A draft of the introduction to the Democratic Party’s platform honors the indigenous peoples who formerly resided in the area that became Milwaukee, the site of this month’s DNC convention.

It fails to mention that many of the tribes recognized fought against the United States with British-supplied arms in the War of 1812. (Washington Free Beacon)

The platform praises Native American communities that resided in the region, including the Chippewa, the Ho-Chunk Nation, and the Menominee Nation—groups that sided against the United States in the brutal 1812 conflict.

The language represents the leftward shift of the Democratic Party, which has voiced support for Native American sovereignty in its party credo over the past two decades but has not included a preamble honoring specific tribes at the top of the platform until this year.

The Potawatomi, one of the tribes praised by the DNC, clashed with American soldiers in one of the most violent conflicts of the war, the Battle of Fort Dearborn, in which 12 children were killed by indigenous fighters as they attempted to evacuate the fort. The leader of the evacuation, Capt. William Wells, had his heart torn out and eaten by the Native American tribe, according to historical accounts.

The tribe also participated in the Battle of Frenchtown, also known as the “River Raisin Massacre,” in which tents for wounded U.S. troops were set on fire by indigenous fighters, and soldiers who tried to escape were killed with tomahawks.


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  1. During WWII the Indians had a secret code that helped us out immensly because no other country knew it. They worked with the Government to help us win the war. KUDOS to the Indians. Most Americans (except the democrats) Love the American Indian.

    1. Different tribe. My Brother-in-law is a Comanche. He is a fine gentleman and an outstanding Christian. He and my sister tried to assist the Ponca Indians who live near him. Those Indians were mainly drunk and hated my sister since she is white.
      Just like with all other races, it is a matter of the INDIVIDUAL. Those who have integrity are great. Those who are taught to be bigots are to be avoided, UNLESS God tells you to go to them.

      1. Native Americans apparently lack an enzyme to efficiently detoxify ethyl alcohol. In other words, they are genetically “unable to hold their liquor.” This trait was exploited unmercifully by unscrupulous traders who fed their “thirst,” all the while knowing that it was an easy way to take advantage of them.

    2. You are referring to Navajo “code talkers”. They spoke in their native tongue, which confused the enemy to no end.

    3. It was the Navajo Indians and it wasn’t a code. It was their native tongue they were speaking. No one else knew the language.

      1. To further add to the Japanese confusion, within their language they also used code words for certain items and actions.

    4. The Navajo Code Talkers. Their nation? United States of America. Leftists are systematically removing the mascot Indian names to erase history and in doing so, cause interest in the Indian past to disintegrate, forever bleached from day-to-day living. Washington Redskins, Spokane Indians, Warriors, and other teams by their very names spark young students’ interest in learning and bring a distancing past into the foreground. I would think they would want that. And the ones I’ve spoken with, my own cousin a chief, do.

    5. So.. My uncle who was a SGT Maj. in the U.S Marine Corp actually was influential in getting the General who he was working for during WW2 in the Pacific to investigate the Code Talking Navaho Indians language which was not known to the Germans and the Japanese.. They were supposed to be used in Europe aa well as the Pacific..My uncle spoke several European languages including Slovakian dialects, Hungarian, German and some Russian since he came in contact with these languages when he lived in Prague for about nine years… before coming back to America and joining the Corp.. in 1927…

    6. If Dems really want to honor Native Americans, then give back the land you stole from them. They actually own Chicago, Tulsa, and many other jurisdictions.

  2. No matter who we are there are good and bad in us all. Just because a few did what they did, does not mean they all are that way. Why is we can not judge people on character, integrity, instead of the bad apple that might show up.

    1. Sounds good. So why do we find that so much is said that is good about a bad person who has just died. Talk about integrity? YOU can’t claim the higher ground and be saying good things about John McCain, Harry Reid, John Lewis, Bill Clinton, etch.

      1. I will take exception to John Lewis. I prefer to remember him coming across a bridge in Alabama, with nothing to defend him, except the Grace of God. I know he did some things I disagree with, but he has that right.

        1. See things in the eyes of God. When you sin JUST ONCE, it is enough to condemn you to eternal punishment. It is as if you had broken all the laws of God. Now see John Lewis for all the bad he did. I cannot remember a single time in the last 4 YEARS that he was on TV that he was not trying to do damage to Trump or the nation.

