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Far-left rioters at the Wisconsin State Capitol indiscriminately attacked those they perceived to be against them, whether that “threat” was real or imagined.

Who was in their sights last night? A statue of Colonel Christian Heg a Civil War hero who fought and died for the Union and State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee). Carpenter had the “audacity” to take their picture.


The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra has more on what sparked this latest conflagration and the senator’s reaction:

The riots reportedly began after an African-American man was arrested earlier in the day after he entered a restaurant shouting at people while on a megaphone and carrying a baseball bat.

Carpenter told The Washington Post that he might have suffered a concussion and a fractured nose from the attack along with bruises all over his body.

“I don’t know what happened … all I did was stop and take a picture … and the next thing I’m getting five-six punches, getting kicked in the head,” Carpenter told The Post. “This has got to stop before someone gets killed. Sad thing I’m on their side for peaceful demonstrations — am a Gay Progressive Dem Senator served 36 years in the legislature.”

A reporter from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photographed Carpenter struggling to leave the scene following the altercation before he collapsed.

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      1. You nailed it Louis! This unrest is a city, state matter! Trump is doing the right thing by staying out of it! If it escalates too much he will go in, but would be the bad guy now! Let the local officials do what is right! They won’t, but still need the world to see what they are all about!

        1. Trump cannot do anything – constitutionally – if this continues, he’ll have plenty MORE ammo with which to hammer the DemoncRats in the fall…the DemoncRats are digging their own graves…the country (the folks that matter in this election) is seething with a COLD ANGER…not ONE DemoncRat has called the rioters out,, believing the fantasy that the more unrest that spreads the worse Trump looks…folks see this deliberate attemp to destroy not only Trump, but America also, in the same way that Obama tried to destroy it (along with his co-conspirator Hitliary Clinton)…Pray that almighty God will send these sorry excuses for humans to the abode of Satan.

        2. They will never do anything to protect the citizens and when the citizens wake up, they will vote differently in the next election

    1. It is up to you to defend yourself. Carry a weapon, bear spray, hair spray in the eyes, some big firecrackers! No one is going to help you! If you are in your car DO NOT STOP if they don’t move – run over them. Defend yourself!

      1. AGREE! Do not stop your car!! Shoot them!!! Protect yourself and don’t worry about them ??????

    2. God provides justice,. For 36 years of disservice to the state and 36 years of advancing the cause of the wicked including pedophilia and rape, he now gets justice. But it will not end there. God has a final judgement day for all who serve self and are evil.

    3. BLM is run by the black Muslim Louis Farrakhan. BLM which is a far left organization is anti white, anti Semitic and hates gays. ANTIFA is a far left communist organization hates blacks, Jews, Asians and gays.

  1. Carpenter told The Washington Post that he might have suffered a concussion and a fractured nose from the attack along with bruises all over his body.“I don’t know what happened? Easy you Democrats forgot… Anarchist Playbook: Rule #1 “When inciting anarchy remember the anarchists will eventually turn on those who supported them in the beginning!”

    1. Yep. Just the the French Revolution, which consumed virtually all of the original “leaders”. Then there was the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, though not exactly the same, it was close enough for the “useful idiots”. And judging from the wildly escalating “enemies list”, those two are where Antifa wants to take it.

  2. It’s past time to get tough with these bastards. When they start realizing that there’s a 50+% chance of being arrested and a 1 or 2% chance of being killed this will stop and fast.

  3. It’s so wonderfully refreshing and uplifting when the lawless leftist criminals eat their own. Karma exists for a reason and when they can feel in their own flesh the results of their subhuman behavior one cannot but wonder if God works in mysterious ways to make justice.

  4. Back in 1916 a man named FRANCO showed the left how it was done. It wasn’t pretty, but 60yrs of peace followed.

  5. And??? Defund the police right???the rioters are peaceful right??? Its ok when its someone else I see..hes throwing cards left and gay im on youre team im a dumrat…HAHAHA

  6. Not so great when it happens to you side is it Senator? Maybe you should tell the Governors and Mayors of your party to allow the National Guard to come into their states to restore order.

  7. I do not feel one bit sorry for this demo-rat senator. It was your party that let this BS get to this point. Isn’t there an old saying, something about “You reap what you sow”? Suck it up Buttercup you asked for, you got it!!

  8. These dumass craps dont realize they are standing with these fascists and the first chance they get they will kill them. They created this monster and what you sew so shall you reap. Dont feel sorry for this guy. Maybe this woke him up but I doubt it.

  9. And where is the mayor, or the no-brain governor -Evers or the useless Josh Kaul? Hiding cause whoever pulls their puppet strings hasn’t told them what to do yet. Let’s kick their sorry behinds out of office and out of our state. Let them pay for the damages to Madison. And let the dimwits who voted for this stupid mayor pay for their own city’s renewal. Also the put the proud parents of these protesters on the hook for lawsuits from the taxpayers.

  10. I wonder who that giant beast of a woman running at him was. I’m just thankful that thing was wearing a mask if the face looks like the body.


  12. State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee), you need to get in touch with “log Cabin Republicans”. The party you are associated with is the party of hate, evil and violence. Stop and think about the last time conservatives rioted and destroyed things.

  13. More…more & more ‘chaos & mayhem’ in demon(c)rat-run, ‘places’ that’s what we all wanna see!


  15. Probably the concussion and fractured nose came from the pelvic thrusts from his gay lover.

  16. All we have to do is keep voting these MARXSIS dems in and in about 1 more generation of college we should be able to roll America over into a Venzuelan COMMUNIST SUPERPOWER with all the bells and whistles. China and Russia are in our schools and colleges now W/the dems blessing, aiding and abedding. All those tenured Marxist professors should have the younger generation brainwashed enough to do a power grab with little or no resistance. They’ve got this current generation tearing down all the statues and burning all the flags, erasing our heritage and instilling fear into anyone that lifts a voice against them. This dumb a** Tim Carpenter thought he was on the high ground W/ these terrorists, and so do other dems. But then if we vote in Cool Joe we won’t have to wait long. He gets voted in W/Stephanie Abrams, or Kamala Harris, or Elizabeth Warren as VP and suddenly gets sick and has to resign, or maybe his dementia kicks in and the VP has to step up to the plate. WOW! CNN has Biden ahead by 12+ points. Republicans better not be drinking the Cool Aid and get off their A** come November. Guy’s, the American way of life weighs in the Balance. And by the way, anyone who isn’t stocking up W/at least a 3 mo. supply of food and paper products may find himself or herself in dire need. Buy an item here and an item there and put it aside and take a marker, date it and rotate it. The hand writing is on the wall. Can you say I have a generator. Just a small Honda will keep food cold if nessecary. Do you know some one in the country if things go south. The city is not going to be the place to be if our government doesn’t get a grip on these terrorists. I’m not fear mongering. We just went thru a shut down. How did you fare. If you need a hint or 2 for survival, pick up a survival guide and check it out. Things are too uncertain not to be prepared. I hope and pray we never have to go thru anything like the shut down we just experienced. If the power goes off (and I hope it never does), how would you make out for just 7 days?, let alone 3 mos.

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