These Unions voted for years for the D-communist party. Useful idiots. They voted for Pay to Play and Policy for Profit. Now look where they are at!

      Norman Thomas, the six-time Socialist Party candidate for U.S. President, said the following in a 1944 speech:
      “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened…. I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

  7. As a Minnesotan I can say pretty much everyone thinks John Thompson is a pos and I personally think his life doesn’t matter. So sick of these losers saying nobody’s life matters unless you’re black. As the parent of a federal officer people like Thompson are disgusting, no respect for anyone or anything while others risk their lives this pos just terrorizes people. I can’t believe it took this for the police union to change their endorsement. People like him are why people are abandoning the Twin Cities in droves and why house values are horrible there. Just hope that people leaving the cities don’t come north and bring their democrat crap with them.

      1. Well you might be wrong this year. Trump almost won Minnesota in 2016 and by the looks of it he’s is going to win in November. I was a Vikings and Wild fan no more, they put BLM on their helmets now I hope they all go broke will never watch again.

  8. It is about time that law enforcement starts pushing back. I support you police union. I hope citizens all over this country begin a push back over the lawlessness of these outbox Controll groups that want nothing less than strife amount different racial groups so they can say they have the solution. This is bullshit and needs to be pushed back now.

  9. Union seems a little S-L-O-W!!

    Didn’t they know that it’s the stupid leftist libTURD democRAT COMMIES that are BEHIND the blm and the RIOTS yet they are told to STAND DOWN against the RIOTERS?!?!

    They should NOT be endorsing ANY “democRAT”!!


  10. Good move and thoroughly justified by the Police Union but Gentlemen, I have to ask: In this day in age, when the moral and political lines have never been so clearly drawn and thoroughly opposed, WHY would ANY policeman continue to support ANY Democrat for election? Droves of lifelong Democrats have HAD IT and are finally walking away from the party. I mean the Democrat Party has allowed (or encouraged) its takeover by openly Socialist and Communists who should NEVER be elected to ANY office in The United States of America. We fought WARs against these scum. We darned near went broke building defenses adequate to resist their push for world domination over 45 years of The Cold War, only to now have to continue it with socialist/communist China. I saw that coming in 1985 as a broadcaster on Christian Radio. I warned us NOT to be trading with communist China in some stupid, ill-thought, blind hope that doing so would bring them into mainstream, improve their economy, and somehow lead them to correct their historically horrific abuses of Human Rights. Recently released Christians, imprisoned and tortured FOR BEING CHRISTIANS warned us at the time, that this was flawed reasoning: that the Communists would instead take our cooperation and free and open trade with them as a REWARD FOR THEIR HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONs. Where was the incentive for them to change? Their wasn’t any. Now, thinking minds could’ve corrected the situation a THIRD OF A CENTURY AGO, but didn’t. I warned in May 1985 that the CCP was involved in every business they then permitted to run in communist China (just as they are today) and are using the huge profits they earn from our 100:1 Trade imbalance to what? MODERNIZE the world’s LARGEST Military while NO NATION is threatening them. And, I asked, “WHERE IN HISTORY HAS THAT ALWAYS LED”? War my friends. And, I predicted and still be believe America will be fighting communist China (then, I said, in a few decades). It could happen next week, today as China’s leadership, which has been masquerading as “nice guys” for decades AS A MATTER OF STATED POLICY by their leaders, have now torn their masks OFF and revealed to an unbelievably blind world, their true intentions all along. And, their leadership openly announces that they have been, for nearly all this time, “actively conducting TOTAL WAR (with the exception of live rounds) against their ENEMY The United States. This takes the form of cyber-attacks, military and industrial espionage on a grand scale through infiltration at all levels in our government, industry, and Educational System, right here at home. Theft of intellectual property on a scale costing us TRILLIONS of dollars. And through the entire 40 year history of our trade policies with them and their subsequent activities against us, just described, only ONE MAN, ONLY ONE PRESIDENT has had the insight and guts to call them out and take them on and actively address these issues, taking unprecedented actions that Democrats and even many Republicans have warned “could never be taken”. Donald J Trump. I could care less the language he uses to make his points. Bararack Hussein, the silver-tongued devil, spoke elequently while selling us out at every point. But the ladies loved him and hate Trump. Fortunately not the ones who have awakened to the fact we need him to deal with these critical issues and adversaries. I applaud him and his stand and actions at every turn. We needed someone like him decades ago, because it is nearly too late. Go Trump.