    2. I respectfully disagree. Anyone– yes, ANYONE, who knows the history of the Democratic Party and STILL votes Democrat is EVIL. Plain and simple. From 1829 and the election of Andrew Jackson, the Democrats have been responsible for genocidal treatment of Native Americans, they created the KKK, they were the slavers and the cause of the American Civil War. Democrat James K. Polk started the Mexican-American War. They embraced Marxism in the 1880s. Esther, there is NOTHING good about the dems and the party needs to be abolished as a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION.

      1. Look at the voting record of Republicans now. Start with McConnell, Murkowski, Collins, Alexander, Cornyn, you can find it on CONSERVATIVE REVIEW SCORECARD.

    1. You are not much of a history buff, are you. So do you have proof that the Americans were taking their land in 1812 and not the British who they fought for? GOTCHA. YOU spout the same lies told by Demcrats too, don’t you.

      1. In 1806 the Americans bought the Louisiana Purchase from the French. How did the French come to ‘OWN’ this land?

          1. Again, hoe did they come to own the land. The four corners states were the home of the “so called Anasazi or ancient enemy” of the roaming Indians of the regions. The victors are the writers of the history, but all the “Anasazi” are gone. Wonder where they went ?

          2. What do you mean they’re all gone? Just like any other tribe of that era, they morphed into something different, as in Pueblo and Taos.

      2. Actually, the article is pretty poor. And so is your comment. The Americans were expanding into Native American territory and the natives did resent it. That made them easy allies of Great Britain in the “New World” sector of its war against France. Since the new United States was an ally of France, it made us an enemy of Britian — and its native allies. If the author of the article had a shred of journalishtic integrity, s/he would have included Great Britain on the “enemies” list. Better yet, the article didn’t need writing.

    2. So it’s ok to kill the children too???And I guess eating the commanders heart was necessary as well??? During the French and Indian War, the British were forced to give up Fort William Henry in NY to superior French and Native forces. Once the French had control of the fort the Indians with them killed a large number of helpless British wounded who had to be left behind in the infirmary. Brutality is not owned by any one race, a fact seldom mentioned by the left.. In any event, why on earth would you act like they did something great in 1812 light of that fact that they fought for our enemies and killed children? The Navajo code talkers of WWII have been rightfully praised for their courage and help during that war. You only honor an old enemy if you hate your own country. People who vote DEM at this point need their head examined. Sometimes a brain cell is required, even for Democrat politicians.

    3. Whom they killed other Native Americans to take their land, women, horses or just for the thrill of battle and killing. The nature of all humans is wickedness, without a moral compass you can expect nothing else. To freely say the American Indians were innocent shows a complete lack of knowledge and at worst virtual signalling.

  3. This is the USUAL for Democrats. They had John Kerry surrender Vietnam. And they are strong supporters of muslim terrorists of all brands. They even support that gas company in the Ukraine by taking money from them as a member of their board of directors. Look I get it. I worked for the UNION PACIFIC FOR 30 YEARS. And they had all kinds of people on their board of directors who had NO knowledge of business at all. Some of them were there as TOKEN MINORITIES.
    So I know that being ignorant is not a big deal in business today. Ask Dick Davidson. As to honoring those who fought against America, you can ask him about the millions he gave to the con who bought the Southern Pacific railroad when UP bought that piece of junk.

    1. Thrown out, yes. Idiots? Not all. Too many are slimy, scheming traitors. If they were idiots, it might be easier to deal with their brainwashed brains.

  4. Shouldn’t the Democrats be supportive and in admiration of their roots, IE: Jefferson Davis the President of the Confederacy? Oh no, that’s inline with historically documented facts about the Peoples Party. Of course they don’t want to disclose or remind people of their historical links to slavery. How about Karl Marx then? His Manifesto is the direction the Democrats are leading us to. Just saying. Just wondering, did Warren come up with American Indian idea?

  5. Can someone tell me how the Seminoles of Florida managed to buy Hard Rock Cafes International for more than $900.000.000?

    1. By the way, a peace treaty was never signed with the Seminoles. Technically, we are still at war…….

  6. First, white men were taking land on which the American Indians lived and hunted. When they fought back, they fought as they always had against other tribes. Second, The U. S. government broke many of the treaties made with Indian tribes. Third, there were atrocities committed by both sides in the Indian wars as in almost every war. The fact is that the treatment of indigenous people on the North American continent is not one of the things in which we should take pride. American history has many aspects of which we can be proud, but the treatment of American Indians is not one.

    1. The treatment of the Missionaries and innocents by the Indian savages is nothing for the historical Indian to be proud of.

