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Cindy McCain narrated a video at the Democratic National Convention last night, highlighting her late husband’s enduring friendship with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Here’s a clip:

Though it’s no surprise McCain isn’t supporting Trump given her family’s acrimonious relationship with the president, insiders thought it unlikely she would all but endorse Biden given her son’s political aspirations.

The Hill’s Tal Axelrod reports:

An advance clip of the video focuses on how Biden met John McCain when the latter was assigned to be a military aide to the then-Delaware senator on his overseas trips, a relationship that evolved into an “unlikely friendship.”

Trump first began feuding with the McCains in 2015 when he said John McCain, who served as a senator for more than 30 years after being held as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, wasn’t a hero “because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

The president also repeatedly hammered the late senator in appearances across the country after John McCain voted against a GOP plan to repeal the Obama-era Affordable Care Act.

Cindy McCain’s tacit endorsement follows four members of the Never Trump movement appearing the previous night in support of Biden.

Do you think Trump went too far when he insulted McCain and other soldiers for being taken prisoner, or are the McCain comments justified given his dubious allegiance to conservatism when it mattered? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I can certainly understand someone not liking a candidate but how cn you sell our country down the river? Socialism, high taxes, killing babies, anti Constitution and rule of law etc – I can not understand in any way.

  2. Now we see that both sides have really been colluding to bring down our country, McCain, friends with Joe Biden who’s been hiding not surprising. McCain actually was the Republican Rino that sold out President Trump by forwarding the bogus Russian dossier, a terrible loser who allowed Obama to beat him with his lackluster run the the office of President.

  3. The whole McCain family are disgusting so this is no surprise. The way that whole family conducted themselves at John’s funeral said it all. I know I would hate to remember that I turned my fathers funeral into a political sideshow. I don’t think any conservatives would pay any attention to what anyone is this family says.

    1. john McCains father and grand father were Admirals in the Navy. McCain was a family outcast. He was responsible for the the death and injury to hundreds of sailors onboard the carrier USS Forrestal when he was jokingly playing a prank, his engine set off a missle that started the Great Forrestall Fire. Because of his family’s popularity, following his Court Marshal, his records were sealed and he was allowed to work through his commission. He was also ignoring orders when he flew into a restricted area and shot down. He was a (real) deplorable person & is hated by many sailors. Talk about privelaged! One day his Military Records will be unsealed and the world will know the real john mccain.

  4. You never hear how John McCain dropped his wife, who supported him all those years, and after dumping her on his return, he married a rich politically connected woman. You also don’t hear comments by fellow POWs and what they have to say about John McCain. Trump was being nice in comparison to what he could have said.

  5. Not if people knew the real story of McCain. His trying to do an illegal cold start on his A-4 which resulted in over a dozen crewmen getting killed or seriously injured. He got off only because his father was an Admiral as was his grandfather. Anyone else would have been court martialed and gotten a long spell in the brig at Portsmouth.

  6. McCain was a traitor to the conservative movement and Trump was right about him as a RINO. Moreover, only a self absorbed narcissist plans an extreme over-the-top funeral and disinvites the president of the United States. Who does this???
    TRUMP 2020 ??????

  7. I used to have respect for John McCain, Until he hated the President more then he Loved America and the people of the USA. I only hope he asked for forgiveness, before it was to late.

  8. McCain was just another RINO when it came to the American people and he leaked the fake “Russia dossier” to begin the witch hunt on President Trump.I have often pondered what he must have thought when he came face to face with JESUS! I hope he knew HIM as his personal Lord and Savior….

  9. President trump did not dishonor McCain but spoke the truth. I read about that about McCain years ago. I am ashamed that I sent him money to help him win in AZ and a year later found out what he did.

  10. As much as I support and like Trump, his remark about McCain’s heroic action in captivity should have not been said. That being said, however, people forget that just a few days prior to Trump’s comment, MCCAIN HIMSELF HAD SAID THE VERY SAME THING ABOUT HIMSELF, perhaps in self-deprecation, but I think Trump just remembered the comment and repeated it, forgetting the context in which McCain said it or thinking someone else had said it. For McCain’s part he should have realized this and not gone into his normal belligerent, self-defensive, selfish actions. He would have served the Republican Party and America much better if he had merely let it run off him like water off a duck’s back. (My candidate in the primary, Ted Cruz, has shown the maturity not to retaliate for Trump’s misdepiction of him as “Lyin’ Ted” and has instead supported Trump in Trump’s excellent work for America). INSTEAD MCCAIN FOOLISHLY AND DESTRUCTIVELY COMPOUNDED THE DAMAGE BY USING PETTY VENGEANCE UPON TRUMP (WITHOUT REGARD FOR THE WELFARE OF AMERICANS) BY DELIBERATELY KILLING THE REPUBLICAN CHANGES TO OBAMACARE IN A LATE NIGHT VOTE WITH HIS SINGLE VOTE!!! IT SEEMS APPARENT THAT HE WAS SAYING INWARDLY: “I’LL SHOW YOU, DONALD TRUMP NOT TO MESS WITH ME!!! HERE HE EXHIBITED RINO BEHAVIOR AND DISREGARD FOR AMERICA, TARNISHING HIS OWN REPUTATION. He also left a poor effect upon his family, who felt they must defend him no matter what. McCain did not show his bigness here.

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