    1. Amen, I say Amen, brother you are seeing what a lot of us have been thinking and believing for some long, long time. Wake, american our own Leaders sold down the money the river for election cash from China !!!!! Starting with Bill & Hill Clinton and continues till today with cash being funneled to Biden. Cash doesn’t count as much as the votes except as graft and corruption. .

    2. Don’t forget the radical Muslims that are entrenched in our Government. Allot of the radical Muslims are communist’s that have been trained in Russia. Do some research, it’s stunning.

  11. They had all better back and vote republican. If they can’t see the writing on the wall by now something is wrong with them.

  12. It will be important if the firefighters unions decide to follow the police unions’ lead — withdrawing support for some of the Democratic Party candidates they usually endorse. 

    Firefighters don’t want to go out into violent communities without police backup. The two unions often endorse together. And people LOVE their firefighters.

    I don’t think it will happen widely, but we can hope.

  13. WHY DID THE POLICE UNION endorse them in the first place with all the crap going on, well the UNION is better than other people, t least they woke up before it was too late

  14. As far back as 1948, the Communist party started infiltrating the Democrat Party. They have long term plans that include control of the Democrat Party. So far, they are succeeding. Vote Republican so the Democrat party can understand that they need to exclude this communist take over of their party.

    1. Norman Thomas, the six-time Socialist Party candidate for U.S. President, said the following in a 1944 speech:
      “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened…. I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

    1. Every single aspect of our current cultural upheaval of black and white roots in the ignorant lie of racism. And now, here you go, promulgating more of it.
      It really is time to put away the ignorant lie that racism is. We have come to far to still have some of us doing this.

  15. Keep it up BLM (burn loot murder) and “antifa” TRIBES of rabid animals…You are the best campaigners to assure the reelection of PRESIDENT TRUMP (and the Republican party) WE HAVE! With your help by trashing the country, the “RED WAVE” will continue.(as well as “back the BLUE” campaign.
    THANK YOU! BTW, it will be your undoing, but keep up the “good work”, you PAID COMMUNIST DRONES.

    1. Watch the documentary “The Enemies Within” It is designed to show American voters exactly how modern communism works and how it impacts on your life, every single day. Just how do the communists win big on things like Obamacare and immigration “reform,” which go completely against the wishes of the American people? 

      You as a patriot should watch this and then spread the word!!! It’s free to watch on certain venues.😜

  16. I’m hoping the Election is so lopsided as cause the demise of the Democrat Party! The Party that was born out corruption and graft from its beginning even till today. Doubt that , well which Party is planning to pack the Ballot box with phony mail ballots? Which Party has hired large number of Lawyers to have ready Law suites to ready to filed the day after the election challenging the results? Which Party has said openly that it want to ignore the Constitution? Which Party has openly admire candidates who profess an admiration for Socialist/Communist methods of running a government. Which Party had a President who kissed the hand of every despotic dictator he could find meanwhile shows his as* to the camera. Which Party nominated a known American who had only one American parent which violated the rule for “Native Born” requiring two American Parents ? Which Party today nominate a woman for Vice President who doesn’t have TWO American Parents? Finally, which Party’s Speaker of House refused to sign the statement certifying the President’s candidate was legally qualified American but instead signed a statement he was Party’s candidate!

    1. The D-communist party isn’t even hiding the fact. There are plenty of web articles that they brag about Trump winning big on election night and he’ll end up loosing several days or month later when they count all the phony ballots by mail. Tell everybody you know to vote in person. The USPS union endorses Sleepy Joe and the Ho!

  17. The Police Union has voted for The Democrat Communist Party for how long? Talk about the chickens coming home to roost. They basically voted themselves into this situation.

  18. The Democrat Party and its supporters have finally shown the nation exactly who the are and what they really stand for. I fail to see how any American citizen would want to vote for a group of people like the Democrats who start riots and burn buildings if they have any provocation or sense that somebody doesn’t agree with them. I doesn’t take the death of a black criminal to set them off, even though that is what they say. If you do not agree with them they will not hesitate to beat you up or destroy your home. Even eating at a restaurant it a crime to them or walking down a public street. Black Lives Matter does not represent most black people or their thoughts or actions. It is a group of thugs intent on showing America who is boss! It is hell-bent on achieving Black dominance anywhere that they can and succeed because people are afraid to stand up to them. As a cranky old war veteran with a concealed weapon permit, that is not really something that I worry about as long as PRESIDENT TRUMP is in office and the laws are enforced.

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