      1. Response to Monica
        I don’t know which missionaries you’re alluding to, but the Spanish missionaries in California were pretty heartless.
        They thought the Indians stupid because the Indians didn’t speak a European language. Some tribes were enslaved. Some were wiped out by disease. All in the name of God. A God that was foreign to the Native Americans.
        These missionaries would punish them for not adhering to “Christian” principles and would often make up their own rules.
        By the way, scalping was a Spanish invention. The Indians just learned from them.

        1. I’m not convinced that you are correct in your assertion that “scalping” was passed from the Spanish to the Indians. Perhaps you might enlighten us with some proof.

          1. I stand corrected. MANY years ago ( when I was in school) I was taught that the Spanish Conquistadors first scalped the South American tribes and collected money for these scalps.
            After trying to prove my statement, I now tead that scalping was brought over to the Colonies by the English. (The English started scalping the Irish in the 11th century…apparently because scalps were easier to carry than heads.)
            The Europeans took scalps for bounties in the Americas.
            Bounty money meant nothing to the Native American.
            The Spaniards merely boiled Indians to make grease.
            See: The Americas: History from pre-Columbian times to the present.

      2. No, not at all. What the missionaries did to California natives was to convert them to Christianity without the people understanding what was happening. When they sought to escape the yoke of the missionaries, the Spanish soldiers stationed in California were sent to bring them back. The so-called leaders of the disaffected people were baptized, then executed. Your use of the word “savages” shows how ignorant of this topic you really are. When CA was under Mexican rule, life for the natives was improved. When CA became a state, the Democrats “owned” the government from 1850 to 1880. During that time, they murdered by really appalling and horrid means well over 55,000 native people. It was not until the Republicans finally won the election in 1880 that life for the people improved — a little. Monica, if this topic is of interest to you, please educate yourself to prevent further online embarassment.

  7. Why don’t you think that it is understandable that these tribes fought against an army that took their land? That this army pretended to be their friend when they were given blankets that were infected with small pox? An army that killed indiscriminately…including women and children? A country that wanted to remove the religion, language and traditions of all the Native peoples?

    1. It is gratifying to know that others know the true history. I had been feeling like I was the only person of this generation to understand.

  8. Democrats really hate their own country. They want to destroy America, turn this country into a Venezuela!

  9. Sounds like the dirty dems are playing both sides of the game, again. These are the people who stole the land of Native Americans, who murdered them indiscriminately, who poured strychnine into their water supplies, kidnapped their babies and — in California between 1850 and 1880, when the Dems controlled the government — committed genocide by murdering at least 55,000. NOW they want to HONOR Native Americans? Just like pretending to be righteous by destroying statues of Confederate generals. It is not that the Dems want to “punish the past,” no not at all. They want to ELIMINATE the past because it is so embarassing to them! They want to rewrite history to hide their horrid deeds so that new generations will consider them paragons of virtue instead of sadistic demons.

    1. I do find it curious how many Dems deem the Confederates to have been “traitors” for having fought against the U.S. Federal government and “killed Americans,” not recognizing the Confederates were Americans also, and yet can laud American Indians for doing the same thing. Isn’t someone who deems the Confederates to have been traitors for fighting against the Federal government and killing Americans themselves traitors for lionizing American Indians for doing the same?

  10. They Honor Every one,EXCEPT Anyone who was and or is White or a patriotic American.BTW,It sucked what happened to the Indians,But that’s the way it was,And you spoiled people Better be Glad that it Did happen, or you’d be packed like sardines in Europe(If it would even have survived) with Zero natural resources left while America would be beautiful with a few million tee pees on it,So take your pick what you’d choose and quit feeling sorry for every minority out there,If it Wasn’t for us…theye’d All be sitting in the dark Walking every where they went Looking for fire!

  11. The Commie-crats hate anything our country did for a vote, power by any means. Communism is vogue with the brain dead in this country, commie-crats are on board because power by any means. They all have their millions so they’ll never be hurt by communism because they will be the communist party leaders. The fools protesting are fixing to learn what real communism is like, they will work or they will die, there is no free stuff they think is coming. All that’s coming is poverty, misery, and death…

  12. The Dems have become NAZI’s, they hate the very ground our nation is built on and we the decent people who work and work to have something. These anti-human pieces of hog doo, are not fit to live here.

  13. Why not recognize Indians who fought period IE for US & against US since 1814 to date?? Host a Native American Warriors Memorial area for Native warriors of ALL tribes who fight

  14. Erase the Civil War and talk up the Indian Wars. Anything to try and look good. Both are part of American history and both stories should be told. Truthfully.

  15. This is NO longer the Democratic party that supported hourly paid workers they have become hateful and divisive It’s a shame the two governing philosophies no longer work to better life for the people of this country. RESIST is not helping,, it does NOT move us forward it changes nothing If you truly have a concern burning, looting physical confrontation does nothing help your point of view being recognized and acted on If you think by destroying public property your views will be accepted your wrong Your positions and actions have taught me one important thing the higher education system is rotten and I will pay more attention to what is being taught to my grandchildren. Retired IBEW …

  16. I don’t think that there is a lot in the U.S. history with indigenous peoples for which we can be proud or for which these native peoples can be thankful. If they took up with the British in 1812 it was probably to get a better deal

  17. Indians lost war with white eyes. White eyes got land as spoils of war. No more cowboys and Indians.

  18. Democrats (Socialists) will do anything to pander votes. It’s amazing how they just recently had a hissy fit against the residents of the Confederacy because they fought against the U.S. As the party of slavery, KKK, oppression and Jim Crow, the Democrats are fraught with disgust.

    1. Very interesting comments. As a USN veteran with some Cherokee in my family, I understand points on both sides. But the truth is that the U.S. broke almost every treaty they made with native tribes. The history of mankind is a legacy of war. Native American wars are no different, they fought for various reasons, some for land and some for their protection. As for cannibalism, there are reports of some Japanese eating the livers of American captives. Atrocities happen in war even among modern nations. I tend to agree that the modern Demon-rat…that is Democrat Party has been usurped by Socialistic minded greedy tyrants. They have a intricate network bank rolled by George Soros. But everyone should know that by now.

  19. Maybe their new found interest in Native Americans will help in the progress to establish monuments to American Indian Nobility such as the completion of the monument to Crazy Horse in the Black Hills close to Gutzon Borglum’s monument to the four presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and more importantly to the Great Emancipator the early Republican LINCOLN. May be the solid south is branching out from their recent deprecation of American statues to help preserve our heritage as they should do to regain respect!

  20. We need to honor Native Americans (NAs) but Democrats are not doing it for NAs, just for their votes. On the Crow reservation near Billings, MT, Senator Tester’s campaign went on the Crow reservation and actually paid people to vote Democrat, that is why Conrad Burns lost to him in 2006…” Because state election laws do not apply at polling precincts on some Montana Indian Reservations, several reservation ballot boxes were left unsecured, allowing voter fraud to occur, which pushed Tester to a narrow win in Montana and gave Democrats control of the U.S. Senate in 2006 by a tiny 0.87% of the official vote. Arrow to the Heart, Christopher Kortlander’s book, contains documentation proving that the DNC and Tester’s campaign wrote checks to influence individual tribal voters at the ballot station.” Honoring NAs is one thing, using them for voter fraud is an entirely different matter – this one has a definite Democratic signature yet has gone unpunished (surprise – main stream/fake news media never covered it)! Dems, the honest hardworking voter type Dem voters (especially NA Dems), is this what you really want, political leaders that commit open voter fraud and get away with it (i.e., Jon Tester). Your political leaders have bowed down to BLM, Antifa, and others just to get their support and votes. Walk away, take your vote away from these foolish political leaders who pander to marxist terrorists (i.e., BLM, Antifa, etc.) in the “name” of social justice (and votes they can get from them) and now they are singling out Native Americans (your political leaders don’t care about the shame it would bring to NA tribes – they just want the votes – look at what happened in Montana). Have the courage to step out and walk away. I was an very dedicated and loyal Democrat for many years but I walked away (the Chappaquiddick scandal and coverup was my reason – what will it take to be your reason). It is entirely up to you, it just starts with a single step in the “right” direction. Others have had the courage to do it – so can you! Check out the walk away website: http://www.walkawaycampaign.com, if you want (or care) to learn, more.

  21. Comanche, Hopi, Meskwaki, and Navajo peoples, known as “Code Talkers” used 2 types of language code during WWII, that could not be broken by the enemy.
    These people believed in the cause to protect and fight for America, and their home, regardless of other indigenous peoples feeling/beliefs!
    True hero’s!!!

  22. The damage to Indians continues today. The MOST corrupt government agency that is tapping off billions to those who administrate it is the BIA. And thousands of Indians who live on government checks spend their entire lives DRUNK and hating all white people, even those who try to help them.

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